New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
Hauhau : the Pai Marire search for Maori identityDU420
1812 : Napoleon in MoscowDC235.5.M8
Abraham Lincoln letters to his generals, 1861-1865E457.962
Absent culture : the case of Polish LivoniaDK500.L57
Accidental law librarianZ675.L2
Achieve the honorable : a Missouri congressmans journey from Warm Springs to WashingtonE840
Acts of occupation : Canada and Arctic sovereignty, 1918-25F1090.5
Adaptive, active and multifunctional smart materials systems : selected, peer reviewed papers from CIMTEC 2012 - 4th International Conference on SmartTA418.9.S62
Advanced manufacturing technologies and material propertiesTA401.3
Advanced materials and processing 2010 proceedings of the 6th International Conference on ICAMP, Yunnan, PR China, 19-23 July, 2010TA401.3
Advanced materials for sustainable development : selected, peer reviewed papers from the JSPS-DST Asia Academic Seminar 2009 (AAS2009), which was heldTA403.6
Advanced materials research QiR 12 : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 12th International Conference on Quality in Research (QiR 2011) 4-7 JulyTA404.2
Advanced materials researches and application : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2nd International Conference on Advanced Materials and its AppTA401.3
Advanced mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of bulk nanostructured materials : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onTA418.9.N35
Advanced research on applied mechanics, mechatronics and intelligent system : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference onTA349
Advanced research on architectonics and materials : selected, peer reviewed papers from the III 2013 3rd International Conference on Automation, CommuTJ211
Advanced research on civil engineering and material engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Conference on Civil EnginTA401.3
Advanced synthesis and processing technology for materials : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 1st International Symposium on Advanced SynthesisTA401.3
Advances in ceramic materials : special topic volume with invited papers onlyTA455.C43
Advances in hurricane engineering : learning from our past : proceedings of the 2012 ATC & SEI Conference on Advances in Hurricane Engineering, OctobeTH1096
Advances in metal matrix composites : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyTA481
Afghanistan : a distant warDS371.412 .N53 2013 +
African American females addressing challenges and nurturing the futureE185.86
After Hitler, before Stalin : Catholics, communists, and democrats in Slovakia, 1945-1948DB2828.7
After slavery race, labor, and citizenship in the reconstruction SouthE185.2
After we kill you, we will welcome you back as honored guests : unembedded in AfghanistanDS371.412 .R35 2014
Aging and generational relations over the life course : a historical and cross-cultural perspectiveHQ1061
Aging society and ICT : global silver innovationHQ1061
Alice SpringsDU398.A45
All necessary measures the United Nations and humanitarian interventionJZ6369
Allied occupation of Germany : the refugee crisis, denazification and the path to reconstructionJA71
Ambassadors of the book competences and training for heritage librariansZ682.4.S65
American literature and the culture of reprinting, 1834-1853Z479
American relief aid and the Spanish Civil WarDP269.47.U6
Analysis of the success factors in implementing an ITIL-based IT change and release management application : based on the IBM change and configurationTA168
Ancestry of experience : a journey into Hawaiian ways of knowingDU624.5
Ancient Maya political dynamicsF1435.3.P7
Andrew Jackson, southernerE382
Annotated guide to current national bibliographiesZ1002
Application of diamond and related materials : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 4th Conference on Application of Diamond and Related MaterialsTJ1193
Applied mechanics and manufacturing technology : selected, peer reviewed papers of the 2011 International Conference on Applied Mechanics and ManufactTA349
Archaeology of citizenshipJK1759
Archaeology of hybrid material cultureCC79.E85
Archaeology of the central Mississippi ValleyE78.M75
Art against dictatorship making and exporting arpilleras under PinochetHQ1236.5.C5
Artificial intelligence research and development : Proceedings of the 16th International Conference of the Catalan Association for Artificial IntelligQ334
Ashgate research companion to federalismJC355
Asian Americans in Dixie : race and migration in the southF216.2
Asian Development Outlook 2013 : governance and public service delivery.JQ24
Aspects of ancient Greek cult context, ritual and iconographyDF122
