New Law Titles in the Library

Title Call #
1982 law of the sea convention at 30 successes, challenges and new agendasKZA1120.3
2010 Nagoya protocol on access and benefit-sharing in perspective implications for international law and implementation challengesK3488
Accession of the European Union to the European Convention on Human RightsKJE5132
Accomplishing NAGPRA : perspectives on the intent, impact, and future of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation ActKF4306.R4
Achieving a safe and reliable product : a guide to liability preventionKF1296
Adoption : law and practice under the revised European Convention on the Adoption Of ChildrenKJC1212
American Constitution and religionKF4783
Analysis of enforcement according to REACHKJE6011
Arab spring new patterns for democracy and international lawKMC128.5
Article 5 the childs right to appropriate direction and guidanceK639
Ashgate research companion to feminist legal theoryK349
Business development for lawyers : strategies for getting and keeping clientsKF316.5
Capital punishment : new perspectivesK5104
Case against the Supreme CourtKF8742 .C46 2014
Challenges, lessons, and prospects for operationalizing regional projects in Asia : legal and institutional aspectsKDZ742.A85
China legal developmentKNQ68
China legal developmentKNQ68
Chinese contemporary perspectives on international law history, culture and international lawKZ4376
Climate change and environmental hazards related to shipping an international legal framework : proceedings of the Hamburg International EnvironmentalK3585.8.A6
Codex Alimentarius Commission : procedural manual.K3626
Colour of injustice : the mysterious murder of the daughter of a high court judgeKDK191
Complete transcripts of the Clarence Thomas--Anita Hill hearings : October 11, 12, 13, 1991KF8745.T48
Conscience of the constitution : the declaration of independence and the right to libertyKF4749
Constitutionalism in the approach and aftermath of the Civil WarKF4541
Contemporary issues in consumer bankruptcyK1370
Courting Justice : ten New Jersey cases that shook the nationKF220
Courtroom testimony for emergency respondersKF9674
Creative labour regulation : indeterminacy and protection in an uncertain worldK1705
Criminal jurisdiction over perpetrators of ship-source pollution international law, state practice and EU harmonisationK3591.2
Cross-border class actions : the European wayK2243
Cruel and unusual the American death penalty and the founders Eighth AmendmentKF9227.C2
Crusader for justice : federal judge Damon J. KeithKF373.K44
Customary law ascertained.KSY449.3
Deadly censorship : murder, honor, and freedom of the pressKF224.T55
Debating European identity : bright ideas, dim prospectsKJE4445
Deconcentration and decentralization reforms in Cambodia : recommendations for an institutional frameworkKNM3526
Definition and development of human rights and popular sovereignty in EuropeKJC5132
Design of production contracts lessons from theory and agricultureK840
Diplomatic and judicial means of dispute settlementKZ6010
Disabling interpretations : the Americans with Disabilities Act in federal courtKF480
Does regulation kill jobs?KF1600
Dred Scott case : historical and contemporary perspectives on race and lawKF228.S27
Dueling discourses : the construction of reality in closing argumentsKF8924 .F45 2015
EU economic and social model in the global crisis : interdisciplinary perspectivesKJE935
Election law and democratic theoryKF4886
Elephant treaties : the colonial legacy of the biodiversity crisisK3488
Essential guide to the best (and worst) legal sites on the WebKF242.A1
European dual-use trade controls : beyond materiality and bordersKJE6794.A8
Evolution of sustainable development in international law inception, meaning and statusK3585
Extraterritorial application of selected human rights treatiesK3240
FDA and worldwide quality system requirements guidebook for medical devicesKF3827.M4
Falls the shadow : between the promise and the reality of the South African ConstitutionKTL2070
First amendment religious liberties : Supreme Court decisions and public opinion, 1947-2013KF4865
Forcible displacement throughout the ages towards an international convention for the prevention and punishment of the crime of forcible displacementKZ6530
Foreign law? : Congress v. the Supreme CourtKF358
Foundations of EU food law and policy : ten years of European food safety authorityKJE6778
Freedom of expression and the internetK3253
Freedom of speech for members of parliament in Tanzania : an appraisal of law and practice in light of international human rights law and best practicKTT211.3
Genetic privacy an evaluation of the ethical and legal landscapeK3611.R43
German employment law : 618 questions frequently asked by foreignersKK2870
God vs. the gavel : the perils of extreme religious libertyKF9434 .H36 2014
Greater Mekong subregion cross-border transport facilitation agreement : instruments and drafting history.KNC861
Guide to international environmental lawK3585
Gun control in the Third Reich : disarming the Jews and enemies of the stateKK6010
Human body in Barbarian laws, c. 500 - c. 800 : corpus hominis as a cultural categoryK564.H8
Human rights and a changing media landscapeKJC6947
Immigration, integration and the law : the intersection of domestic, EU and international legal regimesKJE6044
Independence of the media and its regulatory agencies : shedding new light on formal and actual independence against the national contextKJC6946
Indigenous peoples : self-determination, knowledge, indigeneityK3247
Information doesnt want to be free : laws for the Internet ageKF3020 .D63 2014
Inside the unions : a comparative analysis of policy-making in Australian and British printing and telecommunication trade unionsKJE6791
Intellectual property and food project : from rewarding innovation and creation to feeding the worldK3876
