New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
To love the wind and the rain : African Americans and environmental historyE185
1933 Chicago Worlds Fair : century of progressT501.B1
1971 : a global history of the creation of BangladeshDS395.5
1995 : the year the future beganE885 .C36 2015
2001 Italian expatriate vote : was it worth it? : a view from the Africa-Asia--Oceania-Antarctica collegeJN5607
ALA book of library grant moneyZ683.2.U6
ALA guide to researching modern ChinaDS735
Academic library administrators field guideZ675.U5
Accidental library managerZ678
Accidental systems librarianZ682.4.S94
Acting Inca : identity and national belonging in early twentieth-century BoliviaF2230.2.A9
Activists beyond borders : advocacy networks in international politicsJF529
Adapting to win : how insurgents fight and defeat foreign states in warJC328.5 .K38 2015
Adenauers foreign office : West German diplomacy in the shadow of the Third ReichDD258.8
Adult programs in the libraryZ711.92.A32
Advanced inorganic structural fiber composites - V : proceedings of the 5th International Conference Advanced Inorganic Fibrous Composites for StructTA418.9.C6
Advanced materials and manufacturing technology I : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyTA401.3
Advanced research on material engineering, chemistry, bioinformatics III : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 3rd International Conference oTA401.3
Advanced structural and functional materials for protectionTA418.9.S62
Advanced structural materials II : proceedings of the Advanced Structural Materials Symposium of the annual Congress of the Mexican Academy of MateriaTA401.3
Advanced structural materials III : Advanced Structural Materials Symposium of the Annual Congress of the Mexican Academy of Materials Science, AugustTA401.3
Advances in analysis and control of time-delayed dynamical systemsTJ216
Advances in digital document processing and retrievalZ699
Advances in intelligent information processing tools and applicationsTA1637
Advances in material science and technology : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Engineering, Applied Sciences aTA403.6
Advances in materials engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Materials Engineering (ICMEN 2013), May 1TA404.2
Advances in materials processing technologies : selected papers from Materials Processing Symposium (First Manufacturing Engineering Society InternatiTA403
Advances in materials processing technologies : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 4th Manufacturing Engineering Society International ConferenceTA401.3
Advances in nanofibre researchTA418.9.F5
Advances in nanostructured materials processed by severe plastic deformation : special topic volume with invited papers onlyTA418.9.N35
Advances in thermofluids : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 5th International Meeting of Advances in Thermofluids (5th IMAT), November 12-13, 2TA357
Advances on extrusion technology and simulation of light alloysTJ1450
Africa : facing human security challenges in the 21st centuryJC599.A36
African American Connecticut exploredE185.93.C7
African American almanac 400 years of triumph, courage and excellenceE185
African American press in World War II : toward victory at home and abroadD799.U6 A725 2014
African Americans against the bomb : nuclear weapons, colonialism, and the Black freedom movementE185.61 .I64 2014
African Americans and gentrification in Washington, D.C. : race, class and social justice in the nations capitalE185.93.D6
African cultures, memory and space : living the past presence in Zimbabwean heritageDT14
African diaspora in the cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United StatesDT16.5 .A327 2015
Afterimage of the revolution : Cumann na nGaedheal and Irish politics, 1922-1932DA963
Afterlife of Austria-Hungary : the image of the Habsburg Monarchy in interwar EuropeDB85
Afterlives of confinement : spatial transitions in postdictatorship Latin AmericaF2217
Age of Garvey : how a Jamaican activist created a mass movement and changed global Black politicsE185.97.G3 E95 2014
Age of entanglement : German and Indian intellectuals across empireDS428
Agency and gender in Gaza : masculinity, femininity and family during the second intifadaHQ801
Airfields and airmen : arrasD602
Alexander histories and Iranian reflections remnants of propaganda and resistanceDF234.37
All American Yemeni girls : being Muslim in a public schoolF574.D2
All things possible : setbacks and success in politics and lifeF125.3.C85 A3 2014
Ambitious rebels : remaking honor, law, and liberalism in Venezuela, 1780-1850JL3881
America as empire global leader or rogue power?E902
America in the thirtiesE806 .O54 2014
American Indian rhetorics of survivance : word medicine, word magicE98.E85
American carnage : Wounded Knee, 1890E83.89 .G74 2014
American conservatism : an encyclopediaJC573.2.U6
American dictators : Frank Hague, Nucky Johnson, and the perfection of the urban political machineE747
American experiment and the idea of democracy in British culture, 1776-1914E183.8.G7
American military shoulder arms.UF523
American politics and the Jewish community : the Jewish role in American lifeE184.J5
American slavery : a very short introductionE441 .W723 2014
American women in World War I : they also servedD639.W7
Amistad : a hidden network of slavers and merchantsE447 .Z4813 2015
Anarchy, geography, modernity : selected writings of Elisée ReclusHX893.R43
Ancient sailing seasonVK16
Animals and war studies of Europe and North AmericaUH87
Another city upon a hill a New England memoirF74.F2
Antenna for social innovation : pathways to systemic change : inspiring stories and a new set of variables for understanding social innovationH62
Apache Mahout cookbookQ325.5
Apocalypse Pakistan : an anatomy of the worlds most dangerous nationDS384 .M37 2013
Applied mechanics, materials and mechanical engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Applied Mechanics,TA349
Applied mechatronics and android robotics : selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Conference on Applied Mechatronics and Android RobotTJ163.12
Arab Spring and Arab thaw : unfinished revolutions and the quest for democracyJQ1850.A91
Archaeology after interpretation : returning materials to archaeological theoryCC80
Archaeology in the Great Basin and Southwest : papers in honor of Don D. FowlerE78.G67
Archaeology in the Great Basin and Southwest : papers in honor of Don D. FowlerE78.G67
Archaeology in the Great Basin and Southwest : papers in honor of Don D. FowlerE78.G67
Archaeology of African plant useDT13
Archaeology of Carrier Mills : 10,000 years in the Saline Valley of IllinoisF549.C357
Archaeology of French and Indian War frontier fortsE199
Architecture of concepts : the historical formation of human rightsJC571
Aristotles laptop the discovery of our informational mindQ335
Armed state building confronting state failure, 1898-2012JZ6300
Armed with expertise the militarization of American social research during the Cold WarH62.5.U5
Arms for uncertainty nuclear weapons in U.S. and Russian security policyJZ5665
Art of censorship in postwar JapanZ658.J3
Artist as reader on education and non-education of early modern artistsZ1039.A77
As days go by : our history, our land, and our people--the Cayuse, Umatilla, and Walla WallaE78.O6
Ashkenazim and Sephardim : a European perspectiveDS112
Asian water development outlook 2013 : measuring water security in Asia and the PacificTC499
Aspects of manuscript culture in South IndiaZ106.5.I4
Australian history nowD13.5.A8
Authoritarian El Salvador : politics and the origins of the military regimes, 1880-1940F1487.5
Avengers and defenders : glimpses of Chicagos Jewish pastF548.9.J5
Aztalan : mysteries of an ancient Indian townE99.M6815
BRICs superpower challenge : foreign and security policy analysisJZ1310
Baby killers : German air raids on Britain in the First World WarD604
Back channel to Cuba : the hidden history of negotiations between Washington and HavanaE183.8.C9 L384 2014
Back home : journeys through MobileF334.M6
Barber of Damascus nouveau literacy in the eighteenth-century Ottoman LevantDS97.6.B83
Battle for the fourteenth colony : Americas war of liberation in Canada, 1774-1776E231
Battle of Iwo Jima : a resource bibliography and documentary anthologyD767.99.I9
Battle-wise : seeking time-information superiority in networked warfareUB212
Battlefields of EnglandDA50
Battles for Spotsylvania Court House and the road to Yellow Tavern, May 7-12, 1864E476.52
BeagleBone robotic projectsTJ223.P76
Becoming Europe : immigration, integration, and the welfare stateJV7590
