New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
After Snowden : privacy, secrecy, and security in the information ageJK468.S4 A67 2015
American hysteria : the untold story of mass political extremism in the United StatesE183 .B965 2015
Between the world and meE185.615 .C6335 2015
Black girls and adolescents : facing the challengesE185.86 .C58167 2015
Bringing race back in : Black politicians, deracialization, and voting behavior in the age of ObamaE185.615 .S758 2014
Bulk collection of signals intelligence : technical optionsUB256.U6 B85 2015
Comics and conflict : patriotism and propaganda from WWII through Operation Iraqi FreedomD744.7.U6 S46 2014
Controlling the message : new media in American political campaignsJK2281 .C66 2015
Cycling the Erie Canal : a guide to 400 miles of adventure and history along the Erie Canalway TrailF117.3 .D837 2004
Dead wake : the last crossing of the LusitaniaD592.L8 L28 2015
Detained and deported : stories of immigrant families under fireJV6483 .R44 2015
Dispatches from dystopia : histories of places not yet forgottenD16 .B876 2015
Election 2014 : why the Republicans swept the midtermsJK1968 2014 .K54 2015
Frank : a life in politics from the Great Society to same-sex marriageE840.8.F72 A3 2015
Future of violence : robots and germs, hackers and drones : confronting a new age of threatUA10.5 .W57 2015
Gentlemans house in the British Atlantic world, 1680-1780E162 .H15 2015
Girls of Atomic City : the untold story of the women who helped win World War IIF444.O3 K54 2014
Haiti : a primer on its revolution and diasporaF1921 .M645 2015
How many is too many? : the progressive argument for reducing immigration into the United StatesJV6465 .C34 2015
Jacksonland : President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a great American land grabE382 .I57 2015
Lincoln and emancipationE457.2 .M497 2015
Lords of secrecy : the national security elite and Americas stealth warfareJK468.S4 H67 2015
Mad catastrophe : the outbreak of World War I and the collapse of the Habsburg EmpireD512 .W38 2014
Mission creep : the militarization of US foreign policy?JZ1480 .M567 2014
New technologies and civic engagement : new agendas in communicationJF799.5 .N48 2015
No place to hide : Edward Snowden, the NSA, and the U.S. surveillance stateJF1525.W45 G74 2014
Positive case for negative campaigningJK2281 .M388 2014
Presidential campaigning in the Internet ageJK2281 .S78 2014
Presidential leadership and African Americans : an American dilemma from slavery to the White HouseE176.472.A34 G63 2015
Quartet : orchestrating the second American Revolution, 1783-1789E303 .E43 2015
Queering the biopolitics of citizenship in the age of ObamaJK1759 .R84 2014
Reagan Era : A History of the 1980sE876 .R676 2015
Searching for Utopia : the history of an ideaHX806 .C59 2011
Shame : how Americas past sins have polarized our countryE184.A1 S767 2015
Strangers no more : immigration and the challenges of integration in North America and Western EuropeJV6342 .A43 2015
This is what a feminist slut looks like : perspectives on the SlutWalk movementHQ1155 .T55 2015
Understanding the European Union : a concise introductionJN30 .M33 2014
WatercolorDVD 10566
White backlash : immigration, race, and American politicsJK1967 .A57 2015
Why government fails so often : and how it can do betterJK468.P64 S44 2014
Why you cant teach United States history without American IndiansE76.6 .W49 2015
Women in early AmericaHQ1416 .W656 2015
Women on the frontlines of peace and securityElectronic Book
Zones of Rebellion : Kurdish Insurgents and the Turkish StateDR435.K87 A917 2015