Title Call #
Cabaret CD 4455
Cabaret CD 6639
Cabaret / director, Bob Fosse. DVD 67
Cabaret girl CD 13601
Cabaret. Libretto ML50.K173 C32
Cabaret. Libretto ML50.K175 C32 1999
Cabaret. Vocal score M1503.K28 C2
Cabaret. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C12 K16 1999
Cabin in the sky / a Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer picture ; producer, Arthur Freed ; screenplay, Joseph Shrank [sic] ; director, Vincente Minnelli. DVD 4767
Cage aux folles CD 6774
Cage aux folles CD 12940
Cage aux folles. Vocal score M1503.H546 C3
Cage aux folles. Vocal score. Selections. M1508.C25 H4
Call me madam CD 6853
Call me madam. The best thing for you. Vocal score Sheet music collection
Call me madam. Vocal score M1503.B506 C2
Camelot CD 3663
Camelot CD 13026
Camelot / Home Box Office presents ; book and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner ; music by Frederick Loewe ; produced by Mike Merrick and Don Gregory ; staged and directed by Marty Callner ; original stage production directed by Frank Dunlop ; or DVD 6796
Camelot / Warner Bros. Pictures ; Warner Bros.-Seven Arts presents ; music, Frederick Loewe ; screenplay and lyrics by Alan Jay Lerner ; produced by Jack L. Warner ; directed by Joshua Logan . DVD 212
Camelot. Libretto. ML50.L8256 C3 1961
Camelot. Vocal score M1503.L818 C36 1962
Can-Can / Twentieth Century Fox presents Jack Cummings' production ; produced by Suffolk-Cummings Productions and released through Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation ; produced for the stage by Feuer and Martin ; screenplay by Dorothy DVD 7123
Can-can. Vocal score. M1503.P846 C3
Candide M1500.B49 C3 1994
Candide CD 4223
Candide CD 6675
Candide CD 13387
Candide / music by Leonard Bernstein ; adapted from Voltaire and the book by Hugh Wheeler ; staged and directed for video by Humphrey Burton ; [a Video Music Production in association with Deutsche Grammophon]. DVD 2863
Candide : a comic opera in two acts / a production of Ellen M. Krass Productions and Thirteen/WNET New York ; music by Leonard Bernstein ; adapted from Voltaire and the book by Hugh Wheeler ; lyrics by Richard Wilbur ; choreography, Casey DVD 3623
Candide overture : Symphonic dances from West Side story ; On the waterfront : symphonic suite ; Fancy free : ballet / Bernstein. CD 4321
Candide suite, etc. / Bernstein. CD 6708
Candide. CD 1510
Candide. Libretto ML50.B529 C3
Candide. Vocal score M1503.B53 C3 1976
Candide. Vocal score M1503.B53 C3 1997
Candy shop. Chinese love song. Vocal score Sheet music collection
Cannibal! : the musical / Lloyd Kaufman and Michael Herz present a Troma Team release of an Avenging Conscience production ; producers, Alexandra Kelly ... [et al.] ; written and directed by Trey Parker. DVD 3596
Capeman. Selections CD 4172
Capeman. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C265 S5
Carmen (Carmen Jones) CD 7238
Carmen (Carmen Jones) CD 13393
Carmen (Carmen Jones). Vocal score. Selections M1508.C27 B5
Carmen Jones / Oscar Preminger presents ; screenplay by Harry Kleiner ; produced and directed by Otto Preminger. DVD 5968
Carnival CD 6674
Carnival! CD 13029
Carnival. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C28 M47
Caroline, or change : original Broadway cast recording / [book and lyrics by Tony Kushner ; music by Jeanine Tesori]. CD 7747
Caroline. Libretto ML50.T43 C3 2004
Carousel LP 4081
Carousel CD 3736
Carousel CD 6819
Carousel CD 9103
Carousel / Twentieth Century Fox ; produced by Henry Ephron ; screenplay by Phoebe and Henry Ephron ; directed by Henry King. DVD 3136
Carousel. Libretto ML50.R67 C37 1956
Carousel. Libretto. English ML50.R67 C3 1945
Carousel. Libretto. English. ML50.R67 C3 1956
Carousel. Vocal score M1503.R684 C37 2000
Carousel. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C29 R6
Carousel. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C29 R6 2005
