New Modern Languages Titles in the Library

Title Call #
12 rounds : cuentos de boxeoPQ7776.5.S66 A615 2012
Acta Germanica German studies in Africa : Jahrbuch des Germanistenverbandes im südlichen Afrika = yearbook of the Association for German Studies inPF3025
Adjective as an adjunctive predicative expression : a semantic analysis of nominalised propositional structures as secondary predicative syntagmasPG6241
Adverbial clauses in Mandarin Chinese a corpus-based studyPL1233
African rhythms : new approaches to literaturePL8010
Agnons moonstruck lovers : the Song of Songs in Israeli culturePJ5053.A4
Alignment and ergativity in new Indo-Aryan languagesPK121
Anthology in Portugal : literature, translation and the marginsPQ9011
Archaeology of anxiety : the Russian Silver Age and its legacyPG3021
Avant-garde and geopolitics in Latin AmericaPQ7081
Baghdad : the city in versePJ8047.B25
Basque and proto-basque : language-internal and typological approaches to linguistic reconstructionPH5023
Beautiful TwentysomethingsPG7158.H552
Birth of the body Russian erotic prose of the first half of the twentieth century : a readerPG3276
Bleeding wound = Sangra por la heridaPQ7390.Y34 S2613 2014
Bohemians of the Latin QuarterPQ2367.M94
Borderlands saints : secular sanctity in Chicano/a and Mexican culturePQ7070.5
Caddoan, Iroquoian and Siouan languagesPM721
Camfranglais : the making of a new language in cameroonian literaturePC2074.75
Chinese under globalization emerging trends in language use in ChinaPL1071
Classical Tibetan reader : selections from renowned works with custom glossariesPL3613
Classifier structures in Mandarin ChinesePL1129.E5
Coire Sois, The Cauldron of Knowledge : a Companion to Early Irish SagaPB1321
Comparative study of Yuman consonantismPM2701
Complete storiesPT2621.A26 A2 1988
Counter discourse in African literaturePG3478.L4216
Courtly love undressed : reading through clothes in medieval French culturePQ155.C7
Culture in language learningPB35
Current issues in Spanish syntax and semanticsPC4139.3
Darogan : prophecy, lament and absent heroes in medieval Welsh literaturePB2206
Deriving nominals a syntactic account of Malagasy nominalizationsPL5373
Descriptive and comparative grammar of Andalusi ArabicPJ6760.A53
Descriptive grammar of Pashto and its dialectsPK6723.D47
Dictionary of TauyaPL6621.T35
Early Biblical Hebrew, late Biblical Hebrew, and linguistic variability a sociolinguistic evaluation of the linguistic dating of Biblical textsPJ4545
Elastizität the poetics of space, movement and character in Frank Wedekinds theaterPT2647.E26
Embosi-English dictionaryPL8021.C7
Endarkenment : selected poemsPG3479.6.R28
Epic imaginary political power and its legitimations in eighteenth-century German literaturePT289
Ethiopian scribal practice.PJ9096
Evidentials : Turkic, Iranian and neighbouring languagesPL29
Expressionism and its deformation in contemporary Chinese theatrePL2393
Fantasies of cross-dressing Japanese women write male-male eroticaPL721.E24
Final devoicing in the phonology of GermanPF3131
Five-colored clouds of Mount Wutai poems from DunhuangPL2658.E5
From your land to Poland : on the commitment of writersPG7028
Gender issues in African literaturePL8010
Gender, canon and literary history : the changing place of nineteenth-century German women writersPT167
Generals of the yang family : four early playsPL2658.E5
Generating narratives : interrelations of knowledge, text variants, and Cushitic focus strategiesPJ2491
Genesis of Sri Lanka Malay a case of extreme language contactPL5128.M4
Grace of misery Joseph Roth and the politics of exile, 1919-1939PT2635.O84
Grammar of Bilinarra : an Australian aboriginal language of the Northern TerritoryPL7101.N97
Grammar of NeververPL6173
Guerre et Exil chez Louis-Ferdinand CélinePQ2607.E834
Guilt of otherness : poemsPJ2534.Z95
History of Russian literature : from the eleventh century to the end of the baroquePG2901
How the Soviet man was unmade : cultural fantasy and male subjectivity under StalinPG3026.M37
Humor, satire, and identity eastern German literature in the 1990sPT851
I, Hernan Cortés : the (second) trial of residencyPQ6066
ImpostorPQ6653.E62 I47 2014
In search of nature the Japanese writer Tayama Katai (1872-1930)PL817.A8
Inconceivable effects ethics through twentieth-century German literature, thought, and filmPT405
Influence of the French language on the German vocabulary (1649-1735)PF3582.F7
Inscribing the environment ecocritical approaches to medieval Spanish literaturePQ6046.N3
Ireland, West to East : Irish cultural connections with Central and Eastern EuropePB1347
Jānis Endzelīns comparative phonology and morphology of the Baltic languagesPG8018
Jewish Neo-Aramaic dialect of Persian Azerbaijan : linguistic analysis and folkloristic textsPJ5281
Jewish drama & theatre from rabbinical intolerance to secular liberalismPJ5026
Judaism in Marcel Proust anti-semitism, philo-semitism, and judaic perspectives in artPQ2631.R63
