Ithaca College Oral History Project

The Ithaca College Story, published in 1983, covered the story of the College through the year 1975. In order to capture the more recent history of the College, the Library began an Oral History Project in 2006, in collaboration with the History Department. We interviewed retired faculty members about their relationship with the College, focussing on teaching and learning and the growth of the College as a whole.

The project consisted of two students selecting interviewees, conducting background research on the interviewees and their era using primary documents, developing questions tailored to each interviewee's situation, conducting interviews, developing indexing for completed interviews and creating one full transcript from an interview of their choice. The recordings are digital and will be retained and migrated for possible future transcriptions. The summer 2006 project resulted in 38 completed interviews.

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Listen to Peggy Williams reflect on women in higher education, living in Fountain Place, the origin of Fountain Day, and work-life balance.

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