New Modern Languages Titles in the Library

Title Call #
1870/71-1989/90 : German unifications and the change of literary discoursePT395
After every war : twentieth-century women poetsPT1156
Andrei Siniavskii : a hero of his time?PG3476.S539
Aspects de linterdiction dans la lexicographie française contemporainePC2611
Autobiography of Goethe : truth and poetry relating to my lifePT2051
Bunraku puppet theatre of Japan honor, vengeance, and love in four plays of the 18th and 19th centuriesPL768.J6
Challenging the bard Dostoevsky and Pushkin, a study of literary relationshipPG3355.5
Checking out Chekhov : a guide to the plays for actors, directors, and readersPG3458
Cherry orchard, and other playsPG3458.A1
Childe Harolds pilgrimagePG7161.A67
Confessions of Jean-Jacques Rousseau : CompletePQ265
Conflicting femininities in medieval German literaturePT179
Contact languages : a comprehensive guidePM7802
Context-sensitive and functional approach to evidentiality in Spanish or why evidentiality needs a superordinate categoryPC4385
Current approaches to African linguistics.PL8005
Cyrano de Bergerac : a play in five actsPQ2635.O7
Dates on my fingersPJ7960.A451 T3613 2014
Devils grinder = Moara dracilorPC840.19.O555
Englishman from Lebedian : a life of Evgeny Zamiatin (1884-1937)PG3476.Z34
Fanaticism, or Mahomet the prophetPQ2077.M2
Finding the woman who didnt exist the curious life of Gisele dEstocPQ2240.E76
Form in the Menschheitsdämmerung : a study of prosodic elements and style in German expressionist poetryPT1174.P53
French and Italian lexical influences in German-speaking Switzerland (1550-1650)PF5131
French crime fiction, 1945-2005 investigating World War IIPQ307.W4
Germania SemiticaPF3025
Glossary of Indian figures of speechPK840
Hans Christian Andersen : European witnessPT8119 .B526 2014
History of Russian literary theory and criticism : the Soviet age and beyondPG2949
Language of conformity and dissent : on the imaginative grammar of Jewish intellectuals in the nineteenth and twentieth centuriesPJ5062
Languages from the world of the BiblePJ25
Literary map of Spain in the 21st centuryPQ6072
Literary theories of August Wilhelm SchlegelPT2503.S3
Literaturtransfer und Interkulturalität im Exil das Werk von Kelemen Mikes im Kontext der europäischen Aufklärung = Transmission of literature aPH3194.M5
Louisiana Creole literature : a historical studyPQ3937.L7
Major pillars of German syntax an introduction to CRMS-theoryPF3369
My strugglePT8951.21.N38 M56513 2012
My strugglePT8951.21.N38 M56513 2012
My strugglePT8951.21.N38 M56513 2012
New worlds and the Italian renaissance contributions to the history of European intellectual culturePQ4075
Numeral classifiers in Chinese : the syntax-semantics interfacePL1241
Ogling ladies scopophilia in medieval German literaturePT179
On Chinese modal particle a ([character]) a pragmatic and semantic studyPL1237
On captivity a spanish soldiers experience in a Havana prison, 1896-1898PQ6605.I5
Optical allusions screens, paintings, and poetry in classical Japan (ca. 800-1200)PL733.1186.A65
Parrots and nightingales troubadour quotations and the development of European poetryPC3304
Phonology of Romanian : a constraint-based approachPC640
Phonotactics of CzechPG4131
Plume : poemsPQ8550.32.E39
Poetics of trauma the work of Dahlia RavikovitchPJ5054.R265
Prepositional clauses in Spanish : a diachronic and comparative syntactic studyPC4390
Princesse de Clèves : the tension of elegancePQ1805.L5
Prousts In search of lost time the history of a vocationPQ2631.R63
Queer compulsions : race, nation, and sexuality in the affairs of Yone NoguchiPL812.O3
Rejoice, dear Zion! : Hebrew construct phrases with daughter and virgin as nomen regensPJ4621
Roman antiquities in Renaissance France, 1515-65PQ239
Roman migrant au Québec et en Scandinavie : performativité, conflits signifiants et croélisationPQ3912
Rubaiyat of Omar KhayyamPK6449.E5
Rule-extension strategies in ancient India : ritual, exegetical and linguistic considerations on the tantra- and prasanga-principlesPM209
Seasonal works with letters on firePQ2663.U85
Siraya retrieving the phonology, grammar and lexicon of a dormant Formosan languagePL6162
Soviet decipherment of the Indus Valley script : translation and critiquePK119
Subjunctive mood in Arabic grammatical thoughtPJ6145
Techniques of satire : the case of Saltykov-ŠčedrinPG3361.S3
Telling and being told storytelling and cultural control in contemporary Yucatec Maya literaturesPM3968
True story of my lifePT8118.A3
Uneven modernity : literature, film, and intellectual discourse in postsocialist ChinaPL2273
Veil of Moses Jewish themes in Russian literature of the romantic eraPG3015.5.J49
Warfare and poetry in the Middle EastPJ827
Weather omens of Enūma Anu Enlil thunderstorms, wind and rain (tablets 44-49)PJ3791
Weimar and work labor, literature, and industrial modernity on the Weimar leftPT405
Wisdom from the late Bronze AgePJ3941
Zen Buddhist rhetoric in China, Korea, and JapanPL1271