New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
1980s : a critical and transitional decadeE876 .A145 2011
2012 presidential campaign : a communication perspectiveJK526 2012 .A18 2014
Afghan modern : the history of a global nationDS356 .C74 2015
Americas backyard : the United States and Latin America from the Monroe Doctrine to the War on TerrorF1418 .L58 2009
Anonymous soldiers : the struggle for Israel, 1917-1947DS126 .H634 2015
Art and vision in the Inca empire : Andeans and Europeans at CajamarcaF3429.3.A7 H47 2015
Becoming a history teacher : sustaining practices in historical thinking and knowingD16.4.C3 B43 2014
Belsen diary, 1944-1945.D805.G3 L48 1982
Beyond violence : Jewish survivors in Poland and Slovakia, 1944-48DS134.55 .C53 2014
Bioarchaeology : interpreting behavior from the human skeletonCC77.B8 L37 2015
British media and Bloody SundayDA995.L75 M35 2015
Building nations from diversity : Canadian and American experience comparedF1035.A1 S74 2014
Choice : Poland, 1939-1945DS135.P63 E234 2004
Concise history of BosniaDR1685 .C37 2015
Corey Village and the Cayuga world : implications from archaeology and beyondE99.C3 R67 2015
Covered in ink : tattoos, women, and the politics of the bodyHQ1206 .T4676 2015
Cycling the Hudson Valley : a guide to history, art, and nature on the east and west sides of the majestic Hudson River.F117.3 .C93 2012
Death of Aztec Tenochtitlan, the life of Mexico CityF1386.3 .M86 2015
Delhi by heart : impressions of a Pakistani travellerDS486.D3 R86 2013
Diary of Mary Berg : growing up in the Warsaw ghettoD804.G4 B38 2007
Earth speaksDVD 7134
Ecology of democracy : finding ways to have a stronger hand in shaping our futureJK1764 .M378 2014
Elli : coming of age in the holocaustD811 .J125 1983
Emergence of modern Jewish politics : Bundism and Zionism in Eastern EuropeDS149.5.E85 E44 2014
Evas story : a survivors taleD805.P7 S32 1989
Everyday illegal : when policies undermine immigrant familiesJV6483 .D74 2015
Germany and the Second World WarDD256.5 .D43413 2015
Going for broke : Japanese American soldiers in the war against Nazi GermanyD769.31 100th .M44 2013
Great Partition : the making of India and PakistanDS480.842 .K49 2007
Herzls vision : Theodor Herzl and the foundation of the Jewish stateDS151.H4 A95 2014
History of Israel : from the rise of Zionism to our timeDS126.5 .S155 2007
Holocaust and the Germanization of UkraineDS135.U4 S74 2015
I am not a slut : slut-shaming in the age of the InternetHQ1237.5.U6 T36 2015
Immigrants in prairie cities : ethnic diversity in twentieth-century CanadaF1060.96 .L64 2009
Imperial Russias Muslims : Islam, empire and European modernity, 1788-1914DK511.V65 T86 2015
Isolate or engage : adversarial states, US foreign policy, and public diplomacyE744 .I693 2015
Jackson rising New economies conference.DVD 9841
Jacksonland : President Andrew Jackson, Cherokee Chief John Ross, and a great American land grabE382 .I57 2015
Khrushchevs cold summer : Gulag returnees, crime, and the fate of reform after StalinDK274 .D637 2011
Latin American women and the literature of madness : narratives at the crossroads of gender, politics and the mindHQ1460.5 .S356 2015
Latvia : a short historyDK504.54 .K35 2015
Libertys tears : Soviet portraits of the American Way of Life during the Cold WarE183.8.S65 B35 2016
Lords of secrecy : the national security elite and Americas stealth warfareJK468.S4 H67 2015
Male daughters, female husbands : gender and sex in an African societyDT515.45.I33 A47 2015
March.E840.8.L43 A3 2013
Minority rules : electoral systems, decentralization, and ethnoregional party successJC312 .L83 2014
Mission creep : the militarization of US foreign policy?JZ1480 .M567 2014
Mothers, sisters, resisters : oral histories of women who survived the HolocaustD804.47 .M67 1998
Muscular Judaism : the Jewish body and the politics of regenerationDS143 .P74 2007
Nation and not a rabble : the Irish revolution, 1913-1923DA962 .F39 2015
Obras escogidas.F1411 C4
Other side of silence : voices from the partition of IndiaDS485.P87 B87 2000
Our ice is vanishing = Sikuvut nunguliqtuq : a history of Inuit, newcomers, and climate changeE99.E7 W93 2014
Paper sovereigns : Anglo-Native treaties and the law of nations, 1604-1664E91 .G55 2014
Parnas : a scene from the HolocaustDS135. I85 P5729 2000
Paying with their bodies : American war and the problem of the disabled veteranUB363 .K56 2015
Resilience and courage : women, men, and the HolocaustD804.47 .T43 2003
Résistance : a womans journal of struggle and defiance in occupied FranceD805.G3 H7713 2008
Rhetoric in human rights advocacy : a study of exemplarsJC571 .G448 2015
Right way to lose a war : America in an age of unwinnable conflictsE181 .T55 2015
Sarcophagus of an ancient civilization : Petra, Edom and the EdomitesDS110.5 .R6 2003
Sensing Chicago : noisemakers, strikebreakers, and muckrakersF548.3 .M19 2015
Sephardi lives : a documentary history, 1700-1950DS134 .S378 2014
Shape of the new : four big ideas and how they made the modern worldCB358 .M66 2015
Sisters in sorrow : voices of care in the HolocaustD804.47 .S57 1998
Stalins forgotten Zion : Birobidzhan and the making of a Soviet Jewish homeland : an illustrated history, 1928-1996DS135.R93 E989 1998
Theodor Herzl : from assimilation to ZionismDS151.H4 K68 1993
This Muslim American life : dispatches from the War on TerrorE184.M88 B39 2015
This is what a feminist slut looks like : perspectives on the SlutWalk movementHQ1155 .T55 2015
To tell at last : survival under false identity, 1941-45DS135.P63 R66957 1993
Toward an intellectual history of Black womenE185.89.I56 T69 2015
Turkey and the Armenian ghost : on the trail of the genocideDS195.5 .M3687 2015
Voices from the HolocaustD810.J4 V63 1982
Waging war : a new philosophical introductionU21.2 .C52 2015
Walk in the woods : rediscovering America on the Appalachian TrailF106 .B92 2007
Whose Harlem is this, anyway? : community politics and grassroots activism during the new Negro eraF128.68.H3 K48 2015
ZionismDS149.A5 E54 2009
Zionism and the fin-de-siècle : cosmopolitanism and nationalism from Nordau to JabotinskyDS151.A2 S73 2001