Augmented reality with Kinect develop your own hands-free and attractive augmented reality applications with Microsoft KinectTJ223.P76
Australian history live! eyewitness accounts from the pastDU110
Austrialia del Espíritu Santo. the journal of Fay Martin de Munilla O.F.M. and other documents relating to the voyage of Pedro Fernández de QuiroDU20
Autobiography of Andrew Carnegie.CT275.C3
Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin : 1706-1757E302.6.F7
Automated people mover standardsTA1207
Axis of deceit : the extraordinary story of an Australian whistleblowerDS79.76
Bartering with the bones of their dead the Colville Confederated tribes and terminationE99.C844
Basic serials management handbookZ692.S5
Battleground 1948 Truman, Stevenson, Douglas, and the most surprising election in Illinois historyE815
Becoming Brothertown native American ethnogenesis and endurance in the modern worldE99.B7
Becoming Roman? diverging identities and experiences in ancient northwest ItalyDG190
Becoming parents and overcoming obstacles : understanding the experience of miscarriage, premature births, infertility, and postnatal depressionHQ759
Behind the mountainsDL307 .A94 2013
Best-practice framework for developing and implementing e-governmentJF1525.A8
Bibliotecas de arte, arquitectura y diseño : perspectivas actuales : Actas del Congreso organizado por la Sección de Bibliotecas de Arte de la IFLZ675.A85
Biko : a lifeDT1949.B55
Bioarchaeology of East Asia movement, contact, healthCC79.5.H85
Biography and the black AtlanticD13.5.A75
Biting through the skin an Indian kitchen in Americas heartlandE184.B26
Black revolutionary : William Patterson and the globalization of the African American freedom struggleE185.97.P32
Blackfoot religion and the consequences of cultural commoditizationE99.S54
Blind impressions methods and mythologies in book historyZ1001
Blind oracles : intellectuals and war from Kennan to KissingerJZ1480
Bliss bibliographic classification.Z696
Bloomsbury group : a collection of memoirs and commentaryDA685.B65 B5 1995
Boer War : a historyDT1896
Bombers and the bombed : Allied air war over Europe 1940-1945D785 .O92 2013
Both hands a life of Lorne Pierce of Ryerson PressZ481
Boundaries & history in Africa : issues in conventional boundaries and ideological frontiersDT21
Boys to men : the complete guide for National ServicemenUA853.S5
Breakthrough human rights in the1970sJC571
British Library General Subject Catalogue 1975 to 1985.Z695
Building machine learning systems with PythonQ325.5
Building materials and structural engineering II : selected peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Building Materials andTA401.3
Building sanctuary the movement to support Vietnam War resisters in Canada, 1965-73DS559.8.D7
Buraimi : the struggle for power, influence and oil in ArabiaDS244
Business in great waters : the U-boat wars 1916-1945D781
Canadian Rangers : a living historyUA602.C29454
Canadian foreign policy in Africa regional approaches to peace, security, and developmentJZ1515.A56
Canal builders : making Americas empire at the Panama CanalF1569.C2 G74 2010
Career Q&A : a librarians real-life, practical guide to managing a successful careerZ682.35.V62
Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach editionCD 14200 Booklet
Catalogue of the late Roman, Byzantine and Barbaric coins in the Charles University collection : (364 - 1092 A.D.)CJ969
Changing minds, if not hearts political remedies for racial conflictE185.615
Chaos in natureQ172.5.C45
Chaos theory modeling, simulation and applications : selected papers from the 3rd Chaotic Modeling and Simulation Conference (CHAOS2010), Chania, CretQ172.5.C45
Chapters on socialismHX245
China into its second rise myths, puzzles, paradoxes, and challenge to theoryDS735
Chinas destiny and Chinese economic theoryDS740
Chinese Air Force : evolving concepts, roles, and capabilitiesUG635.C6
Chinese comfort women : testimonies from Imperial Japans sex slavesD810.C698
Chronicle of MuntanerDP125
Chronicle of the discovery and conquest of Guinea.DT543.65
Cities and global governance new sites for international relationsJZ1242
Citizen strangers Palestinians and the birth of Israels liberal settler stateDS113.7
Civic catechisms and reason in the French RevolutionDC158.8
Civil War in the border SouthF217.B67 P48 2013
Civil disobedience : resistance to civil governmentJC328.3
Civil rights movement in MississippiE185.9.M6
Civil wars of Peru.F3442
Civil-military relations in perspective strategy, structure and policyJF195
Collapse of western civilization : a view from the futureCB158 .O64 2014
Collected writingdF1060.7
