New Mathematics and Computer Science Titles in the Library

Title Call #
.NET 4.5 parallel extensions cookbookQA76.642
Adaptive control approach for software quality improvementQA76.758
Adobe Captivate 7 for mobile learningQA76.76.I59
Algebraic combinatorics : walks, trees, tableaux, and moreQA164 .S73 2013
Algebraic curves over a finite fieldQA565
Algebras of multiplace functionsQA155
Analog ComputingQA76.4
Analysis and synthesis of computer systemsQA76.9.E94
Android application programming with OpenCV : build Android apps to capture, manipulate, and track objects in 2D and 3DQA76.76.A65
Android development tools for EclipseQA76.76.A65
Application coordination in pervasive systemsQA76.76.A65
Application development with Parse using iOS SDKQA76.8.I64
Approximation procedures in nonlinear oscillation theoryQA867.5
Assessment in the mathematics classroom yearbook 2011 Association of Mathematics EducatorsQA14.S55
Asympototic behavior of generalized functionsQA297
Automated database applications testing specification representation for automated reasoningQA76.76.T48
Backbone.js cookbookQA76.76.A65
Beginning programming with java for dummiesQA76.73.J38
Beyond sets a venture in collection-theoretic revisionismQA248
Beyond the quadratic formulaQA445
Birth of numerical analysisQA297
Bombay Lectures on highest weight representations of infinite dimensional lie algebrasQA252.3
Boost C++ application development cookbookQA76.73.C153
Build a game with UDKQA76.76.C672
Build gamified websites with PHP and jQuery : engage, empower, and educate with gamified websitesQA76.73.P224
Building UIs with Wijmo : build user interfaces quickly using widgetsQA76.9.U83
Building interactive queries with LINQPadQA76.73.L228
Building mobile applications using Kendo UI Mobile and ASP.NET Web APIQA76
Cloud computing and big dataQA76.585
Coding and cryptography : synergy for a robust communicationQA268
Combinatorial number theory : proceedings of the Integers Conference 2011, Carrollton, Georgia, USA, October 26-29, 2011QA241
Contemporary Ring Theory 2011 proceedings Of the sixth China-Japan-Korea International Conference on ring theoryQA247
Creating development environments with VagrantQA76.76.A65
Creating mobile apps with Appcelerator TitaniumQA76.76.A65
Cuckoo malware analysis : analyze malware using Cuckoo SandboxQA76.76.C68
Cult of Pythagoras : math and mythsQA21
Data visualization with D3.js cookbookQA76.9.I52
Data visualization with d3.jsQA76.73.J38
Developing web applications with Oracle ADF EssentialsQA76.76.A65
Distilling ideas an introduction to mathematical thinkingQA9
Diversities in quantum computation and quantum informationQA76.889
Document analysis and recognition with wavelet and fractal theoriesQA403.3
Durable ideas in software engineering concepts, methods and approaches from my virtual toolboxQA76.758
Elliptic diophantine equationsQA242
Elliptic partial differential equations : existence and regularity of distributional solutionsQA377
Emerging topics on differential equations and their applications proceedings on Sino-Japan Conference of Young Mathematicians on Emerging Topics on DiQA370
Excursion in diagrammatic algebra turning a sphere from red to blueQA612.14
Ext JS 4 plugin and extension development : a hands-on development of several Ext JS plugins and extensionsQA76.73.J39
Extending Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012 cookbookQA76.9.D3
Fixed point theorems and their applicationsQA329.9
Foundations of complex systems emergence, information and predictionQA267.7
Fractional calculus models and numerical methodsQA314
Framework of software measurementQA76.76.S65
From waves in complex systems to dynamics of generalized continua tributes to Professor Yih-Hsing Pao on his 80th BirthdayQA927
Frontiers in the study of chaotic dynamical systems with open problemsQA614.8
Functional equations on groupsQA431
Generalized functionals of Brownian motion and their applications nonlinear functionals of fundamental stochastic processesQA274.75
Generalized ordinary differential equations not absolutely continuous solutions : [solutions of infinite variation]QA371
Geometry and analysis of automorphic forms of several variables proceedings of the international symposium in honor of Takayuki Oda on the occasion ofQA440
