New Fiction in the Library

Title Call #
11/22/63 : a novelF KIN
11/22/63 : a novelF KIN
2030 : the real story of what happens to AmericaF BRO
22 Britannia Road : a novelF HOD
Age of miracles : a novelF WAL
AlephF COE
All our namesF MEN
All that is : a novelF SAL
All the time in the world : new and selected storiesF DOC
American dervish : a novelF AKH
AmherstF NIC
And the mountains echoedF HOS
Andrews brain : a novelF DOC
Angel Esmeralda : nine storiesF DEL
Angel makersF GRE
Apartment : a novelF BAX
ArsonistF MIL
Assassination of Margaret Thatcher : storiesF MAN
Astonish meF SHI
Back to blood : a novelF WOL
Bartenders taleF DOI
Beautiful youF PAL
Beginners goodbye : a novelF TYL
Being polite to Hitler : a novelF DEW
BenedictionF HAR
Big brother : a novelF SHR
Blackhouse : a novelF MAY
Bleeding edgeF PYN
Bone clocks : a novelF MIT
Boston girl : a novelF DIA
Bridget Jones : mad about the boyF FIE
Bring up the bodies : a novelF MAN
Broken HarborF FRE
Brooklyn : a novelF TO
Buddha in the atticF OTB
Burgess boys : a novelF STR
Burial rites : a novelF KEN
Buried giant : [a novel]F ISH
By bloodF ULL
By nightfall : novelF CUN
Calebs crossing : a novelF BRO
Canada : [a novel]F FOR
Care and management of lies : a novel of the Great WarF WIN
Care of wooden floors : a novelF WIL
Caribou Island : a novelF VAN
Cartographer of no mans landF DUF
Casebook : a novelF SIM
Casual vacancyF ROW
Cat out of hellF TRU
Cats tableF OND
Chemistry of tearsF CAR
Childhood of JesusF COE
Children act : a novelF MCE
Chop chopF WRO
Circle : a novelF EGG
Circle of wivesF LAP
Citizens creekF TAD
Clara and Mr. Tiffany : a novelF VRE
Close your eyes, hold hands : a novelF BOH
Colorless tsukuru tazaki and his years of pilgrimage : a novelF MUR
Constellation of vital phenomena : a novelF MAR
Consumed : a novelF CRO
Cuckoos CallingF GAL
Dear life : storiesF MUN
Death comes to PemberleyF JAM
Death on Blackheath : a Charlotte and Thomas Pitt novelF PER
Debbie doesnt do it anymore : a novelF MOS
DecodedF MAI
Defending Jacob : a novelF LAN
Delicate truthF LE
Destiny and desire : a novelFUE
Devil all the time : a novelF POL
Dirty loveF DUB
Dirty work : a novelF WES
Diviners taleF MOR
Doctor Sleep : a novelF KIN
DogF O'N
Dog starsF HEL
Double feature : a novelF KIN
Dry bones in the valley : a novelF BOU
Ed King : a novelF GUT
Edge of eternityF FOL
EmbassytownF MIE
Emily, aloneF O'N
Empty family : storiesF TOI
Enchantments : a novelF HAR
English girl : a novelF SIL
Epitaph : a novel of the O.K. CorralF RUS
Everything I never told youF NG
Evil eye : four novellas of love gone wrongF OAT
Evolution of Bruno Littlemore : a novelF HAL
Execution of Noa P. Singleton : a novelF SIL
Fair maidenF OAT
Faith : a novelF HAI
Fall of giants : book one of the century trilogyF FOL
Family FangF WIL
Family album : a novelF LIV
Family life : a novelF SHA
Fat years : a novelF KOO
Fates will find their way : a novelF PIT
FeverF KEA
Fifth gospel : a novelF CAL
First bad man : a novelF JUL
Flat water TuesdayF IRW
Flight behavior : a novelF KIN
Flight of Gemma Hardy : a novelF LIV
Flying shoes : a novelF HOW
Frog : a novelF MO
Frog music : a novelF DON
From the memoirs of a non-enemy combatantF GIL
Funny girlF HOR
Ghana must goF SEL
Ghostman : [a novel]F HOB
Girl next door : a novelF REN
Girl on the trainF HAW
Girl who fell from the sky : a novelF DUR