Colonial rule and social change in Korea, 1910-1945DS916.55
Command and control : nuclear weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the illusion of safetyU264.3 .S45 2014
Committing the future to memory history, experience, traumaD13
Computational approaches to archaeological spacesCC79.S63
Computational intelligence and its applications evolutionary computation, fuzzy logic, neural network and support vector machine techniquesQ335
Computational mechanics materials and engineering applications : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2011 International workshop on ComputationalTA349
Concise history of the crusadesD157 .M33 2014
Confederate generals in the Trans-MississippiE467
Conflict resolution in africa : the case of the organisation of african unity (OAU)DT30.5
Confronting history : a memoirD15.M668
Congress of Vienna and its legacy : war and great power diplomacy after NapoleonDC249
Connecting with history : strategies for an inquiry classroomD16.2
Conquer and govern : early Chinese military texts from the Yi Zhou shuDS747.I25
Consciousness and robot sentienceQ325
Considerations on representative governmentJC423
Construction materials and computer engineering II : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 2nd International Conference on Sustainable ConstrucTA403.6
Contemporary funeral rituals of Sadan Toraja : from Aluk Todolo to new religionsDS632.T7
Continuing professional education and IFLA : past, present, and a vision for the future : papers from the IFLA CPERT Second World Conference on ContinZ668
Continuing professional education for the information society : the Fifth World Conference on Continuing Professional Education for the Library and InZ668
Conversations of intercultural couplesHQ1031
Cosmopolitanisms in enlightenment Europe and beyondJZ1308
Cost of liberty : the life of John DickinsonE302.6.D5
Course of Andean historyF2229
Crafting the integrative value proposition for large scale transport infrastructure hubs : a stakeholder management approachTA1225
Crossing the Bay of Bengal : the furies of nature and the fortunes of migrantsJV8490
Crossing the riverDS135.L53
Crusade and Christendom annotated documents in translation from Innocent III to the fall of Acre, 1187-1291D151
Customer service in the information environmentZ674.4
Dangerous others, insecure societies fear and social divisionJV6225
Days of revolution : political unrest in an Iranian villageDS318.81
De re militari et triplici via peregrinationis Ierosolimitane : (1187/88)D163
Decentering social theoryH61
Defending the City of God : a medieval queen, the first Crusades, and the quest for peace in JerusalemD182 .N49 2014
Deformation processes of rigid plastic materials : special topic volume, invited papers onlyTA455.P5
Democracy and political ignorance why smaller government is smarterJK1726
Democracy in America.JK274
Democratising the EU from below? citizenship, civil society and the public sphereJN40
Deterrence by diplomacyJZ1305
Developing AR games for iOS and Android : develop and deploy augmented reality apps using Vuforia SDK and Unity 3DT385
Developing peoples information capabilities : fostering information literacy in educational, workplace and community contextsZA3075
Development of capital markets in member countries of the South Asian Association for Regional CooperationDS331.5
Diary of William Hedges, Esq. (afterwards Sir William Hedges), during his agency in Bengal as well as on his voyage out and return overland (1681-1687DS461
Dispatches from the Arab spring : understanding the new Middle EastJQ1850.A91
Dolls houseHQ1682
Dominion of signs : television, advertising, and other New Zealand fictionsDU418
Dragoons in Apacheland : conquest and resistance in southern New Mexico, 1846-1861E99.A6 K54 2012
Drone warfareUG1242.D7 K33 2014
Early and middle woodland landscapes of the SoutheastE99.W84
Early trench tactics in the French Army the second Battle of Artois, May-June 1915D545.A75
East European Jews in SwitzerlandDS135.S9
East meets West in the Middle Ages and early modern times : transcultural experiences in the premodern worldCB251
Education and research for marketing and quality management in libraries : satellite meeting, Québec, August 14-16 Août 2001Z716.3
Egyptian revolution and its aftermath Mubarak to MorsiDT107.87
Eleanor L. Pray : letters from Vladivostok, 1894 - 1930DK781.V5
Election of 1860 reconsideredE440
Elementary materials scienceTA403
Ellen Meiksins Wood readerJA76
Emotional and sectional conflict in the antebellum United StatesE415.7 .W79 2014
Empire and identity in Guizhou : local resistance to Qing expansionDS793.K8
Encyclopaedic dictionary of information technology and systemsT58.5