Carrie CD 13740
Carrie. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C294 G67 2013
Casino Paradise CD 1504
Casino Paradise. Night, make my day. Vocal score M1508.C295 B65 N5 1995
Cat and the fiddle. One moment alone. Vocal score Sheet music collection
Cat and the fiddle. Poor Pierrot. Vocal score Sheet music collection
Catch me if you can CD 12950
Catch me if you can. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C298 S53 2011
Catered affair CD 10991
Cats CD 5161
Cats CD 5399
Cats. Libretto ML50.L804 C4 1983
Cats. Vocal score. Selections. M1508.C3 L5
Celebration CD 13402
Celebration. Vocal score M1503.S33 C42
Chaplin, the musical CD 13886
Chaplin, the musical. Selections. Vocal score M1508.C37 C87 2013
Chappell collection of great theatre composers. [Book edited and designed by Lee Snider]. M1507 .C52
Chappell's showcase song folio. M1630.18 .C52
Chess CD 11596
Chess. Libretto ML50.A565 C45 1991
Chess. Selections CD 427
Chess. Selections CD 6923
Chess. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C38 R52
Chicago CD 2061
Chicago CD 4213
Chicago / a Producer Circle Co. production ; a Zadan/Meron production ; a Miramax Films production ; produced by Martin Richards ; screenplay by Bill Condon ; directed by Rob Marshall. DVD 1254
Chicago. Libretto. ML50.K173 C45 1976
Chicago. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C4 K35
Chico & Rita / GKids presents ; Estudio Mariscal ; Magic Light Pictures ; Cinemanx ; Isle of Man Film presents in association with Televisión Española SA ; Hanway Films ; Televisió de Catalunya SA ; produced by Santi Errando ... [et DVD 3712
Children of Eden CD 5162
Children of Eden. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C485 S3
Chinese firecrackers / words and music by Irving Berlin ; arr. by Chas. N. Grant. Sheet music collection
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Motion picture) DVD 9971
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Musical) CD 889
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (Musical). Vocal score. Selections M1508.C49 S4 2005
Chorus line CD 1428
Chorus line CD 10028
Chorus line / Embassy Films Associates and PolyGram Pictures present a Feuer and Martin production ; produced by Cy Feuer and Ernest H. Martin ; directed by Richard Attenborough. DVD 1252
Chorus line. Vocal score. M1503.H2232 C5
Christmas story CD 13689
Christy LP 9137
Cinderella CD 13996
Cinderella / CBS Television ; produced by Richard Lewine ; writer, Oscar Hammerstein II ; directed by Ralph Nelson. DVD 6578
Cinderella. Selections CD 3773
Cinderella. Vocal score M1503.R684 C6
City of angels CD 810
City of angels. Libretto ML50.C65 C5
City of angels. Vocal score M1503.C694 C5 1994
City of angels. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C55 C5 1990
City of dreams : rediscovered gems from the early days of musical theatre , volume II. CD 13618
Civil War CD 6206
Civil War. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C58 W5 1998
Civil War. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C585 W5 2000
Class act CD 7026
Class act. Selections M1508.C61 K6 2002
Classic musicals from the dream factory. Vol. 3 . DVD 8751
Classical crossover for singers : 36 songs for voice and piano. M1619 .C86 2014
Closer than ever CD 5202
Closer than ever. Vocal score M1503.S565 C56 1989
Clownaround. Selections CD 3876
Club. Libretto. ML50.Z99 C593 1977
Coco CD 6653
Cole. An entertainment based on the words and music of Cole Porter. [Devised by Benny Green and Alan Strachan]. LP 9149
Collected songs / Victor Herbert. CD 13621
Collected songs. I. 1873-1882 / [words by] Edward Harrigan and [music by] David Braham ; edited by Jon W. Finson. M2 .R2375 v.27
Collected songs. II. 1883-1896 / [words by] Edward Harrigan and [music by] David Braham ; edited by Jon W. Finson. M2 .R2375 v.28
