New History and Politics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
Against wind and tide : the African American struggle against the colonization movementE448 .P786 2014
All the truth is out : the week politics went tabloidE840.8.H285 B35 2014
American party battle : election campaign pamphlets, 1828-1876JK2260 .A54 1999
Among the powers of the earth : the American Revolution and the making of a new world empireE249 .G68 2012
Anguish, anger, and folkways in Soviet RussiaDK268.3 .R58 2014
Asian/Pacific Islander American women : a historical anthologyE184.O6 A855 2003
At home in exile : why diaspora is good for the JewsDS134 .W65 2014
Backroads pragmatists : Mexicos melting pot and civil rights in the United StatesF1234 .F685 2014
Backwater blues : the Mississippi Flood of 1927 in the African American imaginationE185.6 .M76 2014
Beyond the shadow of Camptown : Korean military brides in AmericaE184.K6 Y85 2002
Call to action : women, religion, violence, and powerHQ1236 .C375 2014
Chinese and Americans : a shared historyE183.8.C5 X8 2014
Chosen exile : a history of racial passing in American lifeE185.625 .H63 2014
Cold War : a new historyD843 .G22 2005
Color matters : skin tone bias and the myth of a post-racial AmericaE185.625 .C646 2014
Cool pose : the dilemmas of black manhood in AmericaE185.86 .M35 1993
Corruption in America : from Benjamin Franklins snuff box to Citizens UnitedJK2249 .T43 2014
Crusade and Christendom : annotated documents in translation from Innocent III to the fall of Acre, 1187-1291D151 .C765 2014
Dangerous guests : enemy captives and revolutionary communities during the War for IndependenceF159.L2 M55 2014
Democracy assistance from the third wave : Polish engagement in Belarus and UkraineDK4185.B38 P67 2014
Dictablanda : politics, work, and culture in Mexico, 1938-1968F1235 .D53 2014
Effective approaches for managing electronic records and archivesCD974.4 .E38 2002
Empire on the edge : how Britain came to fight AmericaE210 .B94 2014
Equality & revolution : womens rights in the Russian Empire, 1905-1917HQ1236.5.R8 R88 2010
Faithful bodies : performing religion and race in the Puritan AtlanticF75.A1 K67 2014
Families values : how parents, siblings, and children affect political attitudesJA76 .U73 2014
FemenHQ1665.45 .F4513 2014
Fractured times : culture and society in the twentieth centuryCB425 .H558 2014
Freedom not far distant : a documentary history of Afro-Americans in New Jersey : a joint project of the New Jersey Historical Society and the New JerE185.93.N54 F74 1980
From Eve to evolution : Darwin, science, and womens rights in Gilded Age AmericaHQ1191.U6 H36 2014
Gaza : a historyDS110.G3 F5413 2014
Governed by a spirit of opposition : the origins of American political practice in colonial PhiladelphiaF158.4 .R66 2014
Guiding your childs musical developmentCD 10649
Holocaust in the East : local perpetrators and Soviet responsesDS134.85 .H65 2014
Holodomor and Gorta Mór : histories, memories and representations of famine in Ukraine and IrelandDK508.8374 .H654 2012
Holy warriors : the religious ideology of chivalryCR4519 .K347 2009
How Paris became Paris : the invention of the modern cityDC729 .D39 2014
Humanitarian intervention and legitimacy wars : seeking peace and justice in the 21st centuryJZ6369 .F35 2014
Ideological origins of the dirty war : fascism, populism, and dictatorship in twentieth century ArgentinaF2849 .F483 2014
Indigenous peoples history of the United StatesE76.8 .D86 2014
Invisible bridge : the fall of Nixon and the rise of ReaganE855 .P468 2014
Invisible front : love and loss in an era of endless warE897.4.G72 D73 2014
Jews and the military : a historyDS135.E83 P45 2013
Landmarks : a collection of essays on the Russian intelligentsia, 1909DK255 .V4413