Energy efficiency refurbishments : principles, details, examplesTJ163.5.B84
Energy efficient technologies for sustainability : selected, peer reviewed papers from the International Conference on Energy Efficient Technologies fTJ163.27
Engaging with capitalism cases from OceaniaDU28
Environmental degradation of engineering materials & materials engineering and technologies : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 4th InternationaTA418.74
Essential West : collected essaysF591 .W4528 2014
Ethics of humanitarian interventionsJZ6369
Ethics of librarianship : an international surveyZ682.35.P75
Ethnic project transforming racial fiction into ethnic factionsE184.A1
Eurasian mixed identities in the United States, China, and Hong Kong, 1842-1943E184.C5
European Commission and interest groups : towards a deliberative interpretation of stakeholder involvement in EU policy-makingJN33.5
European and American extreme right groups and the InternetJC573.2.E85
European meetings : social and political studiesJN30
Evaluation of rail technology a practical human factors guideTF505
Everyday life of the state : a state-in-society approachJC311
Evliyā Çelebī in Medina the relevant sections of the SeyāhatnāmeDS248.M5
Evolution of international human rights visions seenJC571
Explorations in narrative researchH61.295
Exploring Coast Salish prehistory the archaeology of San Juan IslandE99.S2
Exposing the Third Reich Colonel Truman Smith in Hitlers GermanyDD256.5
Fabricating the absolute fake : America in contemporary pop cultureE169.12
Failure of the two-state solution : the prospects of one state in the Israel-Palestine conflictDS119.76
Faith and revivalism in a Nordic Romani Community : pentecostalism amongst the Kaale Roma of Sweden and FinlandDX245
Faraway, familiar place an anthropologist returns to Papua New GuineaDU744.35.K33
Fascination and enmity : Russia and Germany as entangled histories, 1914-1945DK67.5.G3
Father involvement in Canada diversity, renewal, and transformationHQ756
Feminist and queer information studies readerHQ1180
Feminist pedagogy for library instructionZ711.25.C65
Fertile bonds Bedouin class, kinship, and gender in the Bekaa ValleyDS80.55.B43
Fierce patriot : the tangled lives of William Tecumseh ShermanE467.1.S55 O25 2014
Fighting for the enemy : Koreans in Japans war, 1937-1945DS916.54
Filibuster : obstruction and lawmaking in the U.S. SenateJK1161
Find your story, write your memoirCT25
First Rocky Mountaineers : Coloradans before ColoradoE78.C6
First peoples a documentary survey of American Indian historyE77
Forgotten kingdom : the archaeology and history of Northern IsraelDS110.G2
Fossil legends of the first AmericansE58
Framing intersectionality debates on a multi-faceted concept in gender studiesHQ1180
Freedom in a slave society : stories from the antebellum SouthF214 .S55 2014
Freedoms pragmatist : Lyndon Johnson and civil rightsE847.2
Friendly fire : nuclear politics & the collapse of ANZUS, 1984-1987DU421.5.U6
From Victoria to Vladivostok : Canadas Siberian Expedition, 1917-19DK265.42.C3
From princess to chief life with the Waccamaw Siouan Indians of North CarolinaE99.W114
Frontier naturalist Jean Louis Berlandier and the exploration of northern Mexico and TexasF1314
Frontier of nanoscience and technology II : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Conference on Frontiers of Nanoscience and TechT174.7
Frontiers in electronics : selected papers from the Workshop on Frontiers in Electronics 2011 (WOFE-11)T173.8
Fuggers of Augsburg pursuing wealth and honor in Renaissance GermanyDD901.A92
Functional requirements for bibliographic records : final reportZ693
Gandhi before IndiaDS481.G3 G824 2014
Gender and cosmopolitanism in Europe a feminist perspectiveHQ1587
Gender and culture at the limit of rightsHQ1236.5.D44
Gender and politics in Kuwait : women and political participation in the GulfHQ1236.5.K9
Gendered resistance : women, slavery, and the legacy of Margaret GarnerE443
Gentleman from Illinois stories from forty years of elective public serviceE840.8.D54
German students war lettersD640.A2
Getting started with DraftSightT385
Glass palace illusions of freedom and democracy in QatarJ699.C2
Gods left first the captivity and repatriation of Japanese POWs in northeast Asia, 1945-56DK759.J37
Gold nanoparticles for physics, chemistry and biologyTA418.9.N35
Good, bad and next in public governance : the Winelands papers 2012JF1351
Government by investigation : Congress, presidents, and the search for answers, 1945-2012JF1525.C58
Grading for landscape architects and architectsTA715
Green power already out of breath? why do German consumers not switch to green electricity?TJ163.3
