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Hate to be that grumpy library goer but I'm about to be. Almost every time i take out multimedia discs from the library the kind students behind the counter take zero care in handling the discs. Fingers all over the surface, and smashing them back into the case, no doubt scratching them. I see this as akin to flipping through the pages of a book and ripping the pages. Maybe some instruction on the handling of discs is in order?
Comment from Anonymous on Jan 14 2015

I appreciate you bringing this to my attention. We suffer suprisingly little damage particularly in comparison to our statistics. Discs are amazingly durable. However, dirt and fingerprints are the leading cause to playback issues. At the beginning of the each semester, the staff meets to review policies and procedures.  We'll be meeting on Monday.

Answered by Kelly Merritt, Multimedia Services Manager

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The wireless connection isn't working for me in the library.

As of December 2014, the number of wireless access points in the Library has been tripled. Anecdotal evidence shows a vast improvement in wireless connectivity. If you continue to experience problems, please report them the ITS Help Desk using the Wireless Problems form.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot

Does the library have a collection of all the textbooks that are used for courses?

As a general rule, the Library does not collect textbooks for courses offered at the College. This is not because we are trying to make students' financial situations more challenging.  

During a typical academic year, there are approximately 2800 undergraduate and 450 graduate courses taught at IC. Using 3 texts as the average required for each course, this equals approximately 9750 books.  Also, textbooks tend to be frequently updated.

In recent academic years, the Library budget has allowed for the purchase approximately 5,800 new books and ebooks to support the current research needs of all departments and programs on campus.

We  do not have the funds to purchase current textbooks, while at the same time supporting student and faculty research needs.

Faculty sometimes place copies of textbooks or chapters from texts on reserve or ereserve.  If you’re not sure whether your professor has put your course’s textbook on reserve, search the Reserves site to see what is available.

Please note that, as academic libraries generally do not purchase textbooks, they are not available on interlibrary loan.   The IC Library does not fill Interlibrary Loan requests for textbooks in current use at the College.  

The Ithaca College Bookstore provides a rental service and sells textbooks.  Additional rental/purchase sites:




Amazon also rents textbooks as of Fall 2012.

Answered by Lisabeth Chabot

I understand that the second and third floor of the library are designated as group study, however, every time I am in the library groups are so loud and disrespectful it drives me crazy. I realize the fourth and fifth floors are for quiet study, but I can barely hear my group discussing at a moderate volume on the lower levels. Is there any way to remind patrons that while the floor is group study, they should still try to keep the volume down to a respectable level? It would go a long way towards creating a more positive library environment.

Given the open nature of the library's architecture, noise levels are hard to manage. Try asking people to be quieter--this usually works. If it doesn't, please see a Library staff member, who will use his or her magical librarian shushing powers.

Answered by Ron Gilmour

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