New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
White girl bleed a lot : the return of racial violence to America and how the media ignore itE185.86 .F53 2013
After slavery : race, labor, and citizenship in the reconstruction SouthE185.2 .A34 2013
After the Holodomor : the enduring impact of the great famine on UkraineDK508.8374 .A35 2013
Americas first adventure in China : trade, treaties, opium, and salvationE183.8.C5 H174 2013
Americas right : anti-establishment conservatism from Goldwater to the Tea PartyJC573.2.U6 H6685 2013
Amsterdam : a history of the worlds most liberal cityDJ411.A55 S56 2013
Andrew Jackson, southernerE382 .C45 2013
Appomattox : victory, defeat, and freedom at the end of the Civil WarE477.67 .V37 2014
Arc of empire : Americas wars in Asia from the Philippines to VietnamDS35 .H96 2012
Arik : the life of Ariel SharonDS126.6.S42 L36 2014
Barack Obama and the myth of a post-racial AmericaE907 .B377 2014
Becoming Ottomans : Sephardi Jews and imperial citizenship in the modern eraDS135.T8 C64 2014
Before L.A. : race, space, and municipal power in Los Angeles, 1781-1894F869.L857 T67 2013
Biko : a lifeDT1949.B55 M36 2014
Blood sisters : the women behind the Wars of the RosesDA250 .G75 2013
Business plans handbook. a compilation of business plans developed by individuals throughout North America
Cherokee sister : the collected writings of Catharine Brown, 1818-1823E90.B87 A3 2014
Chican@ hip hop nation : politics of a new millennial mestizajeE184.M5 .M23 2013
Citizens Guide to American Foreign Policy : Tragic Choices and the Limits of RationalityE895 .H68 2014
Civil rights movement in MississippiE185.9.M6 C58 2013
Communists and perverts under the palms : the Johns Committee in Florida, 1956-1965F316.2 .B68 2013
Confucian perfectionism : a political philosophy for modern timesJA84.C6 C468 2014
CoolidgeE792 .S53 2014
Country of exiles : the destruction of place in American lifeE169.12 .L39 1999
Creating the Human Past An Epistemology of Pleistocene Archaeology.CC72 .B43 2013
Cultural exchange : Jews, Christians, and art in the medieval marketplaceDS135.E81 S53 2013
Degrees of incarceration. [videorecording]DVD 2220
Delaying the dream : southern senators and the fight against civil rights, 1938-1965E185.61 .F485 2010
Divination, prediction and the end of the Roman RepublicDG254 .S253 2013
Dreadful deceit : the myth of race from the colonial era to Obamas AmericaE185.625 .J658 2013
Duty : memoirs of a Secretary at warE897.4.G37 A3 2014
Early China : a social and cultural historyDS741.5 .L45 2013
Ecotourism and cultural production : an anthropology of indigenous spaces in EcuadorF3722.1.C23 D38 2013
Embers of war : the fall of an empire and the making of Americas VietnamDS553.1 .L64 2012
Empty land, promised land, forbidden landDK672.5 .H816 2013
Fascination and enmity : Russia and Germany as entangled histories, 1914-1945DK67.5.G3 F37 2012
Fear itself : the New Deal and the origins of our timeE806 .K37 2013
Forgotten dead : mob violence against Mexicans in the United States, 1848-1928E184.M5 C3675 2013
Free Black communities and the Underground Railroad : the geography of resistanceF450 .L37 2014
From Selma to Montgomery : the long march to freedomE185.61 .C715 2014
Funny in Farsi : a memoir of growing up Iranian in AmericaE184.I5 D86 2008
Global ancestors : understanding the shared humanity of our ancestorsCC79.5.H85 G56 2013
Global crisis : war, climate change and catastrophe in the seventeenth centuryD247 .P37 2013
Global crossings : immigration, civilization, and AmericaJV6350 .V37 2013
Global president : international media and the US governmentJA85.2.U6 F37 2013
Great divide : nature and human nature in the Old World and the NewCB69 .W37 2012
Great ocean : Pacific worlds from Captain Cook to the gold rushDU20 .I45 2013
Greek and Roman historiographyDE8 .G74 2011
Herencia del pasado : las memorias historicas de España,DP63 .G37 2011
History of liberalism in RussiaDK62.9 .L4613 2012
History of popular culture : more of everything, faster and brighterCB427 .B46 2013
How the slaves saw the Civil War : recollections of the war through the WPA slave narrativesE453 .C83 2014
I speak of the city : Mexico City at the turn of the twentieth centuryF1386.3 .T465 2012
Ideas : a history of thought and invention, from fire to FreudCB69 .W38 2006
Identity technologies : constructing the self onlineCT25 .I34 2013
Ike and Dick : portrait of a strange political marriageE836 .F73 2013
