New English and Theatre Titles in the Library

Title Call #
(S)aged by culture : representations of old age in American Indian literature and culturePS153.I52
Activism and the American novel religion and resistance in fiction by women of colorPS374.W6
Advances in hospitality and leisureTX911
Africana women writers : performing diaspora, staging healingPN1650.W65
Against language? : dissatisfaction with language as theme and as impulse towards experiments in twentieth century poetryPN1271
Aimless love : new and selected poemsPS3553.O47478 A6 2013
Along the streets of Bronzeville : black Chicagos literary landscapePS285.C47
American fanaticsPS3552.A7326
Answerable style : the idea of the literary in medieval EnglandPR255 .A57 2013
ArcadiaPR6069.T6 A84 2008
Aristotle and black drama a theater of civil disobediencePS338.N4
Ascension theory : poemsPS3602.O45
Autobiography of Mark Twain.PS1331
Barbecue : the history of an American institutionTX840.B3
Belfast textiles on Ciaran Carsons poeticsPR6053.A714
Biscuit Joint poemsPS3561.I66
Blinded by the Whites : Why Race Still Matters in 21st-Century AmericaPS374.N4 I38 2013
Bloomsbury, Modernism, and the Reinvention of IntimacyPR888.I64 W65 2011
Blue heron poemsPS3568.O2883
Body geographicPS3552.O7529
Boston strong : the poemPS617
Burke in the archives using the past to transform the future of Burkean studiesPS3503.U6134
Caffeine for sports performanceTX361.A8 B88 2013
Cairo : a graphic novelPN6727.W53 C35 2007
Calling Dr. Laura : a graphic memoirPN6727.G466 C35 2013
Cambridge Companion to the Bloomsbury GroupPR478.B46 C36 2014
Cambridge companion to literature and the environmentPN98.E36 C36 2014
Carmen, a gypsy geographyPN57.C33
Chapel of inadvertent joyPS617
Chemistry in theatre insufficiency, phallacy or bothPS3554.J47
Chester Brown : conversationsPN6733.B76
Cinematic reveries : gestures, stillness, waterPS3605.H7575
Civil wars poemsPS3569.L3
Claude McKays liberating narrative Russian and Anglophone Caribbean literary connectionsPS3525.A24785
Coconut milkPS3613.C58546
Collected poems of Barbara GuestPS3513
Collected poems of Philip LamantiaPS3562
Coming close forty essays on Philip LevinePS3562.E9
Common things romance and the aesthetics of belonging in Atlantic modernityPN45
Complete letters of Constance Fenimore WoolsonPS3363
Confederate bushwhacker Mark Twain in the shadow of the Civil WarPS1332
Conversations with Andre DubusPS3554.U2652
Conversations with Natasha TretheweyPS3570.R433
Cormac McCarthys house reading McCarthy without wallsPS3563.C337
Creating a common table in twentieth-century Argentina Dona Petrona, women, and foodTX649.G36
Cuisine and empire : cooking in world historyTX645
Cycle a practical approach to managing arts organizationsPN1584
Death of bees : a novelPR6115.D6573 D43 2013
Declarable futurePS3602.O9344
Desegregating desire : race and sexuality in Cold War American literaturePS228.R32
Doris Day confidential : Hollywood, sex and stardomPN2287.D324
Dramaturgy of sound in the avant-garde and postdramatic theatrePN2091.S6
Drawing from life : memory and subjectivity in comic artPN6714
Drawing from life : memory and subjectivity in comic artPN6714 .D73 2013
Drawing the line toward an aesthetics of transitional justicePN56.L33
Dreamless and possible : poems new and selectedPS3558.O897
Eclipse of empires world history in nineteenth-century U.S. literature and culturePS217.I47
English past and present selected papers from the IAUPE Malta Conference in 2010PN80.5
Essays and lecturesPN6142
Essays of Robert Louis StevensonPN6142
Essays-first seriesPS427
Essays-second seriesPN6142
