New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
1995 : the year the future beganE885 .C36 2015
AfghanistanDS352 .T69 2014 +
African American faces of the Civil War : an albumE540.N3 C64 2012
African American press in World War II : toward victory at home and abroadD799.U6 A725 2014
African Americans against the bomb : nuclear weapons, colonialism, and the Black freedom movementE185.61 .I64 2014
African diaspora in the cultures of Latin America, the Caribbean, and the United StatesDT16.5 .A327 2015
America in the thirtiesE806 .O54 2014
American carnage : Wounded Knee, 1890E83.89 .G74 2014
American fun : four centuries of joyous revoltE161 .B43 2014
American future : a historyE156 .S33 2009
American slavery : a very short introductionE441 .W723 2014
Amistad : a hidden network of slavers and merchantsE447 .Z4813 2015
Antebellum women : private, public, partisanHQ1418 .L37 2013
At home in nineteenth-century America : a documentary historyE161 .A8 2015
Back channel to Cuba : the hidden history of negotiations between Washington and HavanaE183.8.C9 L384 2014
Becoming American : why immigration is good for our nations futureJV6465 .G53 2014
Ben-Gurion : father of modern IsraelDS125.3.B37 S53713 2014
Between two worlds : how the English became AmericansE162 .G38 2014
Blue tattoo Dinas story, Joes songDVD 10273
Blue, the gray, and the green : toward an environmental history of the Civil WarE468.9 .B63 2015
Bond of Union : building the Erie Canal and the American empireF127.E5 K646 2009
Can we talk? : the rise of rude, nasty, stubborn politics.JK1726 .C36 2013
Cause of all nations : an international history of the American Civil WarE469.8 .D687 2015
Changing wind : commerce and conflict in Civil War AtlantaF294.A857 V46 2014
Children of Henry VIIIDA317.1 .G89 2014
China 1945 : Maos revolution and Americas fateful choiceE183.8.C5 B439 2014
Chinas South-South relationsDT38.9.C5 C45 2013
Communicating politics onlineJA85 .R33 2014
Conquest of America : the question of the otherE123 .T6313 1999
Constructing the narratives of identity and power : self-imagination in a young Ukrainian nationDK508.846 .K675 2014
Creating a learning society : a new paradigm for development and social progressElectronic Book
Cultural exchange in seventeenth-century France and EnglandDC59.8.G7 .S74 2013
Defending politics : Bernard Crick at the political quarterlyJA71 .C732 2015
Demonizing a president : the foreignization of Barack ObamaE907 .P37 2014
DineĢ perspectives : revitalizing and reclaiming Navajo thoughtE99.N3 D48 2014
Diversity explosion : how new racial demographics are remaking AmericaE184.A1 F739 2015
Dora BruderDS135.F9 B78613 2015
Embattled rebel : Jefferson Davis as commander in chiefE467.1.D26 M26 2014
Empires crossroads : a history of the Caribbean from Columbus to the present dayF2175 .G52 2014
Encyclopedia of social media and politicsJF799 .H38 2014
Enterprising women : gender, race, and power in the revolutionary AtlanticHQ1501 .C35 2015
Europe : a cultural historyD20 .R42 2015
Forbidden CityDS795.8.F67 B37 2008
From Lenin to Castro, 1917-1959 : early encounters between Moscow and HavanaDK69.3.C9 B34 2013
Gateway to freedom : the hidden history of the underground railroadE450 .F66 2015
Gathering a heritage : Ukrainian, Slavonic, and ethnic Canada and the USAF1035.U5 P735 2015
Global women leaders : studies in feminist political rhetoricHQ1236 .G56 2014
Globalization & identity cultural diversity, religion, and citizenshipElectronic Book
HafuDVD 10264
Harlem HellfightersD570.33 369th .B76 2014
Hip-hop underground and African American culture : beneath the surfaceE185.86 .P525 2014
History of Saudi ArabiaDS204 .B685 2015
History of South Africa : from the distant past to the present dayDT1787 .G4713 2014
History of war in 100 battlesD361 .O77 2014
Hizbullah phenomenon : politics and communicationJQ1828.A98 H62466 2014
I see the promised land : a life of Martin Luther King, Jr.E185.97.K5 F59 2013
Immigrant America : a portraitJV6450 .P67 2014
Impolite conversations : on race, politics, sex, money, and religionE185.86 .D354 2014
