New Law Titles in the Library

Title Call #
Im sorry for what Ive done : the language of courtroom apologiesKF9678 .G78 2014
African contributions in shaping the worldwide intellectual property systemKQC370
African customary law : an introductionKQC99
Apriori foundations of the civil law, along with the lecture, Concerning PhenomenologyK623
Areopagitica : a speech for the liberty of unlicensed printing to the Parliament of EnglandK3255
Article 33 protection from narcotic drugs and psychotropic substancesK639
Bad acts : the racketeering case against the tobacco industryKF229.U55
Behind the green card how immigration policy is killing the American dreamKF4819
Bill of the century : the epic battle for the Civil Rights ActKF4749 .R57 2014
California school lawKFC648
Called to justice the life of a federal trial judgeKF373.U73
Casebook on the law of successionKSK770
Cases of circumstantial evidence the wife of Martin Guerre, the trial of Sòˆren Qvist, the Ghost of Monsieur ScarronKF8935
Cato Supreme Court review.K3.A76
China legal developmentKNQ68
Collective action clauses and the restructuring of sovereign debtK4450
Comparative study of legislation and legal practices in the Nordic countries concerning labour inspectionKJC3186
Competition law and developmentK3850
Complex copyright mapping the information ecosystemKF2994
Congress, the constitution, and divided governmentKF4930
Constitution of Kenya : contemporary readingsKSK1750
Constitutional paradigms and the stability of statesK3165
Consumer law, common markets, and Federalism in Europe and the United StatesK3842
Crisis management guidebookKF5920 .C75 2013
Critical essays on Causation and responsibilityK579.C34
Critical perspective on the reform of Dutch social security law the case of the life course arrangementKKM1472
Design of micro credit contracts and micro enterprise access to finance in UgandaKTW89.15
Dignity jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court of South Africa. cases and materialsKTL2462
Doing business 2013 smarter regulations for small and medium-sized enterprises.K563.B87
Essentials of criminal procedure in KenyaKSK4610
Family law digest : matrimonial propertyKSK552.A473
File-sharers and copyright-infringers threat or menace?KF3024.E44
Fisheries management in areas beyond national jurisdiction the impact of ecosystem based law-makingK3895
Flawed convictions : shaken baby syndrome and the inertia of injusticeKF9323 .T84 2014
Forcing the spring : inside the fight for marriage equalityKF228.H645 B43 2014
Founding the constitution of Uganda : essays and materialsKTW171
From process to procedure : elders mediation and formality in Central EthiopiaK2390
Future of European property lawKJE1315
Global anti-money laundering regulatory landscape in less developed countriesK1089
Grotian theology of international law Hugo Grotius and the moral foundations of international relationsKZ1276
Hazard or hardship crafting global norms on the right to refuse unsafe workK1830
Health and economic outcomes in the alumni of the Wounded Warrior Project 2010-2012K4780
I ask for justice Maya women, dictators, and crime in Guatemala, 1898-1944KGD2501
I respectfully dissent : a biography of Edward H. NakamuraKF373.N35
Identity, political and human rights culture as prerequisites of constitutional democracyK3240
Implementing EU environmental law in ItalyK3593
International contracting : contract management in complex construction projectsK891.B8
International human rights and their enforcement in AfricaKQC572
International investment arbitration lessons from developments in the MENA regionKMC747
International law and sexual violence in armed conflictsKZ7162
International law as the law of collectives toward a law of peopleKZ3410
International study of copyright of bibliographic records in machine-readable form : a report prepared for the International Federation of Library AssK1443.M33
Justice and the judiciaryK2100
Law enforcement and the history of financial market manipulationKF1085
Legitimacy, legal development, and change law and modernization reconsideredK150
Liberal way of war legal perspectivesKZ6385
Little angels an international legal perspective on child discriminationK639
Long quest for identity : political identity and fundamental rights protection in the European UnionKJE4445
Lords rights and peasant stories writing and the formation of tradition in the later Middle AgesKKW125
Loss of housekeeping capacityKJC1670
Many voices, one vision the early years of the World Heritage ConventionK3791.A41972
Most deserving of death? an analysis of the Supreme Courts death penalty jurisprudenceKF9227.C2
Natural resources and the green economy redefining the challenges for people, states and corporationsK3478
Nature of inquisitorial processes in administrative regimes global perspectivesK3416
New constitutional law of Kenya : principles, government and human rightsKSK1744.5201
Nominee : a political and spiritual journeyKF373.S635
Oath and state in ancient GreeceKL4358
Party autonomy and the role of information in the internal marketKJE7010
Prescription for dignity rethinking criminal justice and mental disability lawK640
Principled stand the story of Hirabayashi v. United StatesKF228.H565
Procedure in the Law of Succession in KenyaKSK780
Proportional liability : analytical and comparative perspectivesKF1250
Provisionally applied treaties their binding force and legal natureKZ1302.8
Public domain : how to find & use copyright-free writings, music, art & moreKF3022 .F575 2014
Red Eagles children Weatherford vs. Weatherford et al.KF228.W43
Reflections on judgingKF9050
Religion in public spaces a European perspectiveKJC5156
Robots are people too : how Siri, Google Car, and artificial intelligence will force us to change our lawsK564.C6 W43 2014
Selected documents and cases on international institutional lawKZ4993
Sex and international tribunals the erasure of gender from the war narrativeKZ7162
Space law : reconsidering the definition/delimitation question and the passage of spacecraft through foreign airspaceKZD1445
Status of legal ethicsK123
Studies in law, politics, and society the discourse of judgingK18
Taking private use seriously : a critical evaluation of the legal treatment of private use under Chinese digital copyright lawK1447.95
Tax secrecy and tax transparency : the relevance of confidentiality in tax lawK4466
Tobacco challenge legal policy and consumer protectionK3593.5.T63
Transnational legal processes and human rightsK3240
Tribes, land, and the environmentKF5660
Unjust by design Canadas administrative justice systemKE5029
Visualizing law and authority essays on legal aestheticsK487.A3
Weight of evidenceKUC71
What the best law teachers doK100
Who pays for justice? : perspectives on state court system financing and governanceKF8732
Why the law matters to you : citizenship, agency, and public identityK260
Winning at trialKF8915 .R38 2007
Womens human rights : the international and comparative law case-bookK3243