New Physics Titles in the Library

Title Call #
100 years of subatomic physicsQC793.16
Advances in multi-photon processes and spectroscopyQC450.15
Advances in organic light-emitting devicesQC476.77
Aerodynamic principles of flight vehiclesTL570
Application of braid groups in 2d hall system physics composite fermion structureQC631
Aspects of polaron theory equilibrium and nonequilibrium problemsQC176.8.P62
Assessment of climate change in the southwest United States : a report prepared for the national climate assessmentQC981.8.C5
Beam dynamics in high energy particle acceleratorsQC793.3.B4
Beyond the moon a conversational common sense guide to understanding the tidesQB415.2.M33 2006eb
Career in theoretical physicsQC20
Changes in the human-monsoon system of East Asia in the context of global changeQC939.M7.C35 2008eb
Climate and political climate environmental disasters in the Medieval LevantQC990.M53
Climate change policy failures why conventional mitigation approaches cannot succeedQC903
Comparative climatology of terrestrial planetsQB603.A85
Complexity and evolution of dissipative systems : an analytical approachQC20
Condensed matter physics in the prime of the 21st century phenomena, materials, ideas, methodsQC173.4.C65
Dark matter and cosmic web storyQB991.I54
Diagrammatics lectures on selected problems in condensed matter theoryQC173.454
Diffusion and stresses : proceedings of the International Workshop on Diffusion and Stresses, Lillafüred, Hungary, September 19-22, 2006QC185
Diffusion in advanced materials and processing : selected, peer reviewed papers from the Symposium TMS 136th annual meeting and exhibition (Orlando, FQC185
Diffusion in solids and liquids : heat transfer - microstructure & properties : 2nd International Conference on Diffusion in Solids and Liquids, MassQC185
Discover entropy and the second law of thermodynamics a playful way of discovering a law of natureQC318.E57
Discovery of global warmingQC981.8.G56
Double and multiple stars and how to observe themQB821
Earth a tenants manualQB631.2
Einstein relatively simple : our universe revealed in everyday languageQC16.E5
Einstein theory of relativityQC173.55
Electromagnetism and the structure of matterQC760
Engines of discovery a century of particle acceleratorsQC787.P3
Entropy demystified the second law reduced to plain common senseQC318.E57
Field theory a path integral approachQC174.52.P37
Focus of discoveriesQC51.G62
Fractional calculus : an introduction for physicistsQC20.7.F75
Fun of it : random records of my own flying and of women in aviationTL540.E3
Gabor and wavelet framesQC20.7.F67
Global aeronautical communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS).TL692
Greens function estimates for lattice Schrödinger operators and applicationsQC174.17.S3
Guidelines for climate proofing investment in agriculture, rural development, and food security : November 2012QC981.8.C5
Heisenbergs quantum mechanicsQC174.12
High-order harmonic generation in laser plasma plumesQC446.3.H37
Hindsight and popular astronomyQB14.2
Imagining the elephant a biography of Allan MacLeod CormackQC16.C69
Improving energy security and reducing carbon intensity in Asia and the Pacific.QC903.2.P16
In memory of Akira Tonomura : physicist and electron microscopistQC23
Industrial accelerators and their applicationsQC787.E39
Intelligible universe an overview of the last thirteen billion yearsQB461
Interaction between climate change, air pollution and related impactsQC903
Interaction between defects and anelastic phenomena in solids : selected, peer reviewed papers from the XIth International conference on imperfectionsQC191
Introduction to modern navigation systemsTL588.5
Introduction to the anisotropic geometrodynamicsQC173.59.G44
Ion implantation and activation.QC702.7.I55
Ion implantation and activation.QC702.7.I55
Jetpack dreams : one mans up and down (but mostly down) search for the greatest invention that never wasTL717.5 .M66 2008
Lecture notes in applied differential equations of mathematical physicsQC20.7.D5
Lectures on quantum field theoryQC174.45
Let there be light the story of light from atoms to galaxiesQC358.5
Light/dark universe light from galaxies, dark matter and dark energyQB981
Localisation 2011 proceedings of the Satellite Conference of Lt 26QC173.454
Low dimensional physics and gauge principlesQC174.45
Lower dimensional gravityQC178
Luminescence related phenomena and their applications : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyQC476.4
Madame Wu Chien-Shiung : the first lady of physics researchQC16.W79
Mainstreaming climate change in ADB operations : climate change implementation plan for the Pacific (2009-2015).QC993.O3
