New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
colored hero of Harpers Ferry : John Anthony Copeland and the war against slaveryE451 .L829 2015
Afghan modern : the history of a global nationDS356 .C74 2015
Age of acquiescence : the life and death of American resistance to organized wealth and powerE169.Z8 F73 2015
Air power in UN operations : wings for peaceElectronic Book
Americas atonement : racial pain, recovery rhetoric, and the pedagogy of healingE185.625 .G65 2015
American Jewish history : a primary source readerE184.35 .A45 2014
Anarchist immigrants in Spain and ArgentinaHX925 .B34 2015
Anonymous soldiers : the struggle for Israel, 1917-1947DS126 .H634 2015
Anthropological research framing for archaeological geophysics : material signatures of past human behaviorCC79.G46 T57 2015
Archaeology and architecture of the military orders : new studiesElectronic Book
Art of memoirCT25 .K32 2015
Art, literature and religion in early modern Sussex : culture and conflictElectronic Book
Beyond hate : white power and popular cultureElectronic Book
Black family and societyE185.86 .C586 2015
Borders, fences and walls : state of insecurity?Electronic Book
British media and Bloody SundayDA995.L75 M35 2015
British politics and foreign policy, 1727-44Electronic Book
Challenge of global commons and flows for US power : the perils of missing the human domainElectronic Book
Challenging myths of masculinity : understanding physical culturesElectronic Book
Changing referents : learning across space and time in China and the WestJA84.C6 J46 2015
Civil War history of the New Mexico volunteers and militiaE522 .T48 2015
Cosmo Innes and the defence of Scotlands past c. 1825-1875Electronic Book
Crusading and warfare in the Middle Ages : realities and representations : essays in honour of John FranceElectronic Book
Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the life of Mexico CityF1386.3 .M86 2015
Debating race, ethnicity, and Latino identity : Jorge J.E. Gracia and his criticsE184.S75 D42 2015
Deceit on the road to war : presidents, politics and American democracyJK558 .S44 2015
Demographic engineering : population strategies in ethnic conflictElectronic Book
Devolution and localism in EnglandElectronic Book
Discourse, dictators and democrats : Russias place in a global processElectronic Book
Dragnet nation : a quest for privacy, security, and freedom in a world of relentless surveillanceJC596 .A54 2014
Dreaming in Byzantium and beyondElectronic Book
Drones and the ethics of targeted killingUG1242.D7 H56 2015
Eighteenth-century thing theory in a global context : from consumerism to celebrity cultureElectronic Book
Eighty-eight years : the long death of slavery in the United States, 1777-1865E441 .R28 2015
Ethnic realities of Mexican Americans : from colonialism to 21st century globalizationE184.M5 U73 2014
Exquisite corpse of Asian America : biopolitics, biosociality, and posthuman ecologiesE184.A75 L449 2014
Floreana : a womans pilgrimage to the GalapagosF3741.G2 W512 2013
Francos crypt : Spanish culture and memory since 1936DP270 .T74 2013
From deep state to Islamic state : the Arab counter-revolution and its jihadi legacyJQ1850.A91 F56 2015
Genghis Khan : his conquests, his empire, his legacyDS22 .M34 2015
Germany and the Second World WarDD256.5 .D43413 2015
Germany and the Second World WarDD256.5 .D43413 2015
Give us the ballot : the modern struggle for voting rights in AmericaJK1846 .B47 2015
Global knowledge production in the social sciences : made in circulationElectronic Book
Global migration : old assumptions, new dynamicsJV6033 .G55 2015
Global migration : old assumptions, new dynamicsJV6033 .G55 2015
Global migration : old assumptions, new dynamicsJV6033 .G55 2015
Governing megacities in emerging countriesElectronic Book
Gowanus : Brooklyns curious canalF129.B7 A43 2015
Histories of a medieval German City, worms c. 1000-c. 1300 : translation and commentaryElectronic Book
Holocaust and the Germanization of UkraineDS135.U4 S74 2015
How human are you? [videorecording]DVD 10621
How the world moves : the odyssey of an American Indian familyE99.P9 N236 2015
Huichol women, weavers, and shamansF1221.H9 S33 2015
In search of the movement : the struggle for civil rights then and nowJC599.U5 H33 2015
Infamy : the shocking story of the Japanese American internment in World War IID769.8.A6 R43 2015
Institutional challenges to intermodal transport and logistics : governance in port regionalisation and hinterland integrationElectronic Book