Before my helpless sight : suffering, dying and military medicine on the Western Front, 1914-1918D609.A2
Beginning of heaven and Earth has no name : seven days with second-order cyberneticsQ310
Beijing a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDS795.2
Ben-Gurion : father of modern IsraelDS125.3.B37 S53713 2014
Bernhard Irrgang : critics of technological lifeworld : collection of philosophical essaysT14
Best of times, the worst of times maritime security in the Asia-PacificVA620
Between two worlds : how the English became AmericansE162 .G38 2014
Beyond 9/11 : transdisciplinary perspectives on twenty-first century U.S. American cultureE169.12
Beyond Iraq the future of world orderDS79.76
Beyond book sales : the complete guide to raising real money for your libraryZ683.2.U6
Beyond great powers and hegemons why secondary states support, follow or challengeJZ1312
Beyond the eagles shadow : new histories of Latin Americas cold warF1414.2
Big bets & black swans : a presidential briefing book : policy recommendations for President Obama in 2014E907
Big money : 2.5 billion dollars, one suspicious vehicle, and a pimp-on the trail of the ultra-rich hijacking American politicsJK1991 .V65 2014
Bio-inspired innovation and national securityQ317.5
Biomedical applications of smart materials, nanotechnology and micro/nano engineeringTA418.9.S62
Bitter bread of exile : the financial problems of Sir Edward Mutesa II during his final exile, 1966-1969DT433.27
Black and brown in Los Angeles : beyond conflict and coalitionF869.L89
Black power in the CaribbeanF1629.B55
Black power, yellow power, and the making of revolutionary identitiesE185.615
Black-brown solidarity : racial politics in the new Gulf SouthF296
Blackballed : the Black vote and US democracyJK1924 .P65 2014
Blinded by sight : seeing race through the eyes of the blindE184.A1
Blood & bone : truth and reconciliation in a southern townF279.O6
Blood on the snow : the killing of Olof PalmeDL876.P3
Blood ties : religion, violence, and the politics of nationhood in Ottoman Macedonia, 1878-1908DR2215
Blue tattoo Dinas story, Joes songDVD 10273
Booklists 1000 best young adult books since 2000Z1037
Books in motion : connecting preschoolers with books through art, games, movement, music, playacting, and propsZ718.3
Borderlands of Southeast Asia : geopolitics, terrorism, and globalizationJZ1720
Boys of winter : life and death in the U.S. ski troops during the Second World WarD769.3 10th
Brabbling women disorderly speech and the law in early VirginiaHQ1438.V5
Breaking the backcountry : the Seven Years War in Virginia and Pennsylvania, 1754-1765E199
Breakthrough branding : positioning your library to survive and thriveZ716.3
Bridging a great divide : the battle for the Columbia River GorgeF853
Bringing the arts into the libraryZ716.4
Britain and the bomb : nuclear diplomacy, 1964-1970UA647
Brussels and Europe : Acta of the International Colloquium on Brussels and Europe, held in the Albert Borschette Conference Centre in Brussels, on 18JN30
Build a great team : one year to success!Z682
Building 3D models with modo 701T385
Building a core print collection for preschoolersZ718.2.U6
Building a home security system with BeagleBone : build your own high-tech alarm system at a fraction of the costTH9745.D85
Building peace from withinJZ5538
Bureaucrats, politics, and the environmentJF1501
Business of identity : Jews, Muslims, and economic life in medieval EgyptDS135.E4
Buying the vote : a history of campaign finance reformJK1991 .M88 2014
By design : ethics, theology, and the practice of engineeringTA157
By sea and land : the story of the Royal Marines CommandosVE57
CBA of cyclingTA1200
Calendar of the patent rolls, preserved in the public record office : Edward III, 1367-1370.DA220
Calendar of the patent rolls, preserved in the public record office : Henry VI, 1422-1429.DA25
Calendar of the patent rolls, preserved in the public record office : Henry VI, 1429-1436.DA25
Calendar of the patent rolls, preserved in the public record office : Henry VI, 1436-1441.DA25
California in the 1930s the WPA guide to the Golden StateF859.3
Californias Channel Islands : the archaeology of human-environment interactionsF868.S232
Can we talk? : the rise of rude, nasty, stubborn politics.JK1726 .C36 2013
Canadas Jews : in time, space and spiritF1035.J5
Canyon of dreams : stories from Grand Canyon historyF788
Captives of revolution : the socialist revolutionaries and the Bolshevik dictatorship, 1918-1923DK265
Carbon based nanomaterialsTA418.9.N35
Caribbean libraries in the 21st century : changes, challenges, and choicesZ753.A1
Caribbean paleodemography : population, culture history, and sociopolitical processes in ancient Puerto RicoF1969
Caribbean spaces : escapes from twilight zonesF2191.B55
Case of Mistress Mary Hampson : her story of marital abuse and defiance in seventeenth-century EnglandCT788.H275
Case studies in advanced engineering design : proceedings of the 1st international symposiumTA174
Catalogue of the Ethiopic Manuscript Imaging Project.Z6605.E8
Cause of all nations : an international history of the American Civil WarE469.8 .D687 2015
Cavalryman in the Crimea : the letters of Temple Godman, 5th Dragoon guardsDK215.97
Challenge of the social and the pressure of practice : science and values revisitedQ175.5
Challenges in information technology managementT58.5
Challenging the Mississippi firebombers : memories of Mississippi 1964-65E185.9.M6
Change they cant believe in : the Tea Party and reactionary politics in AmericaJK2391.T43
Changing face of innovation is it shifting to Asia?T29.A78
Changing guise of myths : philosophical essaysDJK51
Changing wind : commerce and conflict in Civil War AtlantaF294.A857 V46 2014
Chaos, complexity and transport theory and applications : proceedings of the CCT 07, Marseille, France, 4-8 June 2007Q172.5.C45
Chattanooga, 1865-1900 : a city set down in DixieF444.C457
Chicago River bridgesTG420
Chicagos greatest year, 1893 the White City and the birth of a modern metropolisF548.5
Chican@ hip hop nation politics of a new millennial mestizajeE184.M5
Children in the ancient Near Eastern householdDS56
Children of Henry VIIIDA317.1 .G89 2014
Children of Rusʹ : right-bank Ukraine and the invention of a Russian nationDK508.772
China 1945 : Maos revolution and Americas fateful choiceE183.8.C5 B439 2014
China and East Asia after the Wall Street crisisDS33.4.C5
China society yearbookDS779.43
China society yearbook.DS779.43
China wave rise of a civilizational stateDS735
China diplomacy in Eastern and Southern AfricaDS740.5.A34
Chinas South-South relationsDT38.9.C5 C45 2013
Chinas contested capital architecture, ritual, and response in NanjingDS797.56.N365
Chinas diplomacy : theory and practiceJQ1519.A5
Chinas naval power : an offensive realist approachVA633
Chinese Indonesians and regime changeDS632.3.C5
Chinese in Southeast Asia and beyond socioeconomic and political dimensionsDS523.4.C45
Chinese renaissance the rise of Xi Jinping and the 18th Communist Party CongressDS779.46
Church of England and the First World WarD639.C54
Churchill and the generalsD750
Circassian genocideDK34.C57
Citizenship and solidarity in the European Union : from the charter of fundamental rights to the crisis, the state of the artJN40
Civil examinations and meritocracy in late Imperial ChinaJQ1512.Z13
Civilian in Lawtons 1899 Philippine campaign : the letters of Robert D. CarterDS682
Civilizing mission in the metropole : Algerian families and the French welfare state during decolonizationDC34.5.A4
Claiming Lincoln : progressivism, equality, and the battle for Lincolns legacy in Presidential rhetoricE176
Clausewitzs timeless trinity : a framework for modern warU102
Coastal and ocean engineering practiceTC205
Coining images of power patterns in the representation of Roman emperors on imperial coinage, A.D. 193-284CJ1005
Collision of empires Italys invasion of Ethiopia and its international impactDT387.8
Colombia and the United States : the making of an inter-American alliance, 1939-1960E183.8.C7
Colorado : a history of the centennial stateF776
Commerce and culture at the 1910 Japan-British exhibition centenary perspectivesT700.B1
Commodification of academic research : science and the modern universityQ180.55.E25
Communal idea in the 21st centuryHX630
Communicating politics onlineJA85 .R33 2014
Comparative guide to WordPress in libraries : a LITA guideZ674.75.W67
Complex communities : the archaeology of early Iron Age West-Central JordanDS153.3
Composite materials IVTA418.9.C6
Composite materials V : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 5th China Cross-Strait Conference on Composite Materials, Shanghai, China, October 22-TA418.9.C6
Computer vision in medical imagingTA1634