Mass and charge transport in inorganic materials - III : proceedings of the 3rd International Conference Mass and Charge Transport in Inorganic MaterQC318.M3
Maxwell stresses and dielectric materialsQC585
Modern functional quantum field theory : summing Feynman graphsQC174.45
Multiscale kinetic modelling of materials : proceedings of the symposium Multiscale Kinetic Modelling of Materials, organised within the EMRS Fall MQC174.9
Nature loves to hide quantum physics and reality, a western perspectiveQC174.12
Newton and the Netherlands how Isaac Newton was fashioned in the Dutch republicQC16.N7
Nuclear structure in China 2012 proceedings of the 14th National Conference on Nuclear Structure in China, Hu-Zhou, Zhe-Jiang, China, 12-16 April 2012QC793.3.S8
Order, disorder and criticality advanced problems of phase transition theoryQC175.16.P5
Paradigm called magnetismQC753.2
Particle beams & plasma interaction on materials and ion & plasma finishing 2004 : proceedings of PIM & ASIP 2004, 25-27 November 2004, Chiang Mai, ThQC793.3.B4
Passion for discoveryQC15
Pegasus, the heart of the Harrier : the history and development of the worlds first operational vertical take-off and landing jet engineTL709
Phase transformation and diffusionQC175.16.P5
Physics Olympiad : basic to advanced exercisesQC32
Physics and our world : reissue of the proceedings of a Symposium in honor of Victor F. WeisskopfQC28
Physics of the sun and its atmosphere proceedings of the National Workshop (India) on Recent Advances in Solar Physics : Meerut College, Meerut, IndQB520
Physics with trapped charged particles : lectures from the Les Houches Winter SchoolQC793.2
Pierre-Gilles de Gennes a life in scienceQC16.G46
Playing with planetsQC75
Polarized positron 2011 proceedings of the 6th annual workshop, Beijing, China, 28-30 August 2011QC793.5.P62
Practical field guide for AS9100CTL671.28
Proceedings of the 25th Solvay Conference on Physics the theory of the quantum world : Brussels, Belgium, 19-22 October 2011QC173.96
Proceedings of the Sixth Meeting on CPT and Lorentz Symmetry, Bloomington, USA, 17-21 June 2013QC793.3.V5
Proceedings of the workshop Collective Phenomena in Macroscopic Systems, Villa Olmo, Como, Italy, 4 - 6 December 2006QC717.6
Quantum field theory and beyond essays in honor of Wolfhart Zimmermann : proceedings of the symposium in honor of Wolfhart Zimmermanns 80th birthday,QC174.45.A1
Quantum leap from Dirac and Feynman, across the universe, to human body and mindQC174.12
Quantum probability and related topics proceedings of the 28th conference CIMAT-Guanajuato, Mexico, 2-8 September 2007QC174.17.P68
Quantum probability and related topics proceedings of the 32nd conference, Levico Terme, Italy, 29 May - 2 June 2011QC174.17.P68
Quantum tunneling and field electron emission theoriesQC176.8.T8
Radiation damage effects in solids : special topic volume with invited peer reviewed papers onlyQC176.8.R3
Safety management systems for aviation practitioners : real-world lessonsTL553.52
Salam + 50 proceedings of the conferenceQC16.S26
Science of low energy nuclear reaction a comprehensive compilation of evidence and explanations about cold fusionQC791.775.C64
Scientific essays in honor of H. Pierre Noyes on the occasion of his 90th birthdayQC20.5
Solving the Schrödinger equation has everything been tried?QC174.26.W28
Space operations : experience, mission systems, and advanced conceptsTL507
Space shuttle legacy : how we did it and what we learnedTL789.8.U6
Spectroscopy of biological molecules : proceedings from the 14th european conference on the spectroscopy of biological molecules 2011QC451
Stanford R. Ovshinsky the science and technology of an American geniusQC611.8.A5
Statistical mechanics of magnetic excitations from spin waves to stripes and checkerboardsQC794.6.E9
Stochastic ferromagnetism : analysis and numericsQC761.5
String theory and cosmology proceedings of Nobel Symposium 127, Sigtuna, Sweden, August 14-19, 2003QC794.6.S85
Strong light-matter coupling : from atoms to solid-state systemsQC446.2
Symmetry and fundamental physics : Tom Kibble at 80QC174.17.S9
Texas takes wing : a century of flight in the Lone Star StateTL522.T4
Thermodynamic universe exploring the limits of physicsQC311
Time-dependent mechanical properties of solidsQC176.2
Topological foundations of electromagnetismQC760
Towards ultimate understanding of the universe first LeCosPA Symposium, Taipei, Taiwan, ROC, 6-9February 2012QB461
Understanding the universe from quarks to the cosmosQC793.26
Universality in nonequilibrium lattice systems theoretical foundationsQC174.85.S34
Very high multiplicity physics workshops proceedings of the VHM physics workshops, JINR, Dubna, Russia, 17-19 September 2007QC794.6.M85
Weaving the universe is modern cosmology discovered or invented?QB981