New Physics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
2013 Australasian sky guideQB82.A788
ABC of physics a very brief guideQC21.3
Achieving the rare Robert F. Christys journey in physics and beyondQC16.C52
Advances in atomic physics an overviewQC776
Advances in geosciencesQB602.9
Advances in geosciencesQB539.T4
Advances in geosciences oceans and atmospheres (Oa)QB602.9
Adventures in cosmologyQB981
Andrei Sakharov quarks and the structure of matterQC16.S255
Asymptotic time decay in quantum physicsQC793.3.S9
At the leading edge the ATLAS and CMS LHC experimentsQC787.P73
Atmospheric science (AS)QC861.3
Australias meteorite cratersQB755.5.A8
Back-of-the-envelope quantum mechanics : with extensions to many-body systems and integrable PDEsQC174.12
Beating the odds the life and times of E.A. MilneQB460.15
Black holes, cosmology and extra dimensionsQC173.6
Characterisation of bio-particles from light scatteringQC427.4
Climate risks in the Mekong Delta : Ca Mau and Kien Giang Provinces of [Vietnam].QC903
Condensed matter theories.QC173.45
Controlling steady-state and dynamical properties of atomic optical bistabilityQC446.3.O65
Cosmic evolution on the occasion of the 60th birthdays of Jean Audouze and James W. Truran : Institut dastrophysique de Paris, 13-17 November 2000QB450
Cosmic secrets basic features of realityQB981
Current algebras on Riemann surfaces new results and applicationsQC20.7.L54
Defects and diffusion in semiconductors XIIIQC611.6.D4
Defects-recognition, imaging and physics in semiconductors XIV : selected, peer reviewed papers from the 14th International Conference on Defects-RecoQC611.6.D4
Direct and inverse problems in wave propagation and applicationsQC676.4
Drought and the human story braving the bull of heavenQC929.24
Einsteins jury : the race to test relativityQC173.585
Elementary particles and emergent phase spaceQC174.85.P48
End of the long summer : why we must remake our civilization to survive on a volatile EarthQC981.8.C5 D85 2010
Environmental hazards the fluid dynamics and geophysics of extreme eventsQC981.8.C53
Exploring fundamental issues in nuclear physics nuclear clusters : superheavy, superneutronic, superstrange, of anti-matter : proceedings of the AdvanQC793.3.S8
Extending the reach of powder diffraction modelling by user defined macros : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyQC415
First magnitude a book of the bright skyQB61
Fly me to the moon an insiders guide to the new science of space travelTL1075
Focus of discoveriesQC51.G62
Fractional kinetics in solids anomalous charge transport in semiconductors, dielectrics, and nanosystemsQC176.8.E35
French-Japanese symposium on nuclear structure problems Riken, Wako, Japan, 5-8, January 2011QC793.3.S8
Frontiers in quantum information research decoherence, entanglement, entropy, MPS and DMRGQC688
Fundamental problems in quantum field theoryQC174.45
Glassy disordered systems glass formation and universal anomalous low-energy propertiesQC355.3
Handbook of accelerator physics and engineeringQC787.P3
In the light of the aurora optical auroral research in northernmost EuropeQC971.7.E853
In the shadow of the bomb : Oppenheimer, Bethe, and the moral responsibility of the scientistQC774.A2
Integral equations and iteration methods in electromagnetic scatteringQC665.S3
Into the cosmos : space exploration and Soviet cultureTL789.8.S65
Joy of the search for knowledge a tribute to professor Dan Tsui = Qiu zhi le : jing he cui Qi jiao shuo di we ziQC16.T74
Korepin festschrift from statistical mechanics to quantum information science : a collection of articles written in honor of the 60th birthday of VladQC174.12
Lattice Boltzmann method and its applications in engineeringQC176.8.L3
Lectures on the forces of matter : and their relations to each otherQC23
Let there be light physics, philosophy & the dimensional structure of consciousnessQC6.4.C57
Local activity principleQC20.M35
Luttinger model : the first 50 years and some new directionsQC173.456
Materials dominated by their interfacesQC173.4.I57
Mathematical Physics proceedings of the 13th Regional Conference, Antalya, Turkey, 27-31 October 2010QC19.2
Neutron a tool and an object in nuclear and particle physicsQC776
Non-locality and possible worlds a counterfactual perspective on quantum entanglementQC174.12
Nuclear collective motion models and theoryQC174.5
Nucleon-nucleon interaction and the nuclear many-body problem : selected papers of Gerald E. Brown and T. T. S. KuoQC793.5.N828
Particle physics at the tercentenary of Mikhail Lomonosov proceedings of the Fifteenth Lomonosov Conference on Elementary Particle Physics, Moscow, RuQC793
Path integrals, hyperbolic spaces and selberg trace formulaeQC174.17.P27
Persistence through time, and across possible worldsQC173.59.S65
Physicists epoch and personalitiesQC15
Planetary science (PS)QB603.G46
Prairie sky a pilots reflections on flying and the grace of altitudeTL540.O55
Principles of diffuse light propagation light propagation in tissues with applications in biology and medicineQC427.4
Progress in positron annihilationQC794.6.P678
Quantum dissipative systemsQC174.12
Quantum field theoryQC174.45
Quantum gases finite temperature and non-equilibrium dynamicsQC161
Quantum probability and related topics proceedings of the 30th Conference : Santiago, Chile, 23-28 November 2009QC174.17.P68
Ring interferometryQC411
Scattering matrix approach to non-stationary quantum transportQC174.35.S2
Scattering theory of molecules, atoms, and nucleiQC794.6.S3
Simulation of flow in porous media : applications in energy and environmentQC173.4.P67
Solitons and particlesQC174.26.W28
Space-time symmetry and quantum Yang-Mills gravity : how space-time translational gauge symmetry enables the unification of gravity with other forcesQC173.59.S65
Spectroscopy, dynamics and molecular theory of carbon plasmas and vapors advances in the understanding of the most complex high-temperature elementalQC718
Supersymmetric Dirac equation the application to hydrogenic atomsQC174.45
Synthesis, characterization and properties of nanostructures : computational and experimental approach : special topic volume, invited papers onlyQC176.8.N35
Time reversability, computer simulation, algorithms, chaosQC318.I7
Together alone BASIC countries and the climate change conundrumQC903
Turbulent transport in magnetized plasmasQC718
Vignettes in gravitation and cosmologyQC178
Weather and climate resilience : effective preparedness through national meteorological and hydrological servicesQC903
West without water what past floods, droughts, and other climatic clues tell us about tomorrowQC903.2.U6
Wet granular matter : a truly complex fluidQC173.458.S62
Wetting of real surfacesQC183
What is known and unexpected at LHC : proceedings of the international school of subnuclear physicsQC793
X-ray standing wave technique principles and applicationsQC661