Imagine : living in a socialist USAHX89 .I43 2014
Imperial blues : geographies of race and sex in jazz age New YorkF128.9.A1 N46 2013
July 1914 : countdown to warD511 .M33 2013
Karl Marx : a nineteenth-century lifeHX39.5 .S67 2013
Lincoln and ReconstructionE458 .R64 2013
Machiavellis prince : a new readingJC143.M4 B39 2013
Massacre in Memphis : the race riot that shook the nation one year after the Civil WarF444.M557 A75 2013
Meaning, truth, and reference in historical representationD16.8 .A6385 2012
Media coverage and female athletes women play sports, just not in the media.DVD 9823
Meet me at equality: the peoples march on washington. [videorecording]DVD 9798
Mexicos once and future revolution : social upheaval and the challenge of rule since the late nineteenth centuryF1234 .J835 2013
Monuments men : Allied heros, Nazi thieves, and the greatest treasure hunt in historyD810.A7 E23 2013
Motherland in danger : Soviet propaganda during World War IID810.P7 S6525 2012
Mysteries of the Middle Ages : and the beginning of the modern worldCB351 .C22 2008
NAACP youth and the fight for black freedom, 1936-1965E185.5.N276 B96 2013
Nelson MandelaDT1974 .N43 2013 +
New history of Asian AmericaE184.A75 L45 2014
New soft war on women : how the myth of female ascendance is hurting women, men-- and our economyHQ1237.5.U6 R578 2013
Ninja : 1,000 years of the shadow warriorUB271.J3 M36 2013
Northern Ireland : the reluctant peaceDA990.U46 C628 2013
Our America : a Hispanic history of the United StatesE184.S75 F46 2014
Oxford history of western music
Poltava 1709 : the battle and the mythDL743.P8 P6125 2012
Portrait of a Russian province : economy, society, and civilization in nineteenth-century Nizhnii NovgorodDK651.G6 E94 2011
Queen Anne : the politics of passionDA495 .S67 2012
Red nations : the nationalities experience in and after the USSRJN6520.S8 S59 2013
Revolt of the WhipF2537 .L83 2012
Revolution in the Andes : the age of Tâupac AmaruF3444 .S47513 2013
Robert Loves warnings : searching for strangers in colonial BostonF73.4 .D39 2014
Rousseaus social contract : an introductionJC179.R88 W55 2014
Russias people of empire : life stories from Eurasia, 1500 to the presentDK37 .R79 2012
Scattered : the forced relocation of Polands Ukrainians after World War IIDK4438 .R45 2013
Sectarian politics in the Persian GulfDS326 .S42 2013
Sex and the founding fathers : the American quest for a relatable pastE302.5 .F668 2014
Slave culture : nationalist theory and the foundations of Black AmericaE441 .S97 2013
Social basis of the rational citizen : how political communication in social networks improves civic competenceJA85 .R54 2014
Story of a death foretold : the coup against Salvador Allende, September 11, 1973F3101.A4 G82 2013
Stranger in my own country : a Jewish family in modern GermanyDS134.42.M68 A3 2014
Thaw : Soviet society and culture during the 1950s and 1960sDK276 .T53 2013
Third coast : when Chicago built the American dreamF548.52 .D95 2013
Thomas Jefferson : life, liberty and the pursuit of everythingE332.79 .K36 2014
Tragedy of liberation : a history of the Chinese revolution, 1945-57DS777.54 .D55 2013
Turbulent and mighty continent : what future for Europe?JN30 .G52 2014
Tweeting to power : the social media revolution in American politicsJA85.2.U6 G35 2014
United States and China : a history from the eighteenth century to the presentE183.8.C5 W3416 2013
Vaux and Versailles : the appropriations, erasures, and accidents that made modern FranceDC801.V57 G65 2008
Visions of annihilation : the Ustasha regime and the cultural politics of fascism, 1941-1945DR1591 .Y46 2013
Voices in our blood : Americas best on the civil rights movementE185.61 .V744 2001
W.E.B. Du Bois exhibit of American Negroes : African Americans at the beginning of the twentieth centuryE185.53.P37 P76 2013
Wars of Latin America, 1948-1982 : the rise of the guerrillasF1414.2 .D35 2013
Wars of Latin America, 1982-2013 : the path to peaceF1414.3 .D425 2013
We shall not be moved : the Jackson Woolworths sit-in and the movement it inspiredE185.93.M6 O25 2014
What remains : coming to terms with civil war in 19th century ChinaDS759.15 .M49 2013
When America turned : reckoning with 1968E846 .W93 2014
When race and policy collide : contemporary immigration debatesJV6475 .B86 2014
Women navigating globalization : feminist approaches to developmentHQ1240 .E927 2014
Years of plenty, years of want : France and the legacy of the Great WarDC389 .M274 2013