Concepts and recent advances in generalized information measures and statisticsQ370
Confederate General William Dorsey Pender : the hope of gloryE467.1.P367
Confederate combat commander : the remarkable life of Brigadier General Alfred Jefferson Vaughan Jr.E467.1.V28
Conflict of national identity in SudanJC311
Connected : how trains, genes, pineapples, piano keys, and a few disasters transformed Americans at the dawn of the twentieth centuryE169.1
Conquest of America : the question of the otherE123 .T6313 1999
Conquest of history : Spanish colonialism and national histories in the nineteenth centuryF1408.3
Conservative bias : how Jesse Helms pioneered the rise of right-wing media and realigned the Republican PartyE840.8.H44
Conservative intellectual movement in America since 1945E743
Constructing Cassandra reframing intelligence failure at the CIA, 1947-2001JK468.I6
Constructing a post-war order : the rise of US hegemony and the origins of the Cold WarD842
Contest for the Delaware Valley allegiance, identity, and empire in the seventeenth centuryF157.D4
Control engineering in materials processing II : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyTA401.3
Controlling the trade of dual-use goods : a handbookJZ5665
Converging pathways : Spain and the European integration processDP272.29
Conviviality in Bellville : an ethnography of space, place, mobility and being in urban South AfricaDT1757
Cooperation for a peaceful and sustainable world.JZ5538
Correspondence analysis and west Mexico archaeology : ceramics from the Long-Glassow collectionF1219.1.J3
Corruption & democracy in Latin AmericaJL959.5.C6
Covert capital landscapes of denial and the making of U.S. empire in the suburbs of Northern VirginiaJK468.I6
Cracking the code how to win hearts, change minds, and restore Americas original visionE902
Crackle and fizz : essential communication and pitching skills for scientistsQ223
Crafting the woman professional in the long nineteenth century artistry and industry in BritainHQ1597
Creating Old World Wisconsin the struggle to build an outdoor history museum of ethnic architectureF578
Creating and contesting Carolina : proprietary era historiesF272
Creation of high-strength structures and joints by setting up local material propertiesTA684
Creative crises of democracyJN10
Creativity for engineersT49.5
Creativity in museum practiceAM7
Cultural exchange in seventeenth-century France and EnglandDC59.8.G7 .S74 2013
Cultural forests of the Amazon a historical ecology of people and their landscapesF2520.1.U7
Cultural revolution in Iran : contemporary popular culture in the Islamic RepublicDS318.82
Culture front : representing Jews in Eastern EuropeDS135.E83
Culture, conflict, and counterinsurgencyDS371.412
Culture, indigenous knowledge and development in Africa : reviving interconnections for sustainable developmentJQ3036
CultureShock! a survival guide to customs and etiquette. VenezuelaF2310
Cultureshock!. a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDS799.4
Current trends in ergonomics : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2nd International Conference on Ergonomics (ICE 2013), September 2-4, 2013, KuaTA166
Currents of war : a new history of American-Japanese relations, 1899-1941E183.8.J3
Curse of Nemur : in search of the art, myth, and ritual of the IshirF2230.2.C5
Curtain wall systems : a primerTH2238
Czech Republic a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDB2035
Danes and Icelanders in MichiganF575.S19
Dangerous friendship : Stanley Levison, Martin Luther King Jr., and the Kennedy brothersE185.97.K5 K37 2014
Data management for libraries : a LITA guideZ675.U5
Data_flood : helping the Navy address the rising tide of sensor informationUB256.U6
Daughters and granddaughters of farmworkers : emerging from the long shadow of farm laborHQ1166
De Bows review : the antebellum vision of a new SouthF213
De facto federalism in China reforms and dynamics of central-local relationsJQ1506.S8
Debating civil-military relations in Latin AmericaJL956.C58
Decision support system for intermodal transport policyTA1215
Decisive decade : an insiders view of the Chicago civil rights movement during the 1960sF548.9.N4
Defining digital humanities : a readerAZ105
Defining neighbors : religion, race, and the early Zionist-Arab encounterDS149 .G738 2014
Deformation and fracture in technological processes : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyTA417.6
Demilitarization in the contemporary worldJZ5645
Democracy declassified : the secrecy dilemma in national securityJF1525.S4 C64 2014
Democracy without justice in Spain : the politics of forgettingJN8221
Democratizing Texas politics : race, identity, and Mexican American empowerment, 1945-2002F395.M5
Demographic avant-garde : Jews in Bohemia between the Enlightenment and ShoahDS135.C96
Demonizing a president : the foreignization of Barack ObamaE907 .P37 2014
Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland, to the end of the reign of Henry VII.Z6621.C174
Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland, to the end of the reign of Henry VII.Z2016
Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland, to the end of the reign of Henry VII. From the Roman period tZ6621.C174
Descriptive catalogue of materials relating to the history of Great Britain and Ireland. to the end of the reign of Henry VIIZ2016
Design against fracture and failureTA409
Design and modeling for 3D ICs and interposersTA168
Design of high performance mechatronics : high-tech functionality by multidisciplinary system integrationTJ163.12
Developing and managing electronic collections : the essentialsZ692.C65
Developing collections to empower learnersZ718
Developing life skills through math & science gamesHQ2037
Developments in mediation, current challenges and the role of ROMED : training programme for Roma mediatorsDX145
Diamondoid molecules with applications in biomedicine, materials science, nanotechnology & petroleum scienceTA418.9.N35
Dianchi Advanced Materials Forum 2013 : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 Dianchi Advanced Materials Forum, July 23-25, 2013, Kunming, ChinTA401.3
Diary of a southern refugee during the warE487
Diasporic Chineseness after the rise of China : communities and cultural productionDS732
Diffusion and thermodynamics of materials : D&T 06 : proceedings of the 9th Seminar on Diffusion and Thermodynamics of Materials, Brno, Czech RepubliTA418.52
Digesting history : the U.S. Naval War College, the lessons of World War Two, and future naval warfareV420
Digital humanities : current perspective, practices, and researchAZ195
Diné perspectives : revitalizing and reclaiming Navajo thoughtE99.N3 D48 2014
Diplomacy in black and white : John Adams, Toussaint Louverture, and their Atlantic world allianceE183.8.H2
Diplomatic handbookJZ1405
Direct3D rendering cookbook : 50 practical recipes to guide you through the advanced rendering techniques in Direct3D to help bring your 3D graphics pT385
Discipline of western supremacyJZ1305
Discrimination for the sake of the nation : the discourse of the League of Polish Families against others 2001-2007DK4449
Dispute of the New World : the history of a polemic, 1750-1900E19
Dissident voices : personalities in Singapores political historyDS610.4
Distant bugles, distant drums : the Union response to the Confederate invasion of New MexicoE473.4
Diversity explosion : how new racial demographics are remaking AmericaE184.A1 F739 2015
Divided memory : the Nazi past in the two GermanysD804.3
Divided rule : sovereignty and empire in French Tunisia, 1881-1938DT264
Divine law and political philosophy in Platos LawsJC71.P264
Dixie victorious : an alternate history of the Civil WarE468
Do Muslim women need saving?HQ1170
Documented, undocumented, and something else the incorporation of children of Brazilian immigrantsF73.9.B68
Dreams and visions an interdisciplinary enquiryCB353
Dunning school : historians, race, and the meaning of reconstructionE468.5
Dynamic governance embedding culture, capabilities and change in SingaporeJQ1063.A58
EU enlargement : current challenges and strategic choicesJN30
Early Buddhist architecture in context the great stupa at Amaravati (ca. 300 BCE-300 CE)DS486.A6
Early modern Habsburg women : transnational contexts, cultural conflicts, dynastic continuitiesD107.3
Early stage of the Peoples Republic of China, 1949-1956DS774
Ecology of the Bari rainforest horticulturalists of South AmericaF2319.2.M6
Ecology, economy, equity : the path to a carbon-neutral libraryZ679.85
Economic and financial crimes commission in Nigeria : an appraisalJQ3089.5.C6
Edmund Burke for our time : moral imagination, meaning, and politicsJC176.B83
