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Microfilm Reel Contents Summary: Serling TV Scripts

This is a brief summary of the contents of the reels of microfilm fillmed June-September 1997.

Reel 1
Finding aid; Desilu Playhouse. The Time Element; Twilight Zone. Episodes 001-020.

Reel 2
Twilight Zone. Episodes 021, 023-029, 031-049.

Reel 3
Twilight Zone. Episodes 050-061, 063-065, 067-071, 073.

Reel 4
Twilight Zone. Episodes 074-086, 088-103.

Reel 5
Twilight Zone. Episodes 104-111.

Reel 6
Twilight Zone. Episodes 112-117.

Reel 7
Twilight Zone. Episodes 118-137.

Reel 8
Twilight Zone. Episodes 138-141, 143-156.

Reel 9
Night Gallery. World Premiere Theatre.; Rod Serling's Night Gallery, 01-10.

Reel 10
Rod Serling's Night Gallery, 11-23.

Reel 11
Rod Serling's Night Gallery, 24-33.

Reel 12
Various television series. Armstrong Circle Theatre; Bob Hope Presents Chrysler Theatre; Center Stage; Climax! Chrysler Theatre; Danger; The Doctor; Fireside Theatre; Ford Theater; General Electric Theatre; Hallmark Hall of Fame.

Reel 13
Various television series. Hallmark Hall of Fame; Kaiser Aluminum Hour; Kraft Television Theatre; Lux Video Theatre.

Reel 14
Various television series. Lux Video Theatre; Medallion Theatre; Motorola TV Hour; NBC Matinee Theatre; Phillip Morris Playhouse; Playhouse 90.

Reel 15
Various television series. Playhouse 90.

Reel 16
Various television series. Playhouse 90; Pursuit; Studio One.

Reel 17
Various television series. Suspense; United States Steel Hour. The Loner.

Reel 18
The Loner.

Reel 19
The Loner. Various television series. Xerox Special.

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