New Biology Titles in the Library

Title Call #
New POPs in marine mammals in Nordic Arctic and NE Atlantic areas during three decadesQL713.25
Alexander Wilson the Scot who founded American ornithologyQL31.W7
Alkaloids in edible lupin seedsQK898.A4
All creatures : naturalists, collectors, and biodiversity, 1850-1950QH15
Among wolves : Gordon Habers insights into Alaskas most misunderstood animalQL737.C22
Aquatic photosynthesisQK882
Assessment of marine benthic quality change in gradients of disturbance comparison of different Scandinavian multi-metric indicesQH77.S34
BIOMAT 2012 International Symposium on Mathematical and Computational Biology, Tempe, Arizona, USA, 6-10 November 2012QH323.5
Billfish story : swordfish, sailfish, marlin, and other gladiators of the seaQL638.I88
Bioethics in Singapore the ethical microcosmQH332
Biological shape analysis proceedings of the 1st International Symposium, Tsukuba, Japan, 3-6 June, 2009QH83
Biomedicine and beatitude : an introduction to Catholic bioethicsQH332
Checklist of host-parasite interactions of the order crocodyliaQL666.C925
Citizen science : 15 lessons that bring biology to life, 6-12QH316.4
Climate and air pollutionQH545.A3
Computational ecology artificial neural networks and their applicationsQH541.15.E45
Computational ecology graphs, networks, and agent based modelingQH541.15.E45
Concepts in vaccine developmentQR189
Concise encyclopedia biologyQH302.5
Confidence rating of marine eutrophication assessmentsQH91.8.E87
Crossing boundaries investigating human-animal relationshipsQL85
Curious minds the discoveries of Australian naturalistsQH13.2
Darwin : portrait of a geniusQH31.D2 J64 2013
Devils cormorant : a natural historyQL696.P4745
Dinosaurs and dioramas : creating natural history exhibitionsQH70.A1
Do animals think?QL785
Dryland East Asia land dynamics amid social and climate changeQH193.E18
Edible and useful plants of the Southwest : Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona : including recipes, teas and spices, natural dyes, medicinal uses, poisonoQK98.5.U6
Encountering life in the universe ethical foundations and social implications of astrobiologyQH326
Evolution in four dimensions : genetic, epigenetic, behavioral, and symbolic variation in the history of lifeQH366.2 .J322 2014
Evolutions rainbow : diversity, gender, and sexuality in nature and peopleQH541.15.B56
Field guide to frogs of western AustraliaQL668.E2
Field guide to marine fishes of tropical Australia and South-East AsiaQL636
Field guide to the common bees of California including bees of the Western United StatesQL567.1.U6
Genesis of the Salk Institute the epic of its foundersQH322.S25
Gotham unbound : the ecological history of greater New YorkQH105.N7 S77 2014
Great Lake sturgeonQL638.A25
Information theory and evolutionQH366.2
Into the night : tales of nocturnal wildlife expeditionsQL755.5
Invasion biology and ecological theory : insights from a continent in transformationQH353 .I576 2014
Lotka-Volterra and related systems recent developments in population dynamicsQH352
Loulu : the Hawaiian palmQK495.P17
Machine to make a future : biotech chroniclesQH445.2
Malaria Genome Projects promise, progress, and prospectsQR201.M3
Marburg and Ebola virusesQR1 .K54 1999
Molecular exploitation of apoptosis pathways in prostate cancerQH671
Nature of the beasts empire and exhibition at the Tokyo Imperial ZooQL76.5.J32
Negative strand RNA virusQR395
Nobel prizes and natures surprisesQH315
On the origin of species : by means of natural selectionQH365
Pelagic complex in the North East Atlantic Ocean challenges and possibilities in the pelagic sector - looking towards the future.QL621.3
Quest for the golden trout : environmental loss & Americas iconic fishQH545.S8
Robustness and evolvability in living systemsQH390
Ruminant physiology digestion, metabolism, and effects of nutrition on reproduction and welfare : proceedings of the XIth International Symposium on RQL737.U5
Spark from the deep how shocking experiments with strongly electric fish powered scientific discoveryQL639.1
Stem cells : an insiders guideQH588.S83
Stem cells new frontiers in science and ethicsQH588.S83
Studies on Eumalacostraca a homage to Masatsune TakedaQL444.M3
Towards a semiotic biology life is the action of signsQH331
Tracks and shadows field biology as artQH31
Undergraduate mathematics for the life sciences models, processes, and directionsQH323.5
Voyage of the BeagleQH81
Waterbird populations and pressures in the Baltic SeaQL690
Wild profusion : biodiversity conservation in an Indonesian archipelagoQH77.I5