Edmund G. Ross : soldier, senator, abolitionistE664.R74
Education of an anti-imperialist : Robert La Follette and U.S. expansionE664.L16
Education, values and ethics in international heritage : learning to respectCC135
Egyptology from the First World War to the Third Reich ideology, scholarship, and individual biographiesDT61
Electing the president, 2012 : the insiders viewJK526 2012
Electricity generation using wind powerTJ828
Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation (XVI)TA417.35
Elizabethan naval administrationDA86
Elusive empire Kazan and the creation of Russia, 1552-1671DK100
Elusive equality : gender, citizenship, and the limits of democracy in Czechoslovakia, 1918-1950HQ1610.3
Embattled past : reflections on military historyE181
Embattled rebel : Jefferson Davis as commander in chiefE467.1.D26 M26 2014
Embedding librarianship in learning management systems : a how-to-do-it manual for librariansZ675.U5
Emergency presidential power : from the drafting of the Constitution to the War on TerrorJK558
Emperor HuizongDS751.6.S97
Empire of nations : ethnographic knowledge & the making of the Soviet UnionDK33
Empire of sin : a story of sex, jazz, murder, and the battle for modern New OrleansF379.N557 K75 2014
Empires without imperialism : Anglo-American decline and the politics of deflectionJC574.2.G7 M67 2014
Encounters in avalanche country : a history of survival in the Mountain West, 1820-1920F596
End of greatness : why America cant have (and doesnt want) another great presidentJK516 .M477 2014
Endtimes of human rightsJC571
Energy harvesting materialsTJ812
Energy harvesting with piezoelectric and pyroelectric materialsTJ808
Energy in the 21st centuryTJ808.F36
Enforcing the rule of law : social accountability in the new Latin American democraciesJL960
Engaging India : diplomacy, democracy, and the bombE183.8.I4
Engaging nature : environmentalism and the political theory canonJA75.8 .E56 2014
Engineering Philadelphia : the Sellers family and the industrial metropolisF158.44
Engineering geomorphology : theory and practiceTA705
Engineering materials VII : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 7th Cross-Strait Workshop on the Engineering Materials (CSWEM 2012), November 23-2TA403
Enterprising women expanding economic opportunities in africaHQ1788
Entropy crisisTJ163.2
Essential Russell Kirk : selected essaysJC573
Ethnic historians and the mainstream : shaping the nations immigration storyE184.A1
Ethnonationalist conflict in postcommunist states varieties of governance in Bulgaria, Macedonia, and KosovoDR93.44
Euro-Mediterranean relations after the Arab Spring : persistence in times of changeJZ1570
Europe (c. 1400-1458)DD173
Europe : a cultural historyD20 .R42 2015
Europe and the Jews : the pressure of Christendom on the people of Israel for 1900 yearsDS145
Euroscepticism, Europhobia and Eurocriticism : the radical parties of the right and the left vis-à-vis the European UnionJN50
Evaluating teen services and programsZ718.5
Every child ready for school : helping adults inspire young children to learnZ711.92.C37
Every inch a king comparative studies on kings and kingship in the ancient and medieval worldsJC375
Everyday HR : a human resources handbook for academic library staffZ675.U5
Everyday Jewish life in imperial Russia : select documents 1772-1914DS134.84
Everyday life in the North Korean revolution, 1945-1950DS935.55
Everyday life in the early English Caribbean : Irish, Africans, and the construction of differenceF2131
Evoking Polish memory : state, self and the Communist past in transitionDK4139
Evolution of a Muslim democrat : the life of Malaysias Anwar IbrahimDS597.215.A58
Exhibiting the past : historical memory and the politics of museums in postsocialist ChinaAM72.A2
Experiencing Byzantium papers from the 44th Spring Symposium of Byzantine Studies, Newcastle and Durham, April 2011DF521
Exploring masculinities : feminist legal theory reflectionsHQ1090
Extended-nanofluidic systems for chemistry and biotechnologyTJ853.4.M53
Failed states and fragile societies : a new world disorder?JC328.7 .F35 2014
Faith of fallen Jews : Yosef Hayim Yerushalmi and the writing of Jewish historyDS115.5
Falling sky : words of a Yanomami shamanF2520.1.Y3
Family and civilizationHQ503
Fannie Barrier Williams : crossing the borders of region and raceE185.96
Fatal necessity : British intervention in New Zealand, 1830-1847DU420
Fate of freedom elsewhere human rights and U.S. Cold War policy toward ArgentinaE183.8.A7
Fate worse than death Indian captivities in the West, 1830-1885E85
Female genocidaires during the rwandan genocide : when women killDT450.435
Fight for influence : Russia in Central AsiaDK857.75.R8
Filibusters and expansionists : Jeffersonian manifest destiny, 1800-1821F296
Fire-power : British army weapons and theories of war, 1904-1945UA649
Fires of patriotism : Alaskans in the days of the First World War 1910-1920D570.87.A5
Five partings of way in world history : a comparisonD20
Five sisters : women against the tsarHX313.7
Flammable cities urban conflagration and the making of the modern worldTH9448
Flexible manufacture of lightweight frame structuresTA660.S63
Flexible manufacture of lightweight frame structures : phase II, integrationTA660.S63
Flow visualization techniques and examplesTA357.5.F55
Flowering of the CumberlandF442.2
Flying at the edge : 20 years of front-line and display flying in the Cold War eraUG626.2.D69
Folktales aloud : practical advice for playful storytellingZ718.3
Forbidden CityDS795.8.F67 B37 2008
Foreign policy from conception to diplomatic practiceJZ1242
Foreign policy of the European Union assessing Europes role in the worldJZ1570
Forging two nations : insights on Sudan and South SudanDT157.672
Forgotten people : Cane Rivers Creoles of colorF377.N4
Fortified cities of ancient India : a comparative studyDS418
Fortunes of Africa : a 5000-year history of wealth, greed, and endeavourDT20 .M47 2014
Foundational arts : mural painting and missionary theater in New SpainF1219.3.M59
Four decades of scientific explanationQ174.8
Four types of loyalty in early modern central Asia the Tuqay-Timurid takeover of greater Ma Wara al-Nahr, 1598-1605DK971.T64
Fracture mechanics of electromagnetic materials nonlinear field theory and applicationsTA409
Framing American politicsJA85.2.U6
Frances colonial legacies : memory, identity and narrativeDC39
Frank Kokori : the struggle for june 12DT515.844
Fredericksburg Campaign : winter war on the RappahannockE474.85
Free Black communities and the Underground Railroad : the geography of resistanceF450
Freedom rider diary : smuggled notes from Parchman PrisonE185.61
French activity on high temperature corrosion in water vaporTA460
French armys tank force and armoured warfare in the Great War : the Artillerie SpécialeD608
Frémonts first impressions the original report of his exploring expeditions of 1842-1844F592
Frog : a novelF MO
From Northern Ireland to Afghanistan British military intelligence operations, ethics and human rightsUB251.G7
From Yugoslavia to the western Balkans studies of a European disunion, 1991-2011DR1318
From nanopowders to functional materials : proceedings of Symposium G, European Materials Research Society Fall Meeting, Warsaw University of TechnoloTA418.9.N35
From people to entities : new semantic search paradigms for the webZA3075
From southern wrongs to civil rights : the memoir of a white civil rights activistF294.A853
From stars to stalagmites how everything connectsQ175.5
From yellow dog democrats to red state republicans : Florida and its politics since 1940F316.2
Frontier life Jacob Hamblin, explorer and Indian missionaryF826.H2
Fruit of liberty : political culture in the Florentine Renaissance, 1480-1550DG738.13
Full steam ahead : Purdue mechanical engineering yesterday, today and tomorrowTJ145
Fundamentals for the academic liaisonZ675.U5
Fundamentals of collection development and managementZ687
Future of conservatism : conflict and consensus in the post-Reagan eraJC573
Future of just war : new critical essaysU21.2
Future we chose : emerging perspectives on the centenary of the ANCDT1971
Gender and law in the Japanese imperiumHQ1236.5.J3
Gender tool kit : public sector managementHQ1726
Genuine multiculturalism : the tragedy and comedy of diversityF1035.A1
Geographies of the HolocaustD804.348 .G46 2014
Germany a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDD290.26
Getting started with evaluationZ678.85
Gezer VI : the objects from Phases I and II (1964-1974)DS110.G5
Global Muslims in the age of steam and printDS34
Global public management revolutionJF1351
Global women leaders : studies in feminist political rhetoricHQ1236 .G56 2014
Globalisation vs Europeanisation : a human-centric interactionD1055