Eye of the mammoth selected essaysPS3558.A626
Faces and masks of ugliness in literary narrativesPN56.U37
Family matters Puerto Rican women authors on the island and the mainlandPS153.P83
Fanning the spark a memoirPS3552.R6944
Fear and what follows : the violent education of a Christian racist, a memoirPS3566.A7575
Fictions and metafictions of evil : essays in literary criticism, comparative literature and interdisciplinary studiesPN56.E75
Fiddler of Driskill Hill : poemsPS3563.I362
Flannery OConnor writing a theology of disabled humanityPS3565.C57
Follow the blackbirdsPS3623.E84767
Following the Equator : a journey around the worldPS1310
Frank Norris rememberedPS2473
From instruction to delight : an anthology of childrens literature to 1850PR1111.C52 F76 2004
Gaining daylight life on two islandsPS3612.O367
Gallery of Harlem portraitsPS3539.O334
Garland in his own time a biographical chronicle of his life, drawn from recollections, interviews, and memoirs by family, friends, and associatesPS1733
Getting inside your head : what cognitive science can tell us about popular culturePN56.P93 Z86 2012
Glaciology : poemsPS3569.K498
Gloria Swanson ready for her close-upPN2287.S9
Government of naturePS591.N4
Guide to Poetics Journal writing in the expanded field, 1982/1998 with the copublication of Poetics Journal digital archivePN1042
Gus Blaisdell collectedPS3552.L347
Heaven of words last journals, 1956-1984PS3545.E827
History boysPR6052.E5 H57 2006
How to write a play : letters from Augier, Banville, Dennery, Dumas, Gondinet, Labiche, Legouvé, Pailleron, Sardou and ZolaPN1621
Imaginary invalidPS627.M42
In praise of fallingPS3604.U49
In the kingdom of the ditch poemsPS3604.A95
International women stage directorsPN1590.W64
Inventing the language to tell it Robinson Jeffers and the biology of consciousnessPS3519.E27
Its all a kind of magic : the young Ken KeseyPS3561.E667
J. M. Coetzee and the politics of stylePR9369.3.C58 Z99 2014
James Weldon Johnsons modern soundscapesPS3519.O2625
John Waynes world transnational masculinity in the fiftiesPN2287.W454
Journal for the study of RomanticismsPN603
Kimonos in the closetPS617
Lame God : poemsPS3613.C574
Laughter of Adam and Eve : poemsPS3569.O6532
Leaves of grassPS607
Legends of Charlemagne : or romance of the middle agesPN687.C5
Lessons in secular criticismPN49
Liminal semiotics : boundary phenomena in romanticismPN665
Literature and theology new interdisciplinary spacesPN49
Literature and weak thoughtPN45
Looking for the Gulf MotelPS3552.L36533
Lost andPS3607.R54
Love and strange horsesPS3558.A46252
Ludics in surrealist theatre and beyondPN2189
Lyric poem : formations and transformationsPN1356 .L94 2013
Mae Murray the girl with the bee-stung lipsPN2287.M83
Making make-believe real : politics as theater in Shakespeares timePR658.P65 W55 2014
Mama Roses turn : the true story of Americas most notorious stage motherPN2287.L29
Many-storied house poemsPS3562.Y4454
Map of the lost worldPS3608.I4385
Mary Wickes I know Ive seen that face beforePN2287.W45875
Materials of exchange between Britain and north east America, 1750-1900PS159.E5
Memory and neighborhood : Poles and Poland in Jewish American fiction after World War TwoPS648.J4
Messing with romance American poetics and antebellum southern fictionPS261
Milk and filthPS3607.I45215
Mimesis and the representation of experience dramatic theory and practice in pre-Shakespearean comedy (1560-1590)PN56.M536
Mind/body stage passion and interaction in the Cartesian theatrePN2039
Mirages : the unexpurgated diary of Anaïs Nin 1939-1947PS3527.I865