Manifest destinations : cities and tourists in the nineteenth-century American WestF594 .G776 2014
Map of betrayalJIN
Media and human rights : the cosmopolitan promiseJC571 .B336 2015
Mediated images of the South : the portrayal of Dixie in popular cultureF209 .M43 2014
Mediatization of politics : understanding the transformation of western democraciesJA85 .M443 2014
Medieval lyric : a project supported by the National endowment for the Humanities and Mount Holyoke College.CD 14208
Medieval lyric : a project supported by the National endowment for the Humanities and Mount Holyoke College.CD 14208
Medieval lyric : a project supported by the National endowment for the Humanities and Mount Holyoke College.CD 14208
Medieval lyric : a project supported by the National endowment for the Humanities and Mount Holyoke College.CD 14208
Mel Bays complete folk guitar book : chords, strums, arpeggios, bass runs, hammering-on, banjo brush, blues, calypso and Latin rhythms, fingerpickingCD 14213
Monde de la trompette et des cuivres (classique, variétés, jazz) The world of the trumpet and brassCD ROM 39
Nation builder : John Quincy Adams and the grand strategy of the republicE377 .E34 2014
Navajo weapon : the Navajo code talkersD810.C88 M38 2001
Northern Titicaca basin survey : Huancané-PutinaF3319.1.T57 S74 2014
Nowa Huta : generations of change in a model socialist townDK4727.N69 P68 2014
Oberlin, hotbed of abolitionism : college, community, and the fight for freedom and equality in antebellum AmericaF499.O2 M67 2014
Off the sidelines : raise your voice, change the worldE901.1.G55 A3 2014
Papers of Benjamin Franklin.E302 .F82 1959
Psychology of Black boys and adolescentsE185.86 .P89 2014
Psychology of Black boys and adolescentsE185.86 .P89 2014
Reluctant warriors : Republican Popular Army and Nationalist Army conscripts in the Spanish Civil War, 1936-1939DP269 .M38 2012
RenaissanceDG540 .R453 2014
Renegade revolutionary : the life of General Charles LeeE207.L47 P34 2014
Rhizome of Blackness : a critical ethnography of Hip-Hop culture, language, identity and the politics of becomingE185.625 .I27 2014
Sex among allies : military prostitution in U.S.-Korea relationsE183.8.K6 M664 1997
Smell of battle, the taste of siege : a sensory history of the Civil WarE468.9 .S654 2015
Specters of revolution : peasant guerrillas in the Cold War Mexican countrysideF1235 .A84 2014
Stalins citizens : everyday politics in the wake of total warDK508.935 .Y45 2014
Story of an underground : the resistance of the Jews of Kovno in the Second World WarDS135.L52 K3857 2014
Struggle for Pakistan : a Muslim homeland and global politicsDS383.5.A2 J338 2014
Subjects or citizens : British Caribbean Workers in Cuba, 1900-1960F1789.A1 W384 2013
Suspicion nation : the inside story of the Trayvon Martin injustice and why we continue to repeat itE184.A1 B56 2014
Territorial rule in Colombia and the transformation of the Llanos OrientalesF2281.L52 R38 2013
They cant represent us! : reinventing democracy from Greece to OccupyJC423 .S62 2014
This nonviolent stuffll get you killed : how guns made the civil rights movement possibleE185.61 .C633 2014
Tightrope : a racial journey to the age of ObamaE185.615 .G33 2014
Tooth & claw companionCD ROM 38
Traveled first lady : writings of Louisa Catherine AdamsE377.2 .A34 2014
Tribunal : responses to John Brown and the Harpers Ferry RaidE451 .T75 2012
When the United States spoke French : five refugees who shaped a nationDC158.1 .F87 2014
Why Europe? : the medieval origins of its special pathD131 .M5813 2010
Women in Southeast Asia : Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Singapore, Timor, Philippines, Malaysia, BrunelHQ1745.8 .B43 2014
Women in ancient Greece : a sourcebookHQ1134 .M33 2012