Glory of Yue an annotated translation of the Yuejue shuDS747.15
Gloss of harmony : the politics of policy-making in multilateral organisationsJN318
Goh Keng Swee a legacy of public serviceDS610.73.G65
Goh Keng Swee a public career rememberedDS610.73.G65
Golden dragon and purple phoenix the Chinese and their multi-ethnic descendants in Southeast AsiaJV8702
Good neighbor : Franklin D. Roosevelt and the rhetoric of American powerE807
Governing Idaho politics, people, and powerJK7516
Governing the empire: provincial administration in the Almohad Caliphate (1224-1269) critical edition, translation, and study of manuscript 4752 of thDT199
Government documents librarianship : a guide for the neo-depository eraZ688.G6
Gramscis political thoughtJC265.G68
Grandchildren of Solano López : frontier and nation in Paraguay, 1904-1936F2688
Grant Park the evolution of Chicagos front yardF548.65.G73
Graph theoretic methods in multiagent networksT57.85
Gravity Hill a memoirF834.S253
Great Texas wind rush : how George Bush, Ann Richards, and a bunch of tinkerers helped the oil and gas state win the race to wind powerTJ820
Great leap forward : 1957-1965DS779.26
Green tribology, surface engineering, and global warmingTJ1075
Greyhound commander Confederate General John G. Walkers history of the Civil War west of the MississippiE470.9
Ground stone analysis : a technological approachCC79.5.S76
Growing up with Tanzania : memories, musings and mathsDT438
Guide to reference : essential general reference and library science sourcesZ1035.1
Guide to reference in business and economicsZ7164.C81
Guns at the forksF159.P68
HafuDVD 10264
Haigs command : a reassessmentD544.H29
Hand of compassion : portraits of moral choice during the HolocaustD804.65
Handbook of indexing techniques : a guide for beginning indexersZ695.9
Hands-on science centers a directory of interactive museums and sites in the United StatesQ105.U5
Hanse in medieval and early modern EuropeDD801.H22
Hard diplomacy and soft coercion : Russias influence abroadDK66
Harmony and development ASEAN-China relationsDS525.9.C5
Health assessment of engineered structures bridges, buildings and other infrastructuresTA656.6
Hear our truths : the creative potential of Black girlhoodHQ1155
Heart and stomach of a king : Elizabeth I and the politics of sex and powerDA356
Helen Waddell reassessed : new readingsD116.7.W34
Her story SCWOs 25th anniversary : celebrating womanhoodHQ1750.67
Here on the edgeD810.C82
Hidden hand : a brief history of the CIAJK468.I6 I45 2014
High-performance construction materials science and applicationsTA404.2
Highland Indians and the state in modern EcuadorF3721.1.S54
Hip-hop underground and African American culture : beneath the surfaceE185.86 .P525 2014
Historic events of colonial daysE187
Historical archaeology of the Delaware Valley, 1600-1850F157.D4
Historical imagination in nineteenth-century Britain and the Low CountriesDA530
Historical memories in culture, politics and the future : the making of history and the world to comeCB311
Histories of infamy : Francisco López de Gómara and the ethics of Spanish imperialismE141
Historiography in Saudi Arabia : globalization and the state in the Middle EastD13
Historiæ anglicanæ scriptores X, ex vetustis manuscriptisDA175
History as they lived it : a social history of Prairie du Rocher, IllinoisF549.P87
History of Russia.DK40 .S6213
History of Russia.DK40 .S6213
History of Saudi ArabiaDS204 .B685 2015
History of South Africa : from the distant past to the present dayDT1787 .G4713 2014
History of modern Tibet.DS786
History of the Council of EuropeD1060
History of war in 100 battlesD361 .O77 2014
Hitlers commanders : German action in the field, 1939-1945D757
Hitlers generals in America : Nazi POWs and allied military intelligenceD810.S7
Hizbullah phenomenon : politics and communicationJQ1828.A98 H62466 2014
Holocaust mothers and daughters : family, history, and traumaD804.47
Hong Kong a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDS796.H75
Honor bound race and shame in AmericaE184.A1
How Dutch Americans stayed Dutch : an historical perspective on ethnic identitiesE184.D9 D68 2014
How race is made in America : immigration, citizenship, and the historical power of racial scriptsE184.M5
How we elected Lincoln : personal recollectionsE457.15
Human & machine perception communication, interaction, and integration : Santa Caterina di Pittinuri, Oristano, Italy, September 6-9, 2004Q300
Human security from concept to practice : case studies from Northeast India and OrissaJC599.I4
Human trafficking, human security, and the BalkansHQ281
Hungarys long nineteenth century constitutional and democratic traditions in a European perspective : collected studiesDB933
I ulu i ka aina = LandDU624.5
IAENG transactions on electrical engineering special issue of the International Multiconference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2012TA5
Icon of springF159.J43
Identity technologies : constructing the self onlineCT25
Illegal : reflections of an undocumented immigrantF548.9.M5 N3 2014
Illinoiss war the Civil War in documentsE505
Imagining the West in Eastern Europe and the Soviet UnionDJK45.W47
Immanuel Kant and Alexander Hamilton, the founders of Federalism : a political theory for our timJA71
Immigrant political incorporation : the role of hometown associationsJV6403
Immigration, integration, and security : America and Europe in comparative perspectiveJV7590
Impact of 9/11 on European foreign and security policyJZ1570
Impact of Youtube on U.S. politicsJA85.2.U6 R54 2014
Impolite conversations : on race, politics, sex, money, and religionE185.86 .D354 2014
Impossible border : Germany and the east, 1914-1922DD117
In peace and freedom : my journey in SelmaF334.S4
In remembrance of Emmett Till : regional stories and media responses to the Black freedom struggleE185.93.M6 M24 2014
In the shadow of Billy the Kid Susan McSween and the Lincoln County WarF802.L7
In the shadow of Hitler : Alabamas Jews, the Second World War, and the HolocaustF335.J5
In the shadow of Zion : promised lands before IsraelDS134 .R68 2014
Inca account of the Conquest of PeruF3442
Including families of children with special needs : a how-to-do-it manual for librariansZ711.92.H3
Index to Records of ante-bellum Southern plantations locations, plantations, surnames and collectionsF213
India in the Chinese imagination : myth, religion, and thoughtDS721
Indian transnationalism online : new perspectives on diasporaDS432.5
Indiana political heroesF525
Indians and wannabes : Native American powwow dancing in the northeast and beyondE98.P86
Indicted South : public criticism, southern inferiority, and the politics of whitenessF209 .M29 2014
Indigenous people in Africa : contestations, empowerment and group rightsDT15
Informal governance in the European Union : how governments make international organizations workJN30
Information engineering for mechanics and materials research : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Information EnTA345
Information literacy instruction that works : a guide to teaching by discipline and student populationZA3075
Information seeking stopping behavior in online scenarios : the impact of task, technology and individual characteristicsZA3075
Innovation materials and manufacturing technologies, economic aspects in enterprises : selected, peer reviewed papers from the IV International ScientT173.8
Innovations in science teacher education in the Asia PacificQ181.A2
Inscriptions of Nabopolassar, Amēl-Marduk and NeriglissarDS68
Inside Connecticut and the Civil War : essays on one states strugglesE499
Inside out, India and China local politics go globalJQ220.R43
Insincere commitments human rights treaties, abusive states, and citizen activismJZ4974
Instant PLC programming with RSLogix 5000TJ223.P76
Institutions and gender empowerment in the global economyHQ1381
Institutions and the fate of democracy : Germany and Poland in the twentieth centuryJN3221
Integrating human rights into development donor approaches, experiences and challengesJC599.D44
Integrating information into the engineering design processT10.7
International efforts in lifeline earthquake engineering : proceedings of the Sixth China-Japan-US Trilateral Symposium on Lifeline Earthquake EngineeTA654.6
International energy experience markets, regulation and the environmentTJ163.2
International journal of engineering research in Africa.TA160.6.A35
Intimate enemies : demonizing the Bolshevik opposition, 1918-1928HX313
Introduction to structural aluminium designTA690
Introduction to the modern Gulf of Guinea : people, history, political economy and strategic futureDT471
Invention of Mikhail Lomonosov : a Russian national mythQ143