Guide to developing braille and talking book servicesZ711.92.H3
Guidelines for authority records and referencesZ693.3.A88
Guidelines for subject access in national bibliographiesZ1001
Guilt, responsibility, and denial : the past at stake in post-Milosevic SerbiaDR2051
Handless maiden : Moriscos and the politics of religion in early modern SpainDP104
Hanois road to the Vietnam War, 1954-1965DS560.68
Happy valleyDVD 10065
Hasanlu V : the Late Bronze and Iron I periodsDS262.H37
Health and economic outcomes among the aumni of the Wounded Warrior Project : 2013JK720
Henri Poincaré : a biography through the daily papersQ143.P65
Heritage of ruins the ancient sites of Southeast Asia and their conservationDS523
Histoire contemporaine à lère numérique = : contemporary histroy in the digital ageD13
Historians debate the rise of the WestCB245 .D26 2014
History of the Peloponnesian WarDF229.T5
History of the two Tartar conquerors of China including the two journeys into Tartary of Father Ferdinand Verbiest in the suite of the Emperor Kang-hiDS754.2
Hitler and Czechoslovakia in WWII : domination and retaliationD802.C95
Hitlers rival Ernst Thalmann in myth and memoryHX274.7.T47
House of prisoners : slavery and state in Uruk during the revolt against Samsu-ilunaDS70.5.E65
How 9/11 changed our ways of warUA23
How forests think toward an anthropology beyond the humanF2230.2.K4
How to synchronize the next generation of IPTV : explantion of the ETSI standardized versionZA4235
Human development : competencies for the twenty-first century : papers from the IFLA CPERT Third International Conference on Continuing Professional EZ668
Hunting of the snark : an agony in eight fitsPZ7.R6
IACGE 2013 : challenges and recent advances in geotechnical and seismic research and practices : proceedings of the second International Conference onTA710.A1
Idea of progressCB19
Identities and modernizationsJC311
Identity and pedagogy in Holocaust education : the case of Israeli state schoolsD804.33
Image processing with ImageJ : discover the incredible possibilities of ImageJ, from basic image procesing to macro and plugin developmentTA1637
Imagined empires a history of revolt in EgyptDT82
Imperatives of culture selected essays on Korean history, literature, and society from the Japanese colonial eraDS916.535
Import of the archive : U.S. colonial rule of the Philippines and the making of American archival historyCD2213
In defense of justice : Joseph Kurihara and the Japanese American struggle for equalityD769.8.A6
In the context of his times : Alfred Dreyfus as lover, intellectual, poet, and JewDC354
In the south seasDU21
Inconvenient Indian : a curious account of native people in North AmericaE77
Indian nations of Wisconsin : histories of endurance and renewalE78.W8
Indian resilience and rebuilding indigenous nations in the modern American westE78.8
Individualization in childhood and adolescenceHQ783
Inequality and the WestJC575
Infographic history of the worldD21.1 .D43 2014
Information audit : a practical guideZA3157
Information literacy and social justice : radical professional praxisZA3075
Inorganic micro- and nanomaterials : synthesis and characterizationTA418.9.N35
Inspection of metals : understanding the basicsTA460
Instant Autodesk AutoCAD 2014 customization with .NET : use AutoCADs .NET API to create your own powerful, custom applications for AutoCADT385
Instant AutomapperT385
Instant BrainShark : convert your boring, outdated slideshows into engaging and powerful audio presentations using BrainsharkCD973.2
Integrating regions Asia in comparative contextJZ5333
Intelligible design : a realistic approach to the philosophy and history of scienceQ175
International bibliography of art librarianship : an annotated compilationZ675.A85
International directory of art libraries = Répertoire international de bibliothèques dartZ675.A85
Introduction to computational earthquake engineeringTA654.6
Invisible women of prehistory three million years of peace, six thousand years of warHQ1127
Islamic globalization pilgrimage, capitalism, democracy, and diplomacyJZ1318
Iwi Maori : a New Zealand population past, present & projectedDU423.P66
Jesse Shera, librarianship, and information scienceZ720.S527
Jewish identity in the reconstruction South ambivalence and adaptationF220.J5
Jewish integration in the German army in the First World WarDS134.25
Jews at williams inclusion, exclusion, and class at a New England liberal arts collegeDS146.U6
Joe Moakleys journey from South Boston to El SalvadorE840.8.M63
Journal of a voyage into the Mediterranean by Sir Kenelm Digby, A. D. 1628D973
Julio-Claudian succession reality and perception of the Augustan modelDG281