Collected songs. Volume 2, 1913, 1911-1921 : for voice and piano / by George Gershwin. M1507.G38 C6 v.2
Collected songs. Volume 3, 1922 : for voice and piano / by George Gershwin. M1507.G38 C6 v.3
Collected songs. Volume one, 1918-1919 : for voice and piano / by George Gershwin. M1507.G38 C6 v.1
Color purple CD 9061
Color purple : a memory book of the Broadway musical / text and interviews by Lise Funderburg ; principal photography by Jennifer S. Altman ; with production photography by Paul Kolnik. ML410.R96 F86 2006
Color purple. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C64 R8 2004
Comden & Green songbook. M1507.C65 S6 1996
Comedy songs from Broadway musicals : piano, vocal, guitar. M1507 .C846
Command performance / Richard Rodgers. CD 11186
Commitments / Beacon Communications Corporation ; a First Film Company/Dirty Hands Production ; an Alan Parker film. DVD 5687
Company CD 9111
Company CD 9067
Company CD 10432
Company : a musical comedy / music and lyrics, Stephen Sondheim ; book by George Furth ; direction and musical staging, John Doyle ; produced by Ellen M. Krass and Mort Swinsky ; directed for television by Lonny Price ; an Ellen M. Krass DVD 5365
Company. Libretto ML50.S705 C6
Company. Libretto ML50.S705 C6 1996
Company. Vocal score M1503.S6974 C56 1980
Company. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C65 S6
Complete Gidget collection / Columbia Pictures presents. DVD 1906
Complete Gilbert & Sullivan / edited by Ed Glinert ; with an introduction by Mike Leigh. ML49.S9 S38 2006
Complete lyrics of Irving Berlin / edited by Robert Kimball and Linda Emmet. ML54.6.B464 K55 2001
Connecticut Yankee. Selections CD 11650
Connecticut Yankee. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C66 R6
Connecticut Yankee. You always love the same girl. Vocal score Sheet music collection
Contact : music from the Broadway show. CD 6207
Contemporary singing actor. Volume 1 : [36 songs from Broadway and off-Broadway shows] / compiled by Richard Walters. M1507.C66 W6 v.1
Contemporary singing actor. Volume 1 : [39 songs from Broadway and off-Broadway shows] / compiled by Richard Walters. M1507.C66 M4 v.1
Contemporary singing actor. Volume 2 : [37 songs from Broadway and off-Broadway shows] / compiled by Richard Walters. M1507.C66 W6 v.2
Contemporary singing actor. Volume 2 : [38 songs from Broadway and off-Broadway shows] / compiled by Richard Walters. M1507.C66 M4 v.2
Copacabana / Dick Clark Cinema Productions, Inc. / Stietto, Ltd. ; a Paul Brownstein Productions film. DVD 2294
Copacabana (Musical). Vocal score. Selections M1508.C67 M3 2001
Coraline : original off-Broadway cast recording / [music and lyrics by Stephen Merritt ; book by David Greenspan, based on the novel by Neil Gaiman]. CD 11971
Cotton Club / an Orion Pictures release ; screenplay by William Kennedy & Francis Coppola ; produced by Robert Evans ; directed by Francis Coppola. DVD 3406
Cover girl CD 10262
Cover girl / Columbia Pictures Corporation ; Virginia Van Upp, screen play ; Marion Parsonnet, Paul Gangelin, adaptors ; Arthur Schwartz, producer ; Charles Vidor, director. DVD 5733
Cowgirls. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C69 M8
Crazy for you CD 1799
Crazy for you : the new Gershwin musical comedy : complete vocal selections. M1503.G376 C7
Cross your heart / words by B.G. De Sylva ; music by Lewis E. Gensler. Filed by title.
Cry baby / a Universal picture ; [presented by] Imagine Entertainment ; producer, Rachel Talalay ; written and directed by John Waters. DVD 4969
Cry for us all CD 13027
Curtains : original Broadway cast recording / [music by John Kander ; lyrics by Fred Ebb ; book by Rupert Holmes ; original book and concept by Peter Stone ; additional lyrics by John Kander and Rupert Holmes]. CD 10301
Curtains. Vocal score. Selections M1508.C87 K3 2007

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