Invention of racism in classical antiquityDF135
Iraq beyond the headlines history, archaeology, and warDS70.9
Iraqs Marsh Arabs in the Garden of EdenDS70.8.A1
Ireland : a concise history from the twelfth century to the present dayDA910
Ireland in the medieval world, AD 400-1000 : landscape, kingship and religionDA930 .B47 2014
Is science neurotic?Q175
Islam, gender and migrant integration : the case of Somali immigrant familiesE184.S67
Islands and military orders, c.1291-c.1798CR4731.M43
Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in the 1990s how NGOs facilitated the peace processDS119.76
Its good to be BlackF549.D8
Italia Judaica Jubilee ConferenceDS135.I8
Italy a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDG451
James McHenry, forgotten federalistE302.6.M12
Japan : an attempt at interpretationDS810
Japan as a global pacifist state : its changing pacifism and security identityJZ5584.J3
Japans strategic challenges in a challenging regional environmentDS891.2
Japanese American resettlement through the lens : Hikaru Carl Iwasaki and the WRAs Photographic Section, 1943-1945D769.8.A6
Jewish on their own terms : how intermarried couples are changing American JudaismHQ1031
Jewish reception of Heinrich HeineDS134.22
Jews of Latin AmericaF1419.J4 E44 2014
Jordan : an archaeological readerDS153.3
Journal of nano research.T174.7
Journal of nano research.T174.7
Journal of nano research.T174.7
Journal of nano research.T174.7
Justice, liberty, security : new challenges for EU external relationsJZ1570
Kano : environment, society and developmentJQ3099.K36
Kaupang in SkiringssalDL596.K36
Keeping America informed : the U.S. Government Printing Office : 150 years of service to the nation.Z232.U6
Keeping time : an introduction to archival best practices for music librariansZ110.C7
Kentucky government, politics, and public policyJK5316
Kentucky place namesF449
Kernels for structured dataQ325.5
Knowing ChinaDS706
Knowing the day, knowing the world : engaging Amerindian thought in public archaeologyF2460.1.P3
Korea 2010 politics, economy and societyDS922.35
Korean atrocity! : forgotten war crimes, 1950-1953DS920.8
Kurdistan on the global stage : kinship, land, and community in IraqDS70.8.K8
LGBT people and the UK cultural sector : the response of libraries, museums, archives and heritage since 1950Z711.92.S49
La Follettes autobiography : a personal narrative of political experiencesE664.L16
La Follettes of Wisconsin : love and politics in progressive AmericaE747
LabVIEW graphical programming cookbook : 69 recipes to help you build, debug, and deploy modular applications using LabVIEWQ185
Land between : a history of SloveniaDR1385
Land between : a history of SloveniaDR1385
Landmarks revisited : the Vekhi symposium 100 years onDK246
Landscapes of struggle : politics, society, and community in El SalvadorF1488
Language and verbal art revisited : linguistic approaches to the study of literature410
Language in psychiatry : a handbook of clinical practice616.89/14
Last Prussian : a biography of field marshal Gerd Von Rundstedt, 1875-1953DD247.R8
Layered clay materials for functional applications : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyTA403
Lean-six sigma for the public sector : leveraging continuous process improvement to build better governmentsJK468.T67
Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy building a global policy school in AsiaJF1525.P6
Legal empowerment for women and disadvantaged groups : final report.HQ1240.5.D44
Lenins brain and other tales from the secret Soviet archivesDK266.3
Leo Strauss and Anglo-American democracy : a conservative critiqueJC251.S8
Lessons from the Northern Ireland peace processJZ5584.N75
Lessons learned and not yet learned from a multicountry initiative on womens economic empowermentHQ1381
Letter on the principles of justness and decency, containing a defence of the treatise De Cive of the learned Mr. HobbesJC165
Letters and papers illustrative of the wars of the English in France, during the reign of Henry the Sixth, King of England.DC96.A2
Letters and papers, illustrative of the wars of the English in France during the reign of Henry the Sixth, King of England.DC96.A2
Letters and papers, illustrative of the wars of the English in France during the reign of Henry the Sixth, King of England.DC96.A2
Lexikon of the Hispanic baroque : transatlantic exchange and transformationCB226
Liberal perfectionism : the reasons that goodness givesJC574
Liberalism at its limits : crime and terror in the Latin American cultural textJC574.2.L29
Library 2.0 : a guide to participatory library serviceZ678
Library and information science : a guide to key literature and sourcesZ666
Library as safe haven : disaster planning, response, and recovery : a how-to-do-it manual for librariansZ679.7
Life and death of the Spanish Republic : a witness to the Spanish Civil WarDP269.9
Life at full throttle : from wardroom to boardroomDA89.1.
Life of Benjamin Franklin.E302.6.F8
Life of J.D. Åkerblad Egyptian decipherment and Orientalism in revolutionary timesDS61.7.A45
Light Dragoons : the making of a regimentDA50
Lincoln and the U.S. Colored TroopsE540.N3
Lincoln and the union governorsE457.2
Lincoln the lawyerE457.2
Lincolns selected writings : authoritative texts : Lincoln in his era : modern viewsE457.92 2015
Living a big war in a small place : Spartanburg, South Carolina, during the ConfederacyF277.S7
Llywelyn ap Gruffudd : Prince of WalesDA716.L55
Looking for consensus? : civil society, social movements and crises for public managementH97
Lord Lothian : the paths of federalism : writings and speechesDA574.L6
Lord Robert Cecil politician and internationalistDA566.9.C35
Louisa Catherine : the other Mrs. AdamsE377.2 .H44 2014
Louisiana : crossroads of the Atlantic worldF372
Loyalty and liberty : American countersubversion from World War I to the McCarthy eraE743.5
Macau through 500 years emergence and development of an untypical chinese cityDS796.M2
Machine learning for financial engineeringQ325.5
Macro-, meso-, micro- and nano-mechanics of materials : special issue containing the proceedings of the International Symposium on Macro-, Meso-, MicrTA405
Major-General Thomas Harrison : millenarianism, fifth monarchism and the English Revolution 1616-1660DA407.H37
Makerspaces : top trailblazing projectsZ716.33
Making Moros : imperial historicism and American military rule in the Philippines Muslim SouthDS666.M8
Making a world after empire : the Bandung moment and its political afterlivesDS35.2
Making government great again : mapping the road to success with ISO 9001:2008JK468.T67
Making of the American conservative mind : national review and its timesJC573.2.U6
Making of the first Korean president : Syngman Rhees quest for independence, 1875-1948DS916.5.R5
Making of the nations and cultures of the New World : an essay in comparative historyF1052.95
Making the most of your library careerZ682.35.V62
Man who had been King : the American exile of Napoleons brother JosephDC216.5
Management basics for information professionalsZ678
Management practice for drinking water pipelines : synthesis reportTJ930
Managing IndonesiaS transformation an oral historyDS644.46
Managing emerging technologies and organizational transformation in Asia a casebookT175
Managing in discomfort zoneT59.77
Manual of soil laboratory testing.TA710.5
Marching into darkness : the Wehrmacht and the Holocaust in BelarusDS135.B38
Marketing with social media : a LITA guideZ716.3
Martyrdom of abolitionist Charles TorreyE449
Marxs temporalitiesHX39.5
Masked media : Aymara fiestas and social interaction in the Bolivian highlandsF2230.2.A9
Massacre at Camp Grant : forgetting and remembering Apache historyE83.866 .C66 2007
Massacre at Cavetts Station frontier Tennessee during the Cherokee warsF444.K7
Mastering software project requirements : a framework for successful planning, development & alignmentT58.64
Match girl and the heiressHQ1595.A3 K69 2014
Materials and measurement : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Intelligent Materials and Measurement (ICIMM 2013TA403.6
Materials in industry and nanotechnology : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Function Materials and NanotecTA418.9.N35
Materials science and design for engineersTA403
Maya art and architectureF1435.3.A7 M54 2014
Meaning, truth, and reference in historical representationD16.8
Measuring change in immigration policyJV6483
Mechanical engineering, industrial materials and industrial electronics : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on MecTJ153
Mechanics, simulation and control III : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Mechanics, Simulation and Control (ICTJ212.2