Just war theoryU22
Kairological economics an anthropocentric and creative theory of political economy and managementJZ1305
Kampong spirit gotong royong - life in Potong Pasir, 1955 to 1965DS609.9
Kanak awakening : the rise of nationalism in New CaledoniaDU720.75
Karpal Singh : tiger of JelutongDS597.215.S56
Kgalema Motlanthe a political biographyDT1974
Killing machine : the American presidency in the age of drone warfareJK558 .G37 2013
Kingdoms of Israel and Judah in the eighth and seventh centuries B.C.E.DS121.6
Kings cross : a biographyDU178
Knowledge infrastructure for the fifth freedom in the Baltic Sea areaJC599.S34
Korea 2012 politics, economy and societyDS902
Krio of West Africa : Islam, culture, creolization, and colonialism in the nineteenth centuryDT516.45.C73
Laser and plasma applications in materials science : selected, peer reviewed papers from the LAPAMS 2010, Algiers, from 27th to 30th November 2010TA1673
Latest development of applied materials technology : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 6th Cross-Strait Conference on Advanced Engineering MaterTA401.3
Learning QlikView data visualization : visualize and analyze data with the most intuitive business intelligence tool, QlikViewT58.6
Let burn the making and breaking of a firefighter/paramedicTH9118.W46
Letter from my fatherJV6456
Letters of General Richard S. Ewell Stonewalls successorE467.1.E86
Leviathan : the matter, forme & power of a common-wealth ecclesiastical and civillJC143
Li Shi Min, founding the Tang dynasty the strategies that made China the greatest empire in AsiaDS749.42.T35
Librarians guide to negotiation : winning strategies for the digital ageZ689
Libraries in the early 21st century an international perspectiveZ672.2
Libraries in the early 21st century.Z672.2
Library preservation and conservation in the 90s : proceedings of the Satellite Meeting of the IFLA Section on Preservation and Conservation, BudapesZ700.9
Library work for children and young adults in the developing countries : Proceedings of the IFLA/UNESCO Pre-Session Seminar in Leipzig, GDR, 10-15 AugZ718.1
Life worthy of life : voices of descendants of euthanasia victimsD804.3
Liminal zones where lakes end and rivers beginE169.Z8
Limits to bureaucratic growthJF1501
Lincolns forgotten friend, Leonard SwettE457.2
Little data book on gender in Africa 2012/13.HQ1240.5.A35
Local government in ConnecticutJS451.C85
Long life and swift death of Rechitsa a Jewish community in Belarus, 1625-2000DS135.B382
Long shadow of Lincolns Gettysburg AddressE475.55
Longest rescue the life and legacy of Vietnam POW William A. RobinsonDS559.4
Losing the center the decline of American liberalism, 1968-1992JC574.2.U6
Luftwaffe : a historyUG635.G3
Machine learning with RQ325.5
Making a life in multiethnic Miami : immigration and the rise of a global cityF319.M6 A69 2014
Making of the American dream. an unconventional history of the United States from 1607 to 1900E178
Managing vulnerability South Africas struggle for a democratic rhetoricJA85.2.S63
Maoists at the hearth everyday life in Nepals civil warDS495.6
Maori origins and migrations : the genesis of some Pakeha myths and legendsDU423.O74
Marketing library and information services. a global outlookZ716.3
Maroons of Prospect Bluff and their quest for freedom in the Atlantic WorldE450
Marriage on trial : late medieval German couples at the papal courtHQ1051
Marx on gender and the family a critical studyHX39.5
Massive resistance and media suppression the segregationist response to dissent during the civil rights movementE185.61
Materials for energy conversion and storage : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2012 International Workshop on Materials for Energy Conversion aTJ807
Mechanics and physics of creep, shrinkage, and durability of concrete : a tribute to Zdeněk P. Bažant : proceedings of the Ninth International ConTA440
Media role in African changing electoral process : a political communication perspectiveJQ1879.A5 M43 2014
Medieval culture of disputation : pedagogy, practice, and performanceCB354.6
Medieval quest for ArthurDA152.5.A7 R687 2005
Memoirs of Lady Hyegyŏng : the autobiographical writings of a crown princess of eighteenth-century KoreaDS913.392.H94
Memories of absence how Muslims remember Jews in MoroccoDS135.M8
Memory and commemoration in medieval cultureD117
Mergers and alliances the wider viewZ672
Metaphors in modern and contemporary philosophyD16.8
Metaphysics of ceteris paribus lawsQ175
Migration from and towards Bulgaria 1989-2011JV8301
Military adaptation in AfghanistanDS371.412
Minimum design loads for buildings and other structures.TH851