Girl who kicked the hornets nestF LAR
Girl who played with fireF LAR
Girl with the dragon tattooF LAR
GirlchildF HAS
Girls from Corona del MarF THO
GoldfinchF TAR
Golem and the jinni : a novelF WEC
Good lord birdF MCB
Great leader : a faux mysteryF HAR
Headmasters wager : a novelF LAM
History of a pleasure seeker : a novelF MAS
History of history : a novel of BerlinF HAT
How it all beganF LIV
How to get filthy rich in rising AsiaF HAM
Humanity projectF THO
I am Pilgrim : a thrillerF HAY
IdenticalF TUR
Impossible lives of Greta WellsF GRE
In Zanesville : a novelF BEA
In one person : a novelF IRV
In paradise : a novelF MAT
In the shadow of the banyanF RAT
In this way I was savedF DEL
InfatuationsF MAR
Inferno : a novelF BRO
Inquisitor : a novelF SMI
Insane city : [a novel]F BAR
Instructions for a heatwaveF O'F
InterestingsF WOL
Interns handbook : a thrillerF KUH
Invention of wingsF KID
Istanbul passage : a novelF KAN
Jeeves and the wedding bells : an homage to P.G. WodehouseF FAU
Just one evil actF GEO
Kept : a novelF SCO
Kid a novelF SAP
Kid a novelF SAP
Kindly ones : a novelF LIT
King of the badgersF HEN
Lake of dreamsF EDW
Land of decoration : a novelF MCC
Last enchantmentsF FIN
Last werewolfF DUN
Laughing monstersF JOH
Left neglectedF GEN
LeftoversF PER
Legend of BrokenF CAR
LeopardF NES
Let me be Frank with youF FOR
Letters from Skye : a novelF BRO
Life after life : a novelF ATK
Lifeboat : a novelF ROG
Light between oceans : a novelF STE
Lionel Asbo : state of EnglandF AMI
Lisettes list : a novelF VRE
Liseys story : a novelF KIN
LitigatorsF GRI
Little green : an Easy Rawlins mysteryF MOS
Live by nightF LEH
Long man : a novelF GRE
Lookaway, lookawayF BAR
Lost memory of skinF BAN
Lovers at the Chameleon Club, Paris 1932 : a novelF PRO
Lower riverF THE
Lowland : a novelF LAH
Lucky us : a novelF BLO
Luminaries : a novelF CAT
Maddaddam : a novelF ATW
Map of betrayalJIN
Map of true placesF BAR
Marriage plot : a novelF EUG
Me and the devil : a novelF TOS
Mermaids in paradise : a novelF MIL
Middle C : a novelF GAS
MirageF RUF
Mission to Paris : a novelF FUR
Mistress of nothingF PUL
Moonlight mileF LEH
Moriarty : a novelF HOR
Mothers : a novelF GIL
Mouse-proof kitchen : a novelF SHA
Mr. Mercedes : a novelF KIN
Mr. PeanutF ROS
Mr. Penumbras 24-hour bookstoreF SLO
Museum of Extraordinary Things : a novelF HOF
My new American lifeF PRO
My sunshine away : a novelF WAL
NOS4A2 : a novelF HIL
Nanjing requiemF JIN
Natchez burning : a novelF ILE
Next to love : a novelF FEL
Night Film : a novelF PES
Night guestF MCF
NightingaleF HAN
Nightwoods : a novelF FRA
No less than victory : a novel of World War IIF SHA
No one is here except all of usF AUS
No time like the presentF GOR
Nora Webster : a novelF TOI
Object of beauty : a novelF MAR
Ocean at the end of the laneF GAI
Odds : [a love story]F O'N
Old romanticF DEA
On such a full seaF LEE
Once upon a river : a novelF CAM
One Plus One : a NovelF MOY
Open city : a novelF COL
Orchardist : a novelF COP
OrendaF BOY
Orfeo : a novelF POW
Orphan masters son : a novelF JOH
Our Lady of Alice BhattiF HAN
Painter : a novelF HEL
Pale king : an unfinished novelF WAL
Paris architect : a novelF BEL
Paris wife : a novelF MCL
Paris winterF ROB
Paying guestsF WAT
PerfidiaF ELL
PhantomF NES
Please look after mom : a novelF SIN
Port mortuaryF COR