Mechanisms of high temperature corrosion : a kinetic approachTA401.3
Mediating modernity : challenges and trends in the Jewish encounter with the modern world : essays in honor of Michael A. MeyerDS143
Mediating security : comprehensive approaches to an ambiguous subject : Festschrift for Otmar HöllJZ5595
Meetings of cultures in the Black Sea RegionDJK64.5
Memoir of a Gulag actressDK268.P44
Men of bronze : hoplite warfare in ancient GreeceU33 .M46 2013
Mentoring & managing students in the academic libraryZ682.4.S89
Metallic materials and manufacturing technology : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Metallic Materials and ManuTA459
Metamorphosis of heads : textual struggles, education, and land in the AndesF3320.1.E4
Metrology handbookT50
Mexicans in the making of AmericaE184.M5 F65 2014
Microsoft Visio 2013 business process diagramming and validationT385
Mighty Eighth in WWII : a memoirD790
Millimetre of dust : visiting ancestral sitesDT2065.7 .M37 2008
Misplaced massacre : struggling over the memory of Sand CreekE83.863 .K45 2013
Mississippi Eyes : the story and photography of the Southern Documentary ProjectF345 .H47 2014
Mo(ve)ments of resistance : politics, economy and society in Israel/Palestine 1931-2013DS126.5
Models, simulations, and the reduction of complexityQ175.32.C65
Modern Argentine masculinitiesHQ1090
Modern construction envelopesTH2235
Modern print activism in the United StatesZ480.P4
Monetary and political history of the Phoenician city of Byblos in the fifth-fourth centuries B.C.E.DS89.B9
Moni Odigitria a prepalatial cemetery and its environs in the Asterousia, southern CreteDF221.C8
Montana vigilantes, 1863-1870 : gold, guns, and gallowsF731
Morgenthau Plan Soviet influence on American postwar policyE183.8.G3
Most uncertain crusade : the United States, the United Nations, and human rights, 1941-1953JC599.U5
Motor-flight through FranceDC28
Mulatto Republic : class, race, and Dominican national identityF1941.A1
Mule trader : Ray Lums tales of horses, mules, and menF216
Multimedia information extraction and digital heritage preservationCS14
Multimodal Interactive handwritten text transcriptionTA1650
Multinational federalism in Bosnia and HerzegovinaJN2203.A58
Multiscale and multiresolution approaches in turbulence LES, DES and Hybrid RANS/LES methods : applications and guidelinesTA357.5.T87
Museum is open : towards a transnational history of museums 1750-1940AM7
Museums and higher education working together : challenges and opportunitiesAM7
Muslim women in postcolonial Kenya : leadership, representation, and social changeHQ1796.5.Z75
My Appalachia : a memoirF217.A65
My life before the World War, 1860-1917 a memoirE181.P495 2013eb
Mythologies of capitalism and the end of the Soviet projectDK288 .B395 2014
Myths of harmony : race and republicanism during the age of revolution, Colombia 1795-1831F2349.B55
Names are thicker than blood : kinship and ownership amongst the IatmulDU744.35.P33 M68 2013
Nanocomposite coatings and nanocomposite materialsTA418.9.N35
Nanocomposites and nanoporous materials : ISNAM7 : proceedings of the 7th International Symposium on Nanocomposites and Nanoporous Materials (ISNAM7)TA418.9.P6
Nanocomposites and nanoporus materials Vlll (ISNNM8) : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 8th International Symposium on Nanocomposites and NanopTA418.9.P6
Nanodesign : some basic questionsT174.7
Nanostructured silicon for photonics : from materials to devicesTA418.9.N35
Nanostructured titanium dioxide materials properties, preparation and applicationsTA418.9.N35
Nanotechnology and advanced materials II : selected peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Nanotechnology and Advanced MatTA418.9.N35
Napoleon : conquest, reform, reorganisationDC201 .E47 2014
Narrative of James Williams, an American slaveE444
Nation of outlaws, state of violence : nationalism, Grassfields tradition, and state building in CameroonDT574
Nation should come first : Marxism and historiography in east central EuropeDJK32
Nature in the New World : from Christopher Columbus to Gonzalo Fernandez de OviedoE123
Necessary courage : Iowas Underground Railroad in the struggle against slaveryE450
Ned Kelly films : a cultural history of Kelly historyDU222.K4
Negotiating tradition, becoming American : family, gender, and autonomy for second generation South AsiansE184.S69
Negroes and the gun : the Black tradition of armsE185.61 .J695 2014
Neo-Indians : a religion for the third millenniumE65
Neobaroque in the Americas alternative modernities in literature, visual art, and filmF1408.3
Netherlands Indies and the Great War 1914-1918DS643
Network reshapes the library : Lorcan Dempsey on libraries, services, and networksZ674.7
New Jersey politics and government the suburbs come of ageJK3516
New OPL sourcebook : a guide for solo and small librariesZ675.S57
New World orders : violence, sanction, and authority in the colonial AmericasE18.82
New York City, 1664-1710 : conquest and changeF119.3
New approaches to Naples c.1500-c.1800 : the power of placeDG848.1
New challenges for maturing democracies in Korea and TaiwanJQ1729.A15
New directions in U.S. national security strategy, defense plans, and diplomacy : a review of official strategic documentsUA23
News and civil society : the contested space of civil society in UK mediaJC337
Nextgen librarians survival guideZ682.35.V62
Night Malcolm X spoke at the Oxford Union : a transatlantic story of antiracist protestDA125.N4 T83 2014
Nine lives of a Black Panther : a story of survivalF869.L89 N364 2014
No fracking way the natural gas boom is doing more harm than good - a debate.DVD 10263
No settlement, no conquest : a history of the Coronado EntradaE125.V3
No shelf required 2 use and management of electronic booksZ692.E4
No use : nuclear weapons and U.S. national securityUA23
Nobel Prizes that changed medicineAS911.N9
Non-western reflection on politicsJA84.D44
Nordic ideology between religion and scholarshipDL57
Norman tradition and transcultural heritage : exchange of cultures in the Norman peripheries of medieval EuropeD148
North American Indians : a very short introductionE77 .P425 2010
North American indigenous warfare and ritual violenceE98.W2 N67 2013
Numerical and experimental investigation of hollow sphere structures in sandwich panelsTA418.9.P6
O.D. Skelton : the work of the world, 1923-1941F1034.3.S54
Obituaries in the performing arts, 2011Z6611.B6
Objects of experience : transforming visitor-object encounters in museumsAM151
Occupied women : gender, military occupation and the American Civil WarE628
Of beasts and beauty gender, race, and identity in ColombiaHQ1220.C7
Of those we loved : a great war narrative remembered and illustratedD640
Ohios kingmaker : Mark Hanna, man & mythE664.H24
Oil thefts and pipeline vandalization in NigeriaTJ930
Old Tibetan studies dedicated to the memory of R. E. Emmerick; proceedings of the Tenth Seminar of the IATS, 2003DS785
Old links & new ties : [power and persuasion in an age of networks]DA589.8
On history : introduction to world history (1831), opening address at the faculty of letters, 9 January 1834, preface to history of France (1869)D21.3
On the corner : African American intellectuals and the urban crisisE185.615
On the frontier of science : an American rhetoric of exploration and exploitationQ180.U5
On the republic : and, On the lawsJC81
OpenGL 4 shading language cookbookT385
Opinions of William CobbettDA522.C5
Origins of modern Polish democracyJN6766
Orthographic systems in thirteen editions of the Kalender of Shepherdes (1506-1656)AY831.K3
Our house in the clouds building a second life in the Andes of EcuadorF3741.C25
Oy, my Buenos Aires Jewish immigrants and the creation of Argentine national identityF3021.J5 N68 2013eb
Ozarks in Missouri history : discoveries in an American regionF472.O9
Palace of culture : Andrew Carnegies museums and library in PittsburghAS36.P79
Papers of Jefferson Davis.E467.1
Parallel histories : Muslims and Jews in inquisitorial SpainDP104
Participation of minorities in public lifeJN94.A38
Party coalitions in Nigeria : history, trends and prospectsDT515.57
Passchendaele : the story behind the tragic victory of 1917D542.Y72
Peacebuilding in practice local experience in two Bosnian townsDR1785.B7
Peoples Joan of Arc : Mary Elizabeth Lease, gendered politics and Populist Party politics in Gilded-Age AmericaE664.L46
Perils of normalcy : George L. Mosse and the remaking of cultural historyD15.M668
Peripheral visions : politics, society, and the challenges of modernity in YucatanF1376
Personal librarian : enhancing the student experienceZ675.U5
Perspectives of nanoscience and nanotechnology : Acta Materialia gold medal workshopT174.7