My dear boy : Carrie Hughess letters to Langston Hughes, 1926-1938PS3515.U274
Myth, literature, and the unconsciousPN56.M94
Nancy Clarks sports nutrition guidebookTX361.A8 C54 2014
Narrative symbol in childhood literature : explorations in the construction of textPN1009.A1
Noose and hookPS617
Omiano vya tjipangandjara : Otjiherero proverbs and idiomsPN6519.B33
On the decay of the art of lyingPS687
On the outskirts of form : practicing cultural poeticsPN1055
Pacific walkers : poemsPS586
Parabolas of science fictionPN3433.5
Penumbra : the premier stage for African American dramaPN2277.S25
Performing piety singers and actors in Egypts islamic revivalPN2977
Phantom of the ego : modernism and the mimetic unconsciousPN56.M54
Plain but wholesome foodways of the Mormon pioneersTX715
Plotting apocalypse : reading, agency, and identity in the Left Behind seriesPS3562.A315
Poets holy craft William Gilmore Simms and romantic verse traditionPS2853
Political companion to Saul BellowPS3503.E4488
Political companion to Walker PercyPS3566.E6912
Prophets of the posthuman american fiction, biotechnology, and the ethics of personhoodPS374.E86
Prosaics and other provocations : empathy, open time, and the novelPN3491
Quiet testimony a theory of witnessing from nineteenth-century American literaturePS217.W55
Quirks of the quantum postmodernism and contemporary American fictionPS374.P45
Race and displacement : nation, migration, and identity in the twenty-first centuryPN56.R16
Reading Duncan reading Robert Duncan and the poetics of derivationPS3507.U629
Reading Hemingways The sun also rises : glossary and commentaryPS3515.E37
Reading like a girl narrative intimacy in contemporary American young adult literaturePS374.I57
Realisms in contemporary culture : theories, politics, and medial configurationsPN56.R3
Really reallyPS3603.O4123 R43 2013
Refuge of lies : reflections on faith and fictionPN49
Reimagining the Transatlantic, 1780-1890PN56.H93
Relish : my life in the kitchenTX715 .K6985 2013
Rhetoric of interruption speech-making, turn-taking, and rule-breaking in Luke-Acts and ancient Greek narrativePN56.I644
Robert Frost in contextPS3511.R94 Z9166 2014
Salt pierPS586
See JackPS3509.D583
Selected letters of Bernard DeVoto and Katharine SternePS3507.E867
Shadow woman the extraordinary career of Pauline BentonPN1982.B46
Shake terribly the earth : stories from an Appalachian familyPS3603.H554
Shape of the signifier : 1967 to the end of historyPS25
Slavery in American childrens literature, 1790-2010PN56.S47
Small heart of things : being at home in a beckoning worldPS3608.O47824
Some desperate glory : the First World War the poets knewPR605.W65 E47 2014
Song yet sungPS3613.C28 S66 2009
Songbook : how lyrics became poetry in medieval EuropePN688 .G35 2012
Soul of man under socialismPN6281
Souls of white folk African American writers theorize whitenessPS153.N5
Sueno new poemsPS3553.E79
Sunday rising poemsPS3553.L2876
Tell about night flowers Eudora Weltys gardening letters, 1940-1949PS3545.E6
Theater careers a realistic guidePN2074
This is my century : new and collected poemsPS3545.A517
True songs of freedom Uncle Toms cabin in Russian culture and societyPS2954.U6
Underdog : poemsPS3568.O23875
Understanding Suzan-Lori ParksPS3566.A736
Universe versus Alex WoodsPR6105.X78 U55 2013
Walt Whitman in Mickle streetPS3232
War and literaturePR13 .E45 2014
William GibsonPS3513.I2824
Wolfpen notebooks a record of Appalachian lifePS3537.T5377
Womens poetry : poems and advicePS589
Works cited an alphabetical odyssey of mayhem and misbehaviorPS3619.C4618
World falls awayPS617
Yearning FeedPS3612.O638