Geometry of Möbius transformations elliptic, parabolic and hyperbolic actions of SL[subscript 2](R)QA601
Geometry, topology and dynamics of character varietiesQA611.A1
Getting Started with Citrix CloudPortalQA76.9.C55
Getting Started with JUCEQA76.76.D47
Getting Started with WebRTC : explore WebRTC for real-time peer-to-peer communicationQA76.54
Getting started with C++ audio programming for game developmentQA76.76.C672
Getting started with Citrix VDI-in-a-Box : design and deploy virtual desktops using Citrix VDI-in-a-BoxQA76.9.V5
Getting started with Eclipse Juno a fast paced tutorial to get you up and running with Eclipse Juno IDEQA76.73.J38
Getting started with Greenplum for big data analyticsQA76.9.D32
Getting started with HTML5 WebSocket programmingQA76.9.C55
Getting started with SBT for Scala : equip yourself with a high-productivity work environment using SBT, a build tool for ScalaQA76.73.S28
Getting started with SQL server 2012 cube development : learn to develop and query Analysis Services cubes and models, with a practical, step-by-stepQA76.9.C55
Getting started with UDK build a complete tower defense game from scratch using the Unreal Development KitQA76.76.C672
Getting started with UnityQA76.76.C672
Getting started with ownCloudQA76.585
Gibbs measures on Cayley treesQA273.6
Global mobile : applications and innovations for the worldwide mobile ecosystemQA76.59
Graphic discovery : a trout in the milk and other visual adventuresQA276.3
Groovy 2 CookbookQA76.73.G23
HDInsight essentials : tap your unstructured big data and empower your business using the Hadoop distribution from WindowsQA76.9.D5
Handbook of probabilityQA273
Homological algebra in strongly non-Abelian settingsQA169
Homological algebra the interplay of homology with distributive lattices and orthodox semigroupsQA169
IBM SPSS modeler cookbookQA76.9.D343
Implementing VMware vCenter serverQA76.9.V5
Impulsive differential inclusions : a fixed point approachQA274.23
Instant Apache Wicket 6QA76.76.A65
Instant AppFogQA76.585
Instant AutoIt scriptingQA76.73.A88
Instant Backbone.js application developmentQA76.76.A65
Instant BlueStacksQA76.76.A65
Instant Buildroot : automate the building process of your embedded system and ease the cross-compilation process with BuildrootQA76.76.O63
Instant Cassandra Query Language : a practical, step-by-step guide for quickly getting started with Cassandra Query LanguageQA76.9.D3
Instant FancyboxQA76.73.J39
Instant GSONQA76.73.J39
Instant HTML5 fonts and typographyQA76.76.H94
Instant IntroJs : learn how to work with the IntroJs library to create useful, step-by-step help and introductions for websites and applicationsQA76.76.A65
Instant MDX queries for SQL server 2012QA76.9.C55
Instant MarkdownQA76.76.O62
Instant Microsoft SQL server analysis services 2012 dimensions and cubeQA76.9.D3
Instant Nancy Web development : leverage the powerful and lightweight .NET-based Nancy Web frameworkQA76.76.M52
Instant Pentaho data integration kitchenQA76.9.D338
Instant RubyMotion app developmentQA76.76.A65
Instant Spring tool suite : a practical guide for kick-starting your Spring projects using the Spring tool suite IDEQA76.76.A65
Instant Windows PowerShellQA76.73.W56
Instant XenMobile MDM : a guide to effectively equipping mobile devices with configuration, security, provisioning, and support capabilities using XenQA76.59
Instant highchartsQA76.73.J38
Instant jQuery selectorsQA76.7
Instant jqGridQA76.9.C58
Instant mock testing with PowerMockQA76.73.J39
Instant node package manager : create your own node modules and publish them on npm registry, automating repetitive tasks in betweenQA76.73.J39
Instant simple botting with PHP : enhance your botting skills and create your own web bots with PHPQA76.73.P224
Instant web scraping with JavaQA76.73.J38
Integral equations, boundary value problems and related problems Yinchuan, Ningxia, China, 19-23 August 2012QA379
Interface between quantum information and statistical physicsQA76.889
Internet multimedia and search miningQA76.9.D343
Introduction to Hida distributionsQA274.29
Inverse problems and nonlinear evolution equations : solutions, Darboux matrices and Weyl-Titchmarsh functionsQA378.5
