New Language, Writing, and Speech Communication Titles in the Library

Title Call #
Academic identity traits a corpus-based investigationP302.84
Adpositions and Other Parts of SpeechP285
Aeschyluss Suppliant women : the tragedy of immigrationPA3829
Ancient languages of the BalkansP381.B3
Applied cognitive linguistics.P165
Approaching language variation through corpora a festschrift in honour of Toshio SaitoPE3502.J3
Assessment issues in language translation and interpretingP306.94
Assignments across the curriculum : a national study of college writingPE1404 .M448 2014
Beyond the Second Sophistic adventures in Greek postclassicismPA3086
Cesti the extant fragmentsPA3860.A5
Challenges to linearizationP151
City of marble : the rhetoric of Augustan RomePA6085
Climate change in the media : reporting risk and uncertaintyP96.E57
Cognitive processes in languageP123
Comparing selected modern methods of teaching English to young learnersPE1128.A2
Competing comparative constructions in EuropeP201
Compositionality of meaning and contentP325.5.C626
Constructing the heritage language learner knowledge, power, and new subjectivitiesP57.U7
Crossmedia innovations texts, markets, institutionsP96.T42
Current multilingualism a new linguistic dispensationP115.45
Designing texts teaching visual communicationP93.5
Development of the proto-Indo-European laryngeals in GreekPA265
Diálogos intertextuales 5 : Entre texto y receptortraducción y accesibilidadP306.2
Disputable core : concepts of narrative theoryPN212
Dwelling in language : character, psychoanalysis and literary consolationsP302.5
Dynamics of contact-induced language changeP40.5.L38
Effectiveness of corrective feedback and the role of individual differences in language learning : a classroom studyP118.6
English as an academic lingua franca an investigation of form and communicative effectivenessPE2751
English change network : forcing changes into schemasPE1369
Enhancing self-directed vocabulary learning : research and practiceP53.9
Epic grief : personal laments in Homers IliadPA4037
Ethnic minority children acquiring literacyP118
Ethnography after antiquity foreign lands and peoples in Byzantine literaturePA5115
Euripides, Danae and Dictys introduction, text and commentaryPA3978
Explorations in dependency phonologyP217
Exploring linguistic standards in non-dominant varieties of pluricentric languages = : Explorando estándares lingüísticos en variedades no dominP40.5.S57
Feedback matters : current feedback practices in the EFL classroomPE1128.A2
Fixing English : prescriptivism and language historyPE1101 .C87 2014
Flavian epic interactionsPA6054
Foreign language learning outside school : places to see, learn and enjoyP118.2
Future narratives : theory, poetics, and media-historical momentPN3383.N35
Generalized quantifiers in natural languageP299.Q3
Geography of case semantics : the Czech dative and the Russian instrumentalP240.6
Global interactions in English as a Lingua Franca how written communication is changing under the influence of electronic media and new contexts of usPE1073
Grundlagen der SprecherziehungPN4162
History of the Chambers dictionaryPE1617.C4
Homer and classical philologyPA99
In the middle of the future, Tom Plate on Asia : contemporary history through a newspaper column.P96.A78
In translation : honouring Sheila FischmanP306.92.F57
Individual learner differences in SLAP118.2
Inessential solidarity : rhetoric and foreigner relationsPE1408
Infinitives : restructuring and clause structureP293.2
Information structure : theoretical and empirical aspectsP298
Interlingual lexicography selected essays on translation equivalence, contrastive linguistics and the bilingual dictionaryP327
Intonation of givenness : evidence from GermanP222
Introduction to English phonetics and phonologyPE1135
Irregularity in morphology (and beyond)P241
L2 writing development multiple perspectivesP118.2
Language acquisition and the functional category systemP118
Language and concepts in action : multidisciplinary perspectives on linguistic researchP40
Language and learning in the international university from English uniformity to diversity and hybridityPE1128.A2
Language endangerment and language revitalization : an introductionP40.5.L28
Learner autonomy in the English classroom empirical studies and ideas for teachersP118.2
Lexical errors and accuracy in foreign language writingP53.27
Linguistic relativity : evidence across languages and cognitive domainsP37
Local modelling of non-local dependencies in syntaxP291
Mastering English : a students workbook and guidePE1112
Media ethics and regulation : insights from AfricaP94
Media in motion cultural complexity and migration in the Nordic regionP94.5.I482
Media, sound, and culture in Latin America and the CaribbeanP94.65.L29
Methods in writing process researchP301.5.A27 M47 2014
Multimodal literacies and emerging genresPE1404
Negative sentences in the languages of Europe : a typological approachP299.N4
Negotiating the personal in creative writingPE1404
New approaches to the study of linguistic variabilityP107
Oedipus trilogy : Oedipus the king, Oedipus at colonus and AntigonePA4414.O7
Old English complex plant names : a linguistic survey and a cataloguePE685.P5
On minds and symbols : the relevance of cognitive science for semioticsP99.4.P78
Ope ingenii : experiences of textual criticismPA47
Parthenope the interplay of ideas in Vergilian bucolicPA6804.B7
Philosophical profiles in the theory of communicationP90
Phonetics in Europe : perception and productionP115.5.E85
Pragmatics of discourse anaphora in English : evidence from conversational repairPE1398.A52
Press one for English : language policy, public opinion, and American identityP119.32.U6
Presuppositions and discourse : essays offered to Hans KampP302
Private lives, public deaths Antigone and the invention of individualityPA4413.A7
Problems, functions and semantic roles a pragmatists analysis of Montagues theory of sentence meaningP325
Reader in sociophoneticsP217.3
Research on dictionary use in the context of foreign language learning : focus on reading comprehensionP53.465
Researching discourse in business genres : cases and corporaPE1479.B87
Rhetorica in motion : feminist rhetorical methods & methodologiesP301
Scalability issues in authorship attributionP98
Scribes as agents of language changeP142
Semi-lexical categories : the function of content words and the content of function wordsP283
Social justice language teacher educationP53.8
Socio-cultural values in the development of intercultural communication competenceP94.6
Speech production and language : in honor of Osamu FujimuraP95
Students accuracy in written English under the impression of the new G8 system : a case studyPE1074.7
Studies in the history of the English language II unfolding conversationsPE1075
Studies in the text of Senecas Naturales quaestionesPA6661.N3
Studies in writing current trends in European researchP211
Tend your garden : nurturing motivation in young adolescent writersPE1404
Tense and mood in English : a comparison with DanishPE1301
Time works wonders selected papers in contrastive and cognitive linguisticsP134
Toward a composition made wholePE1404
Tracing the semiotic boundaries of politicsP99
Translation and bilingual dictionariesP306.2
Trends in linguisticsP121
Tropic tendencies : rhetoric, popular culture, and the anglophone CaribbeanPE3302
Use of anonymous characters in Greek tragedy the shaping of heroesPA3136
Variation in language : faces of Facebook EnglishP120.I6
Wisconsin talk : linguistic diversity in the Badger StatePE3101.W5
Writing across contexts : transfer, composition, and sites of writingPE1404 .Y38 2014