Isolate or engage : adversarial states, US foreign policy, and public diplomacyE744 .I693 2015
Jewish Peoplehood : An American InnovationDS143 .P565 2015
Jim Crows legacy : the lasting impact of segregationE185.61 .T465 2015
Katrina : after the FloodF379.N553 R58 2015
Latvia : a short historyDK504.54 .K35 2015
Lemko region in the Second Polish Republic : political and interdenominational issues, 1918-1939DK4121.5.L4 M66 2013
Libertys tears : Soviet portraits of the American Way of Life during the Cold WarE183.8.S65 B35 2016
Lincoln and the immigrantE457.2 .S56 2015
Manuscript miscellanies in early modern EnglandElectronic Book
Maritime power in the Black SeaElectronic Book
Media and cosmopolitanismJZ1308 .Y55 2015
Mediating and remediating deathElectronic Book
Military covenant : its impact on civil-military relations in BritainElectronic Book
Museum representations of Maoist China : from Cultural Revolution to commie kitschElectronic Book
Museums and restitution : new practices, new approachesElectronic Book
Museums in the new mediascape : transmedia, participation, ethicsElectronic Book
Negroland : a memoirF548.9.N4 J44 2015
Nineteenth-century transatlantic reprinting and the embodied bookElectronic Book
Obfuscation : a users guide for privacy and protestJC596.2.U5 B78 2015
On South Bank : the production of public spaceElectronic Book
Our Auntie Rosa : the family of Rosa Parks remembers her life and lessonsF334.M753 K49 2015
Outsider in the White HouseE840.8.S26 A3 2015
Painting imperialism and nationalism red : the Ukrainian marxist critique of Russian communist rule in Ukraine, 1918-1925DK508.812 .V45 2015
Parties, elections and electoral contests : competition and contamination effectsElectronic Book
Past mobilities : archaeological approaches to movement and mobilityElectronic Book
Protest, reform and repression in Khrushchevs Soviet UnionDK277 .H67 2013
Reach : 40 black men on living, learning, leading and succeedingE185.86 .B52637 2015
Reconfiguring citizenship : social exclusion and diversity within inclusive citizenship practicesElectronic Book
Remembering Jim Crow : African Americans tell about life in the segregated SouthE185.61 .R4 2014
Renewing Black intellectual history : the ideological and material foundations of African American thoughtE185 .R45 2010
Roma in Europe : the politics of collective identity formationElectronic Book
Roosevelt and Stalin : portrait of a partnershipD753 .B83 2015
Sapiens : a brief history of humankindCB113.H4 H3713 2015
Scientific way of war : antebellum military science, West Point, and the origins of American military thoughtU43.U4 H66 2015
Search for lasting peace : critical perspectives on gender-responsive human securityElectronic Book
Secret postings : Bletchley Park to the PentagonD810.C88 S43 2015
Seeking truth : Roger Norths notes on Newton and correspondence with Samuel Clarke c.1704-1713Electronic Book
Sehrengiz, urban rituals and deviant Sufi mysticism in Ottoman IstanbulElectronic Book
Shining beacon of socialism in Europe : the Albanian state and society in the period of communist dictatorship 1944-1992DR977 .C94 2013
Sisters are alright : changing the broken narrative of black women in AmericaE185.86 .W5565 2015
Snowden readerJF1525.W45 S66 2015
Social issues in contemporary native America : reflections from Turtle IslandElectronic Book
Strategy : a historyU162 .F86 2015
Suffrage reconstructed : gender, race, and voting rights in the Civil War eraJK1896 .F74 2015
Symbolic representation of gender : a discursive approachElectronic Book
Their second republic : Islamism in the Sudan from disintegration to oblivionElectronic Book
Thieves of state : why corruption threatens global securityJF1081 .C43 2015
Triumph of improvisation : Gorbachevs adaptability, Reagans engagement, and the end of the Cold WarE183.8.S65 W56 2014
Trouble with post-BlacknessE185.625 .T76 2015
Understanding influence : the use of statebuilding research in British policyElectronic Book
Understanding statebuilding : traditional governance and the modern state in SomalilandElectronic Book
Unsettling assumptions : tradition, gender, dragElectronic Book
Veterans north and south : the transition from soldier to civilian after the American Civil WarE462 .C53 2015
Waging war : a new philosophical introductionU21.2 .C52 2015
War babies : the generation that changed AmericaE169.12 .P459 2014
Warrior, military ethics and contemporary warfare : Achilles goes asymmetricalElectronic Book
Women and knowledge in Mesoamerica : from east L.A. to AnahuacE59.W8 M37 2011