Philmont : a history of New Mexicos Cimarron countryF802.C7
Photonics for safety and securityTA1520
Physics and chemistry of rare-earth ions doped glassesTA450
Pinay on the prairies : Filipino women and transnational identitiesF1035.F48
Pipelines 2008 : pipeline asset management : maximizing performance of our pipeline infrastructure : proceedings of the ASCE International Pipelines CTA660.P55
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Politics of the Black Sea region EU neighbourhood, conflict zone or future security community?JZ1570.A545
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Pony Express trail yesterday and todayF593
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Popular picks for young readersZ1037
Populist seduction in Latin AmericaJL3081
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Positive force: more than a witness 25 Years of Punk Politics in Action.DVD 10234
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Radiation damage in some refractory metalsTA418.6
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Reference sources for small and medium-sized librariesZ1035.1
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Reinventing the library for online educationZ675.U5
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Russian cinema reader.DK40
Russian cinema reader.DK266
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Thinking outside the girl box : teaming up with resilient youth in AppalachiaHQ798
Third Reich sourcebookDD253
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Thriving library : successful strategies for challenging timesZ731
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To forgive design understanding failureTA169.5
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To train the fleet for war : the U.S. Navy fleet problemsV411
Tomb treasures of the late Middle Kingdom : the archaeology of female burialsDT62.T6
Top technologies every librarian needs to know : a LITA guideZ682.35.T43
Torpedo : inventing the military-industrial complex in the United States and Great BritainV850
Totalitarian and authoritarian discourses : a global and timeless phenomenon?JC480
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Toward a dialectic of philosophy and organizationHX533
Towards a unified soil mechanics theory : the use of effective stresses in unsaturated soilsTC176
Township governance and institutionalization in ChinaJS7357.A15
Transformations and crisis of liberalism in Argentina, 1930-1955F2848
Transforming India : challenges to the worlds largest democracyJQ281
Transforming Latin America : the international and domestic origins of changeJL960
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Transnational actors in Central and East European transitionsJN96.A58
Transnational migration, gender and rightsJV6347
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Treaties and treachery the Northwest Indians Resistance to ConquestE78.N77
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Trotsky in Norway : exile, 1935-1937DK254.T6
Trustee for the human community : Ralph J. Bunche, the United Nations, and the decolonization of AfricaE748.B885
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Turkey reframed : constituting neoliberal hegemonyJQ1809.A8
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U.S. South and Europe : transatlantic relations in the nineteenth and twentieth centuriesF209
U.S. presidential inaugural addresses from Washington to ObamaJ81.4
Uma politics an ethnography of democratization in West Sumba, Indonesia, 1986-2006DS647.S8
Un)making of the modern familyHQ728
Uncertain legacy of crisis : European foreign policy faces the futureJZ1570.A5
Uncharted terrains : new directions in border research methodology, ethics, and practiceJV6465
Uncommon passage : traveling through history on the Great Allegheny Passage TrailF157.A45
Under the flags of freedom : slave soldiers and the wars of independence in Spanish South AmericaF2235
Undercover Asian : multiracial Asian Americans in visual cultureE184.A75
Understanding the Tea Party movementJK2391.T43
Unequal partners : the United States and MexicoE183.8.M6
Union forever : the Irish question and U.S. foreign relations in the Victorian ageE183.8.I6
Union, the Confederacy, and the Atlantic rimE469
United Arab Emirates a survival guide to customs and etiquetteDS247.T84
Unresolved tensions : Bolivia past and presentF3327
Urban life and local politics in Roman Bithynia the small world of Dion ChrysostomosDS156.B6
Using massive digital libraries : a LITA guideZ4080
Vectorial optical fields : fundamentals and applicationsTA1750
Vicksburg Campaign, March 29-May 18, 1863E475.27
Vigorous core of our nationality : race and regional identity in northeastern BrazilF2583
Visionaries of the 20th century : a resurgence anthologyCT120
Visualizing dublin : visual culture, modernity and the representation of urban spaceDA995.D75
Voices from the Korean war : personal stories of American, Korean, and Chinese soldiersDS921.6
Voices of medieval Bulgaria, seventh-fifteenth century the records of a bygone cultureDR73.7
WPA history of the Negro in PittsburghF159.P69
Waging war : alliances, coalitions, and institutions of interstate violenceUA23
War and conquest without weapons : tactics and strategies of scorching the phenomenon of Boko Haram in NigeriaDT515.846
War lords : military commanders of the twentieth centuryU51
Wars within war : Mexican guerrillas, domestic elites, and the United States of America, 1846-1848E404
Watching Si Doel television, language, and cultural identity in contemporary IndonesiaDS611
We are all Americans, pure and simple : Theodore Roosevelt and the myth of AmericanismE756
We have raised all of you : motherhood in the South, 1750-1835HQ759
We need to talk about Europe : European identity debates at the Council of Europe 2013-14H53
Wellington the beau : the life and loves of the Duke of WellingtonDA68.12.W4
What good is grand strategy? : power and purpose in American statecraft from Harry S. Truman to George W. BushE744
Whats the alternative? : career options for librarians and info prosZ682.35.V62
When Google met WikiLeaksJF1525.S4 A87 2014
When culture becomes politics European identity in perspectiveJC311
When the wolf came : the civil war and the Indian territoryE540.I3
When these things begin : conversations with Michel TreguerCT1018.G52
Where is my home? Slovak immigration to North America, 1870-2010E49.2.S64
Where the Negroes are masters : an African port in the era of the slave tradeDT512.9.A56
Whispering truth to power : everyday resistance to reconciliation in postgenocide RwandaDT450.44
Whispers of rebellion narrating Gabriels conspiracyF234.R59
White Lotus rebels and South China pirates : crisis and reform in the Qing empireDS756
Whole library handbook 5 : current data, professional advice, and curiosa about libraries and library servicesZ665.2.U6
Whole school library handbook 2Z675.S3
William Lloyd Garrison and Giuseppe Mazzini : abolition, democracy, and radical reformE449.G25
Winning while losing? : civil rights, the conservative movement, and the presidency from Nixon to ObamaE185.615
Wives, mothers, and the Red Menace : conservative women and the crusade against communismHQ1236.5.U6
Women and civil society in Turkey : womens movements in a Muslim societyHQ1726.7
Women founders of the social sciencesH57
Works about John Dewey, 1886-2012Z8228
World observed, the world conceivedQ175
World of a tiny insect : a memoir of the Taiping rebellion and its aftermathDS759.35
World orderJZ1242 .K575 2014
Writing a small nations past : Wales in comparative perspective, 1850-1950DA722
Writing faith and telling tales : literature, politics, and religion in the work of Thomas MoreDA334.M8
Writing the economy : activity, genre and technology in the world of banking332.4/971
Writing the siege of Leningrad : womens diaries, memoirs, and documentary proseD764.3.L4
X-- the problem of the Negro as a problem for thoughtE185.625
Xiipúktan (First of all) : three views of the origins of the Quechan peopleE99.Y94
Year of programs for teensZ718.5
Years of plenty, years of want : France and the legacy of the Great WarDC389
Yellow peril! : an archive of anti-Asian fearE184.A75 Y45 2014
Yellowhammer war : the civil war and reconstruction in AlabamaE551
Yupik transitions : change and survival at Bering Strait, 1900-1960E99.E7
Zapotecs on the move cultural, social, and political processes in transnational perspectiveF1221.Z3
Zero hours : conceptual insecurities and new beginnings in the interwar periodD421
Zimbabwe : mired in transitionDT2996
¡Feminismo! : the womans movement in Argentina from its beginnings to Eva PerónHQ1533