International copyright law and access to education in developing countries exploring multilateral legal and quasi-legal solutionsK1420.5
International investment law the sources of rights and obligationsK3830
Interpretation and application of the European Convention of Human Rights legal and practical implicationsKJC5132
Introduction to international criminal lawKZ7000
Italian yearbook of human rights 2013.KKH2460
John McKinley and the antebellum Supreme Court circuit riding in the old SouthwestKF8745.M38
Journalism and justice in the Oklahoma City bombing trialsKF224.M37
Judicial reconstruction and the rule of law reassessing military intervention in Iraq and beyondK3171
Jury nullification : the evolution of a doctrineKF8982
Just mercy : a story of justice and redemptionKF373.S74 A3 2014
Justices of the Indiana Supreme CourtKF354.I56
Justiz und Justizverfassung : Siebter Rechtshistorikertag im Ostseeraum, 3.-5. Mai 2012 Schleswig-Holstein = Judiciary and judicial system : 7th ConfeKJC3655
Labour law and industrial relations in recessionary times : the Italian labour relations in a global economyKKH1270
Land and cultural survival : the communal land rights of indigenous peoples in AsiaK738
Language in the negotiation of justice : contexts, issues and applicationsK213
Law and ecology of pesticides and pest managementKF3959
Law and warKZ6385
Law in sportKF4166 .C55 2012
Law of successionKSK770
Law, governance, and justice new views on medieval constitutionalismKD3941
Lead agency : UNESCOs global leadership and co-ordination role for the United Nations Decade of Education for Sustainable Development (2005-2014)K3710
Left out of the bargain : settlements in foreign bribery cases and implications for asset recoveryK5107
Legal certainty in multilingual EU law : language, discourse and reasoning at the European Court of JusticeKJE962
Legal dimension in cold-war interactions some notes from the fieldKJC510
Legal duel : the TRIPS Agreement and drug access issues : is the agreement actually the cunning manoeuvre it has been dubbed? : Kenya-India case studiK1401
Legal knowledge and information systems : JURIX 2013 : the twenty-sixth annual conferenceK212
Legal reference for librarians : how and where to find the answersKF240
Legitimating the law : the struggle for judicial competency in early national New HampshireKFN1278
Liberté dexpression : dans les jurisprudences constitutionnelles et conventionnelles internationalesKJC5154
Lisbon Recognition Convention at 15 : making fair recognition a realityKJC6318
Making your point : a practical guide to persuasive legal writingKF250
Manual on human rights and the environmentK3538
Mexicos Supreme Court : between liberal individual rights and revolutionary social rights, 1867-1934KGF2530
Migrants and the courts : a century of trial and error?KD4134
Minotaur : French military justice and the Aernoult-Rousset affairKJV7568
Monumenta Juridica. the black book of the admiraltyKD1833
Monumenta Juridica. the black book of the admiraltyKD1833
Monumenta Juridica. the black book of the admiralty, with an appendixKD1833
Monumenta juridica. the black book of the admiraltyKD1833
Not guilty are the acquitted innocent?KF9756
Offshore carbon dioxide capture and storage : an international environmental law perspectiveK3593.5.C37
Organizational contract : from exchange to long-term network cooperation in European contract lawKJC2045
Originalism and the good constitutionKF4552
Outlawry, governance, and law in medieval EnglandKD7885.E95
Pakistans blasphemy laws from Islamic empires to the TalibanKPL4172
Polar law textbookK593
Political (in)justice : authoritarianism and the rule of law in Brazil, Chile, and ArgentinaKH552
Power, greed, and hubris : judicial bribery in MississippiKF225.S27
Principled engagement negotiating human rights in repressive statesK3242
Process map on the criminal prosecution of tax evasion in the Philippines.K4486
Proliferation and implementation of prison ombudsmen : comparative analysis of the prisons and probation ombudsmen for England and Wales and the JustiKJC5630
Reconstructing restorative justice philosophyK5250
Recovering self-evident truths : Catholic perspectives on American lawKF358
Religious Liberties for Corporations?.KF4783 .G36 2014
Reports of judgments, advisory opinions and orders = Recueil des arrêts, avis consultatifs et ordonnances.KZA5200
Scrutinizing internal and external dimensions of European law = Les dimensions internes et externes du droit européen à lépreuve : Liber AmicorKJE958
Short guide to contract riskKF801
Should a doctor tell? : the evolution of medical confidentiality in BritainKD7519.P48
Showing remorse : law and the social control of emotionK346
Sister wives, surrogates and sex workers : outlaws by choice?K349
Sport and the law : historical and cultural intersectionsKF3989 .S76 2014
Students guide to the study of lawK230.B73
Studies of business law : recent developments and perspectivesKJC2044.8
Taking ethno-cultural diversity seriously in constitutional design a theory of minority rights for addressing Africas multiethnic challengeKQC575
Tough on hate? : the cultural politics of hate crimesKF9345
Towards the single employment relationship : comparative reflectionsK1705
Transnational corruption and corporations regulating bribery through corporate liabilityK5216
Twenty famous lawyersK117
Twenty-fifth Amendment : its complete history and applicationsKF5082
UNIDROIT principles of international commercial contracts a governing law?K7350
Users guide : procurement of plant : design, supply and install.K891.B8
Violence in Roman Egypt a study in legal interpretationKL3085
Visual arts and the law a handbook for professionalsK3778
Voice of the law in transition Indonesian jurists and their languages, 1915-2000KNW92
Vulnerability : reflections on a new ethical foundation for law and politicsK247.6
WTO dispute settlement understanding and developmentK4610.5
World Bank and sustainable development legal essaysK4451
World Bank legal review.K3240