Possible life : a novel in five partsF PAU
Prague cemeteryF ECO
Pure gold babyF DRA
Quality of mercy : a novelF UNS
RacketeerF GRI
Radiance of tomorrowF BEA
Ragnarok : the end of the godsF BYA
Raised from the groundF SAR
Red GardenF HOF
Red house : a novelF HAD
RedeploymentF KLA
Rescue : a novelF SHR
Reunion of ghosts : a novelF MIT
Revival : a novelF KIN
River of smokeF GHO
RiversF SMI
Room : a novelF DON
Room and the chair : a novelF ADA
Rose Gold : an Easy Rawlins mysteryF MOS
Rosie project : [a novel]F SIM
Round houseF ERD
Running the rift : a novelF BEN
Rustication : a novelF PAL
San MiguelF BOY
Secret life of Emily Dickinson : a novelF CHA
Secret place : [a novel]F FRE
Secret wisdom of the earthF SCO
Secrets of Eden : a novelF BOH
See now thenF KIN
Shanghai girls : a novelF SEE
Shine shine shineF NET
Shotgun lovesongsF BUT
Shovel ready : a novelF STE
Signature of all thingsF GIL
Sisterland : a novelF SIT
Sisters brothersF DEW
Skylight confessions : a novelF HOF
Snow child : a novelF IVE
Snow huntersF YOO
Snow queenF CUN
SnowmanF NES
So much pretty : a novelF HOF
Solo : a James Bond novelF BOY
Some kind of fairy tale : a novelF JOY
Some luckF SMI
SomeoneF MCD
Song of AchillesF MIL
Songs for the missingF ON
South of superiorF AIR
Southern cross the dog : a novelF CHE
Spies of the Balkans : a novelF FUR
Spool of blue thread : a novelF TYL
Starboard seaF DER
Started early, took my dog : a novelF ATK
Still life with bread crumbs : a novelF QUI
Story of beautiful girlF SIM
Storyteller of MarrakeshF ROY
Strangers childF HOL
SubmissionF WAL
Summer house with swimming pool : a novelF KOC
Swamplandia!F RUS
Sweetland : a novelF CRU
Swim back to meF PAC
Sycamore rowF GRI
Tale for the time beingF OZE
Tale for the time beingF OZE
Telegraph Avenue : a novelF CHA
Ten thousand saintsF HEN
Testament of MaryF TOI
ThiefF NAK
This beautiful life : a novelF SCH
This dark road to mercyF CAS
This is how you lose herF DIA
Thousand autumns of Jacob De Zoet : a novelF MIT
Tiger HillsF MAN
Tigers wife : a novelF OBR
To rise again at a decent hour : a novelF FER
Tobys room : a novelF BAR
Too bright to hear too loud to seeF GAR
Tragedy of Arthur : a novelF PHI
TransAtlantic : a novelF MCC
Turn of mindF LAP
Twelve : a novelF CRO
UmbrellaF SEL
UncouplingF WOL
Under the wide and starry sky : a novelF HOR
Unlikely pilgrimage of Harold Fry : a novelF JOY
Unquiet deadF KHA
Untold story : a novelF ALI
Vaclav & Lena : a novelF TAN
Valley of AmazementF TAN
Vampires in the lemon grove : storiesF RUS
Vanessa and her sisterF PAR
Visit from the Goon SquadF EGA
Visitation street : a novelF POC
Waiting for sunrise : a novelF BOY
Want notF MIL
We are all completely beside ourselvesF FOW
We are called to riseMCB
We are not ourselvesF THO
We are water : a novelF LAM
We the animalsF TOR
Week in winterF BIN
Weird sistersF BRO
West of here : a novelF EVI
West of sunset : a novelF O'N
What we talk about when we talk about Anne FrankF ENG
When God was a rabbit : a novelF WIN
When the killings doneF BOY
Winter of the worldF FOL
Wish you were hereF SWI
Wives of Los Alamos : a novelF NES
Woes of the true policemanF BOL
Wolf winter : a novelF EKB
Woman upstairs : a novelF MES
World gone byF LEH
Yellow birds : a novelF POW
Yesterdays weatherF ENR
Z : a novel of Zelda FitzgeraldF FOW
Zone of interest : a novelF AMI