New Biology Titles in the Library

Title Call #
Adam of Bockenfield, Glossae super de vegetabilibus et plantis a critical edition with introductionQK41
Amphibians of SurinameQL657.S87
Animals as neighbors the past and present of commensal speciesQL85
Animals erased discourse, ecology, and reconnection with the natural worldQL85
Applications of fuzzy logic in bioinformaticsQH324.2
Assessing options for Nordic-Baltic co-operation in biosafetyQH442.6
Bacterial pathogenesis a molecular approachQR201.B34
Banned : a history of pesticides and the science of toxicologyQH545.P4 D38 2014
Beastly London : a history of animals in the cityQL85
Biology of chameleonsQL666.L23
Bioluminescence chemical principles and methodsQH641
Bioluminescence chemical principles and methodsQH641
Biostatistics of aging : from Gompertzian mortality to an index of aging-relatednessQH529 .L48 2014
Cities of the future : towards integrated sustainable water and landscape managementQH541.5.C6
Contested technologies xenotransplantation and human embryonic stem cellsQR188.8
DNA doctor candid conversations with James D. WatsonQH506
DNA repair, genetic instability, and cancerQH467
Divine action and natural selection science, faith, and evolutionQH366.2
Encyclopedia of theoretical ecologyQH540.4
Evolution of phylogenetic systematicsQH83
Field guide to the spiders of California and the Pacific Coast statesQL458.41.U6
Fishes : a guide to their diversityQL615
Flowering plants flowering rush to rushesQK157
Food microbiology an introductionQR115
Functional dimensions of ape-human discourseQL737.P96
Genetic structure and selection in subdivided populationsQH455
Genome informatics 2010 the 10th Annual International Workshop on Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (IBSB 2010) : Kyoto University, Japan, 26-28 JulyQH441.2
Green republican : John Saylor and the preservation of Americas wildernessQH31.S317
Growing on the edge : hydraulic architecture of mangroves : ecological plasticity and functional significance of water conducting tissue in RhizophoraQL368.R4
How not to be eaten the insects fight backQL496
How the Earth turned green : a brief 3.8-billion-year history of plantsQK45.2 .A76 2014
I, microbiologist a discovery-based course in microbial ecology and molecular evolutionQR100
Immunology, infection, and immunityQR181
In-situ electron microscopy at high resolutionQH212.E4
Incredible shrinking bee insects as models for microelectromechanical devicesQL563
Isaac Vossius (1618-1689) between science and scholarshipQH31.V67
Land snails and slugs of the Pacific NorthwestQL430.4
Lecture notes on computational structural biologyQH324
Life in the cold : an introduction to winter ecologyQH543.2
Life science data miningQH324.2
Live imaging in zebrafish insights into development and diseaseQL638.C94
Max Delbruck and Cologne an early chapter of German molecular biologyQH31.D434
Mechanistic home range analysisQL751.65.M3
Molecular panbiogeography of the tropicsQH84.5
Neural networks and animal behaviorQL751.65.D37
On the organic law of change : a facsimile edition and annotated transcription of Alfred Russel Wallaces Species notebook of 1855-1859QH375
Plant patterning structural and molecular genetic aspectsQK731
Praise of chromosome folly confessions of an untamed molecular structureQH600
Primary MATLAB for life sciences : guide for beginnersQH323.5
Principles of virologyQR360
Prions in humans and animalsQR201.P737
Recent advances towards improved phytoremediation of heavy metal pollutionQH545.H42
Regulatory genomics proceedings of the 3rd annual RECOMB workshop : National University of Singapore, Singapore 17-18 July 2006QH450
Return to the sea the life and evolutionary times of marine mammalsQL713.2
Science and technology against microbial pathogens research, development and evaluation : proceedings of the International Conference on AntimicrobialQR177
Seeking the greatest good : the conservation legacy of Gifford PinchotQH76
Southeast Asian water environment.QH545.W3
Southern wonder : Alabamas surprising biodiversityQH76.5.A2
State of the wild, 2008-2009 : a global portrait of wildlife, wildlands, and oceansQL82
Structural colors in the realm of natureQL767
Systematics of the Caligidae, copepods parasitic on marine fishesQL444.C79
Turtles of Mexico land and freshwater formsQL666.C5
Virology molecular biology and pathogenesisQR360
World of water rain, rivers and seas in Southeast Asian historiesQH541.15.E19