JQuery mobile web development essentials : build mobile-optimized websites using the simple, practical, and powerful jQuery-based frameworkQA76.73.J39
Jasmine JavaScript testingQA76.73.J39
Java 7 : a beginners tutorialQA76.73.J38
Java EE 7 developer handbook : develop professional applications in Java EE 7 with this essential reference guideQA76.73.J38
Kali Linux cookbookQA76.76.O63
Laravel application development cookbookQA76.76.A65
Large scale inverse problems : computational methods and applications in the earth sciencesQA378.5
Learning AWS OpsWorks : learn how to exploit advanced technologies to deploy and auto-scale web stacksQA76.625
Learning C# by developing games with unity 3D beginners guide : learn the fundamentals of C# to create scripts for your GameObjectsQA76.73.C154
Learning Cython programming : expand your existing legacy applications in C using PythonQA76.73.P98
Learning DHTMLX Suite UIQA76.73.J39
Learning Libgdx game development : walk through a complete game development cycle with practical examples and build cross-platform games with LibgdxQA76.76.C672
Learning Metasploit exploitation and developmentQA76.9.A25
Learning Vaadin 7 : master the full range of web development features powered by Vaadin-build rich Internet applicationsQA76.76.A65
Learning Windows 8 game developmentQA76.76.C672
Learning game physics with Bullet Physics and OpenGLQA76.76.C672
Learning three.js : the JavaScript 3D library for WebGLQA76.76.A65
Lectures on the topology of 3-manifolds : an introduction to the Casson invariantQA613.2
Lighting mathematical fires 2QA43
Linux utilities cookbookQA76.774.L46
Löve for lua game programmingQA76.76.C672
MDX with SSAS 2012 cookbookQA76.73.M39
Mastering Apache CassandraQA76.9.A25
Mastering ElasticSearchQA76.76.A65
Mastering Ext JS learn how to build powerful and professional applications by mastering the Ext JS frameworkQA76.73.J39
Mastering ninject for dependency Injection : learn how ninject facilitates the implementation of dependency injection to solve common design problemsQA76.625
Mathematical olympiad in China problems and solutionsQA43
Mathematical thinking how to develop it in the classroomQA11.2
Metric Eembeddings : Bilipschitz and coarse embeddings into Banach SpacesQA322.2
Metrology and theory of measurementQA465
Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 financial management : unleash the power of financial management with tips, techniques, and solutions for Microsoft DynamicQA76.754
Microsoft Exchange 2013 cookbook : over 70 simple but incredibly effective recipes to take you through with the common tasks in Exchange 2013QA76.9.C55
Mobile security : how to secure, privatize, and recover your devices : keep your data secure on the goQA76.59
Mule ESB cookbookQA76.76.A63
Multimedia programming with Pure Data a comprehensive guide for digital artists for creating rich interactive multimedia applications using Pure DataQA76.65
Multivariate statistics : theory and applications : proceedings of the IX Tartu Conference on Multivariate Statistics and XX International Workshop onQA278
Narrow operators on function spaces and vector latticesQA329.5
Navier-Stokes equations in planar domainsQA374
New trends in geometry their role in the natural and life sciencesQA447
Node web development : a practical introduction to Node.js, an exciting server-side JavaScript web development stackQA76.73.J38
Number sense interventionsQA141.15
Number theory arithmetic in Shangri-La : proceedings of the 6th China-Japan Seminar, Shanghai, China, 15-17 August 2011QA241
Nurturing reflective learners in mathematics Association of Mathematics EducatorsQA11.2
Object-oriented JavaScriptQA76.73.J39
Oblique derivative problems for elliptic equationsQA377
Ocp : oracle database 12c administrator certified professional : study guideQA76.3
OpenStack cloud computing cookbookQA76.585
Operads and universal algebra proceedings of the International Conference on Operads and Universal Algebra, Tianjin, China, 5-9 July 2010QA169
Operator calculus on graphs theory and applications in computer scienceQA303.2
Oracle APEX cookbookQA76.76.A65
Ouya Unity game developmentQA76.76.C672
Philosophy of mathematics set theory, measuring theories, and nominalismQA9
PhoneGap 3 beginners guide : a guide to building cross-platform apps using the W3C standards-based Cordova/PhoneGap frameworkQA76.76.A65