Judgment of Palaemon the contest between neo-Latin and vernacular poetry in Renaissance FrancePQ418
Juramento ante dios, y lealtad contra el amor : a modern and critical editionPQ6388.C608
Keeping my Mandarin alive Lee Kuan Yews language learning experiencePL1064.L35
Kids : Africa in childhood poetryPL8011
Koineization in medieval SpanishPC4077
Le Clézios spiritual questPQ2672.E25
Letter of Mara bar Sarapion in context proceedings of the symposium held at Utrecht University, 10-12 December 2009PJ5671.M37
Letters and epistolary culture in early medieval ChinaPL2400
Linguistic analysis of AkkadianPJ3251
Literature and subjection : the economy of writing and marginality in Latin AmericaPQ7081
Literature as a medium for memory : the universe of Sholem Aschs novelsPJ5129.A8
Local instability split topicalization and quantifier float in GermanPF3398.L62
Mapping the tasteland : explorations in food and wine in Argentinean and European culturePQ7622.F66
Masculinity after Trujillo : the politics of gender in Dominican literaturePQ7400.5
Meaning of Korean prosodic boundary tonesPL915.8
Miyazawa Kenji and his illustrators : images of nature and Buddhism in Japanese childrens literaturePL833.I95
Modernist masquerade : stylizing life, literature, and costumes in RussiaPG3020.5.M6
Mothers, warriors, guardians of the soul : female discourse in National Socialism, 1924-1934PF3074
Narrating narcos : stories from Culiacán and MedellínPQ7291.C85
Never say die! : a thousand years of Yiddish in Jewish life and lettersPJ5111
Nightmare from literary experiments to cultural projectsPG2987.N55
Nightmares of the lettered city : banditry and literature in Latin America, 1816-1929PQ7081
Nordic prosody : proceedings of the XIth Conference, Tartu 2012PD1581.7
Noun in Biblical Armenian : origin and word formation : with special emphasis on the Indo-European heritagePK8049
Obasinjom warrior : the life and works of Bate BesongPL8010
Ocean of the soul man, the world, and God in the stories of Farid al-Din AttarPK6451.F4
Orlando Furioso : the frenzy of OrlandoPQ4582.E5
Parable and its lesson : a novellaPJ5053.A4
Phonetic investigation into raddoppiamento sintattico in Sienese ItalianPC1137
Politics, monasticism, and miracles in sixth century Upper Egypt a critical edition and translation of the Coptic texts on Abraham of FarshutPJ2198
Polygraphies Francophone women writing AlgeriaPQ3988.5.A5
Pool of life the autobiography of a Punjabi agony auntPK2659.P8
Post colonial identitiesPL8010
Postmodernism in Estonian literary culturePG503.P6
Preservation of Jewish religious books in sixteenth-century Germany Johannes Reuchlins AugenspiegelPJ5016
Pushkin handbookPG3356
Reflexes of the Proto-Indo-European laryngeals in CelticPB1028
Research in Chinese as a second languagePL1065
Reveries of longingPL8011
Reviewing Dantes theologyPQ4416
Rise of modern Yiddish culturePJ5113
Ruminations of IpomePL8011
Russian formalism history-doctrinePG3026.F6
Shades of Laura : Vladimir Nabokovs last novel the Original of LauraPG3476.N3
Shahnama studies II the reception of Firdausis ShahnamaPK6459
Shush! : growing up Jewish under Stalin : a memoirPG3549.D7
Small friends and other stories and poemsPL8011
Some peasant poets an odyssey in the oral poetry of LatiumPQ4122.I82
Spanish in bilingual and multilingual settings around the worldPC4074
Sputnik sweetheart : a novelPL856.U673 S8713 2002
Stefan Zweig reconsidered : new perspectives on his literary and biographical writingsPT2653.W42
Studies in classical HebrewPJ4545
Subaltern writings : readings on Graciliano Ramoss novelsPQ9607.R36
Sympathy for the abyss : a study in the novel of German modernism : Kafka, Broch, Musil, and Thomas MannPT772
Šabdan Baatir Codex epic and the writing of northern Kirghiz history : edition, translation and interpretations, with a facsimile of the unique manuPL65.K55
Textual responses to German unification : processing historical and social change in literature and filmPT405
Three issues of Romance morphologyPC101
Trans-Himalayan linguisticsPL3781
Transformation of language and religion in Rainer Maria RilkePT2635.I65
Translating Gombrowiczs liminal aestheticsPG7158.G6692
Ukrainian science fiction : historical and thematic perspectivesPG3924.S45
Understanding Marcel ProustPQ2631.R63
Vietnamese colonial republican : the political vision of Vũ Trọng PhụngPL4378.9.V86
Visual dominant in eighteenth-century RussiaPG3007
Voltaires La Mort de César : a play entirely in the English taste?PQ2077.M7
Walter Benjamin : a critical lifePT2603.E455
Welsh language : a historyPB2115
Western crime fiction goes East the Russian Pinkerton craze 1907-1934PG3098.D46
Why this world a biography of Clarice LispectorPQ9697.L57
Women and Malay voices undercurrent murmurings in Indonesias colonial pastPL5080.5
Word in ArabicPJ6131
Word order in Brazilian PortuguesePC5443
Yankees in Petrograd, bolsheviks in New York : America and Americans in Russian literary perceptionPG2988.U6
Yiddish language structuresPJ5116
Yosef Ḥayyim Brenner : a lifePJ5053.B7 Z83413 2015