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Lux Video Theatre Television Scripts

These scripts represent seven scripts written by Rod Serling that were aired on Lux Video Theatre during 1952 and 1953.

Script number Episode title Air date Draft date Notes Leaves 
01 Welcome home, Lefty. 6-23-1952 n.d. "First mimeoing." 48 l.
02 You be the bad guy. 8-18-1952 n.d. "First mimeoing." 39 l.
03 The face of autumn. 11-3-1952 n.d. "First mimeoing." 38 l.
04 The hill. 11-24-1952 n.d. "First mimeoing." 40 l.
05 The inn of eagles. 1-26-1953 n.d. "First mimeoing." 37 l.
06 A time for heroes. 3-2-1953 n.d. "First mimeoing." 38 l.
07 The return of Socko Renard. 10-29-1953 n.d. "First mimeoing." 34 l.

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