PostgreSQL replicationQA76.9.D3
Property-preserving petri net process algebra in software engineeringQA267
Prospects of differential geometry and its related fields : proceedings of the 3rd International Colloquium on Differential Geometry and its Related FQA641
Proximity approach to problems in topology and analysisQA611
R statistical application development by example beginners guideQA276.45.R3
Real time programming languages, specification and verificationQA76.54
Real-time systems implementation of industrial computerised process automationQA76.54
Real-time web application development using Vert.x 2.0 : an intuitive guide to building applications for the real-time web with the Vert.x platformQA76.76.A65
Reasoning, communication and connections in mathematics yearbook 2012 : Association of Mathematics EducatorsQA11.A1
Recent progress in differential geometry and its related fields proceedings of the 2nd International Colloquium on Differential Geometry and Its RelatQA641
Regularization theory for ill-posed problems : selected topicsQA355
Robot framework test automationQA76.76.V47
Russian mathematics education history and world significanceQA14.R8
Russian mathematics education programs and practicesQA14
Scaling big data with Hadoop and SolrQA76
Scratch cookbookQA76.73.S347
Semi-Dirichlet forms and Markov processesQA274.7
Sencha Architect app development develop your own Ext JS and Sensa Touch application using Sencha ArchitectQA76.76.D47
Simple lie algebras over fields of positive characteristicQA252.3
Simulating copulas stochastic models, sampling algorithms and applicationsQA273.6
Singular traces theory and applicationsQA322.2
Social data visualization with HTML5 and JavaScript : leverage the power of HTML5 and JavaScript to build compelling visualizations of social data froQA76.73.J39
Software testing using Visual Studio 2012QA76.76.T48
Solution sets for differential equations and inclusionsQA371
Some recent advances in mathematics and statisticsQA274.C53
Spaces of dynamical systemsQA845
Spherical and plane integral operators for PDEs : construction, analysis, and applicationsQA374
Splines and compartment models : an introductionQA224
Stable perturbations of operators and related topicsQA329.6
Statistical tests of nonparametric hypotheses : asymptotic theoryQA278.8
Stochastic calculus of variations for jump processesQA274.2
Storm real-time processing cookbookQA76.54
Tableau data visualization cookbookQA76.9.D3
TestNG beginners guideQA76.76.T48
Théorie des nombres : comptes rendus de la Conférence internationale de théorie des nombres tenue à lUniversité Laval, 5-18 juillet 1987QA241
Three classes of nonlinear stochastic partial differential equationsQA274.25
Tkinter GUI application development hotshotQA76.73.P98
Topology and dynamics of chaos : in celebration of Robert Gilmores 70th birthdayQA614.813
Topology of algebraic curves an approach via dessins denfantsQA567
Topology with applications topological spaces via near and farQA611.3
Transition of HPC towards exascale computingQA76.88
Trefethens index cards forty years of notes about people, words and mathematicsQA99
Unity 4.x game AI programmingQA76.76.C672
Up, down, move around--math and literacy active learning for preschoolersQA20.P49
Using OpenRefine : the essential OpenRefine guide that takes you from data analysis and error fixing to linking your dataset to the WebQA76.9.D343
VMware vCloud Director cookbookQA76.585
VMware workstation - no experience necessaryQA76.9.V5
Vaadin 7 UI design by example beginner’s guideQA76.76.A65
Value solutions in cooperative gamesQA272.4
Visual media processing using MATLAB beginners guide : learn a range of techniques from enhancing and adding artistic effects to your photographs, toQA297
Visualforce development cookbook : over 75 recipes to help you create powerful custom pages, simplify data-entry, and enrich the Salesforce user interQA76.76.A65
Ways of proof theoryQA9.54
When computers were humanQA303.2
Windows phone 8 application development essentials : a practical guide to creating a Windows phone 8 applications using C#, XAML, and MVVMQA76.76.A65
Xamarin mobile application development for iOSQA76.76.A65
Zend Framework 2.0 by example beginners guideQA76.625