Mining smartness from nature : proceedings of symposium E Mining smartness from nature of CIMTEC 2008 - 3rd International Conference Smart MaterialTA418.9.S62
Minority issues in Europe : rights, concepts, policyD1056
Miss you : the World War II letters of Barbara Wooddall Taylor and Charles E. TaylorD811.5
Mission cemeteries, mission peoples historical and evolutionary dimensions of intracemetery bioarchaeology in Spanish FloridaE78.F6
Modeling of nature : philosophy of science and philosophy of nature in synthesisQ151.A8
Modern Middle East : a political history since the First World WarDS62.8
Modern construction handbookTH151
Modern development in materials, machinery and automation : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2013 International Conference on Microtechnology aTA403.6
Morning in America : how Ronald Reagan invented the 1980sE169.12
Motherland lost : the Egyptian and coptic quest for modernityDT72.C7
Mukwahepo : women soldier motherDT1641.Y45
Multi-functional materials and structures engineering : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 2011 International Conference on Multi-Functional MateTA401.3
Multi-script, multilingual, multi-character issues for the online environment : proceedings of a workshop sponsored by the IFLA Section on CataloguingZ699.5.F67
Muslim Zion : Pakistan as a political ideaDS384
NAACP youth and the fight for black freedom, 1936-1965E185.5.N276
Nanocomposites : materials, manufacturing and engineeringTA418.9.N35
Nanomaterials and devices : processing and applicationsTA418.9.N35
Napoleon the littleDC279
Nation within a nation : voices of the Oneidas in WisconsinE99.O45
National force : the evolution of Canadas army, 1950-2000UA600
Natural and moral history of the IndiesE141
Nazis in the Holy Land, 1933-1948DD255.P35
Nels Andersons World War I diaryD570.9
Net zero energy buildings : international projects of carbon neutrality in buildingsTJ163.5.B84
New Arabs : how the millennial generation is changing the Middle EastJQ1850.A91 C64 2014
New approaches to human security in the Asia-Pacific China, Japan and AustraliaJZ6009.A75
New directions in information organizationT58.6
New frontiers in materials processing training and learning II : selected, peer reviewed papers from the II Especial Symposium on New Frontiers in MatTA404
New players on the world stage : Chinese provinces and Indian statesJZ1242
New science of politics Hans Kelsens reply to Eric Voegelins New Science of Politics : a contribution to the critique of ideologyJA71
New voyage & description of the isthmus of America surgeon on buccaneering expeditions in Darien, the West Indies, and the Pacific, from 1680 to 1688.F1564
New wars and new soldiers military ethics in the contemporary worldU22
Nexus : strategic communications and American security in World War ID619
Ninety 9CB427
Nixon Administration and the Middle East peace process, 1969-1973 from the Rogers Plan to the outbreak of the Yom Kippur WarDS128.1
Nomads path : travels in the SahelDT547.27
Nonchemical treatment processes for disinfestation of insects and fungi in library collectionsZ701.3.P47
Nonstate actors in intrastate conflictsJC328.5
Notes upon Russia being a translation of the earliest account of that country, entitled Rerum Moscoviticarum commentariiDK25
Novel materials, coats and nanoengineeringTA418.9.N35
Old Shanghai and the clash of revolutionDS796.S253
On behalf of the family farm Iowa farm womens activism since 1945HQ1438.I7
On libertyJC585
Optimization of the mechanical engineering, manufacturing systems, robotics and aerospace : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 7th InternationalTJ5
Origins of American political parties, 1789-1803JK2260 .H63 1986
Ottoman imperial diplomacy : a political, social and cultural historyDR475
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Publishing from your PhD negotiating a crowded jungleZ286.S37
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Reader in preservation and conservationZ701
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Representation elections and beyondJK1764
Research lounge #1.TA350
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Resources pour les bibliothèques et centres documentaires scolairesZ675.S3
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Science of energyTJ808
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Science, policy, and the value-free idealQ175.5
Scientific concepts and investigative practiceQ180.55.M4
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Understanding and teaching the Vietnam warDS557.74
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United Nordic FederationJN7042
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