Imposing, maintaining, and tearing open the Iron Curtain : the Cold War and East-Central Europe, 1945-1989DJK50 .I46 2014
In the shadow of Zion : promised lands before IsraelDS134 .R68 2014
Ireland in the medieval world, AD 400-1000 : landscape, kingship and religionDA930 .B47 2014
Jews of Latin AmericaF1419.J4 E44 2014
Kaia, heroine of the 1944 Warsaw RisingDK4420.I44 Z5613 2014
Khrushchevs thaw and national identity in Soviet Azerbaijan, 1954-1959DK697.3 .H3747 2015
Legacy of the Cold War : perspectives on security, cooperation, and conflictD843 .L324 2014
Lincoln and the power of the press : the war for public opinionE457.2 .H755 2014
Lincolns selected writings : authoritative texts : Lincoln in his era : modern viewsE457.92 2015
Louisa Catherine : the other Mrs. AdamsE377.2 .H44 2014
Making Yugoslavs : identity in King Aleksandars YugoslaviaDR1296 .N54 2014
MarchE840.8.L43 A3 2013
Massacre at Camp Grant : forgetting and remembering Apache historyE83.866 .C66 2007
Match girl and the heiressHQ1595.A3 K69 2014
Maximalist : America in the world from Truman to ObamaE744 .S473 2014b
Maya art and architectureF1435.3.A7 M54 2014
Mayor for a new AmericaF73.54.M46 A3 2014
Millimetre of dust : visiting ancestral sitesDT2065.7 .M37 2008
Misadventures of Awkward Black GirlE185.97.R24 A3 2015
Misplaced massacre : struggling over the memory of Sand CreekE83.863 .K45 2013
Missions accomplished? : the United States and Iraq since World War IE183.8.I57 H35 2012
Mythologies of capitalism and the end of the Soviet projectDK288 .B395 2014
Napoleon : conquest, reform, reorganisationDC201 .E47 2014
Negroes and the gun : the Black tradition of armsE185.61 .J695 2014
No fracking way the natural gas boom is doing more harm than good - a debate.DVD 10263
North American Indians : a very short introductionE77 .P425 2010
North American indigenous warfare and ritual violenceE98.W2 N67 2013
Northern men with Southern loyalties : the Democratic party and the sectional crisisJK2316 .L36 2014
Polish experience through World War II : a better day has not comeD811.5 .Z48 2013
Polish hero Roman Rodziewicz : fate of a Hubal soldier in Auschwitz, Buchenwald, and postwar EnglandDK4420.R63 Z55 2013
Presidents and their generals : an American history of command in warE176.1 .M93 2014
Problem of the color line at the turn of the twentieth century : the essential early essaysE185.97.D73 A25 2014
Queer indigenous studies : critical interventions in theory, politics, and literatureE98.S48 Q84 2011
Question of intervention : John Stuart Mill and the responsibility to protectJZ1480 .D69 2015
Radical KingE185.97.K5 A5 2015
Ragged road to abolition : slavery and freedom in New Jersey, 1775-1865E445.N54 G54 2015
Reconstructing democracy : grassroots Black politics in the Deep South after the Civil WarF349.N2 B34 2014
Reframing Randolph : labor, black freedom, and the legacies of A. Philip RandolphE185.97.R27 R46 2015
Responsive city : engaging communities through data-smart governanceJK468.A8 G63 2014
Revolution of their own : voices of women in Soviet historyHQ1662 .R43 1998
Revolvers and pistolas, vaqueros and caballeros : debunking the Old WestF596.3.S75 F54 2015
Roads taken : the great Jewish migrations to the New World and the peddlers who forged the wayDS140 .D56 2015
Romans : an introductionDG231 .K23 2014
Rough crossings : the slaves, the British, and the American RevolutionE269.N3 S33 2007
Scholars, policymakers, and international affairs : finding common causeJZ1237 .S36 2014
Short and tragic life of Robert Peace : a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy LeagueE185.97.P38 H63 2014
Sphinx : Franklin Roosevelt, the Isolationists, and the road to World War IID753 .W27 2015
Story of Vermont : a natural and cultural historyF49 .K59 2015
Suppressed terror : history and perception of Soviet special camps in GermanyJC599.G3 G74413 2014
Voces : Latino students on life in the United StatesE184.S75 C38 2014
When Google met WikiLeaksJF1525.S4 A87 2014
Where the Negroes are masters : an African port in the era of the slave tradeDT512.9.A56 S63 2014
World orderJZ1242 .K575 2014
Yellow peril! : an archive of anti-Asian fearE184.A75 Y45 2014