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Business Insights: Essentials Restricted Resource Some full text available
Company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, market research reports, SWOT reports, market share information, company histories, chronologies, journal articles, and interactive charts.  Search this database to find detailed company and industry news and information.
LexisNexis Academic Restricted Resource Some full text available
Full-text access to continuously updated news, law, and business information. Highlights: News: newswires, transcripts, regional, national/international news, & Gallup Polls; Legal: law review articles, federal case law, and federal/state codes; Business: company profiles, country profiles, and SEC filings; People: directories from the entertainment industry, elected officials, executives, politicians, and obituaries.  Also has a section that includes full-text of several health newsletters and abstracts of articles in major medical journals.
Business Source Premier (Original Interface) Restricted Resource openURL Some full text available
Business topics: management, economics, finance, accounting, international business, etc. SWOT analysis on selected companies.
note: Also available via Special Business Interface
ABI/INFORM Complete Restricted Resource openURL Some full text available
Search all three ABI/Inform databases together here or search one at a time below. ABI/INFORM Complete provides current and historic abstracts and many full-text articles from over 2,800 business and management journals, including hundreds of titles from outside the U.S. The database covers finance, management, marketing, operations, accounting, business conditions, sports and business, entertainment, and case studies.
Regional Business News Restricted Resource openURL Some full text available
Business journals, newspapers and newswires covering all metropolitan and rural areas within the United States.
General OneFile Restricted Resource openURL Resource contains images Resource contains audio Some full text available
Current journal and news information in humanities, education, business, science, art, politics, economics, social sciences, law, health care, computers, technology and environmental issues.


Wall Street Journal (1984 - present) Restricted Resource openURL Some full text available
Full text of The Wall Street Journal from 1984-present. For issues from 1889-1993, see the  Wall Street Journal-ProQuest Historical Newspapers database.
New York Times (1980-present) Restricted Resource openURL Some full text available
Full-text of The New York Times from 1980 - present. For Historical coverage please use ProQuest Historical Newspapers The New York Times (1851 - 2007)

Web Sites

Business Idea Center
Website with business ideas and franchise opportunities arranged by industry, subject and profession. Includes idea overviews and startup costs.

Industry Information Resources and Reports from Valuation Resources
Industry Information Resouces is a free resource guide to industry resources and data for over 400 industries Individual pages for each industry list resources and data available from trade associations, publications, and research firms which address subjects such as industry overview, issues, trends, and outlook, financial information and financial ratios, compensation and salary surveys, and business valuation resources. Individual industries are listed below by industry category and SIC code. Note: Not all resources are free.

Industry Sector Profiles from
The sector profiles are to help you research and conduct business within these industries and to quickly ascertain the latest developments. Analysis of 26 of the world's leading industries on a global basis.

Yahoo Industry Center
Links to a wide variety of news, information sources and statistics updated daily.
Internet Intelligence Index by Fuld & Company
Fuld & Company is a consulting firm that specializes in competitive intelligence. They developed this useful portal to business and industry resources. Some full text available
TRENDWATCHING.COM and its 3,000+ trendspotters scan the US, Canada, European Union, Japan, South Korea, India, South Africa, Australia, Brazil and 50 other nations & regions for hot, emerging consumer trends and related new business ideas. Free monthly bulletin briefings are archived back to first issue (November 2002). 


Business of Food: Encyclopedia of the Food and Drink Industries Restricted Resource Some full text available
Covers food production and distribution, food and drink companies, brands, health, science and technology, culture, and the environment. Also includes information about packaging, marketing, transportation and consumer issues.
Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources
Print Location: REF DESK 5353 E52
Lists a wide variety of sources with descriptions to help research a wide variety of business topics especially industries. Lists associations, databases, research centers, statistical sources, etc.

Government Information

Industry Statistics Portal-U.S. Census Bureau
This application provides access to the Census Bureau programs that provide economic data for a user-selected industry. Some full text available
Government website for finding regulations issued by U.S. government agencies.
SIC (Standard Industrial Classification)
Search by keyword or 2,3 or 4 digit number to get a description of an industy and the code assigned to it. These codes allow one to find similar companies in an industry (either service or manufacturing) and to compare them.
NAICS (North American Industrial Classification System)

Uses a 6 digit numbering system to classify industries that either make a product or offer a service (such as banks)in North America. You can search the database by code or by text describing the industry. These codes can be used to generate a list of companies in an industry and to compare them using other directories found both print or online. You may find the codes and an explanation of them here:

Current Industrial Reports from the U.S. Census Bureau Some full text available
Covers manufacturing, mining and construction industries
Europa : European Union On-Line
Gateway to European Union. It provides up-to-date coverage of European Union affairs and essential information on European integration. Go to the Documents tab to connect to EUR-LEX (E.U. Law), the Bulletin of the E.U., and other agency materials.
News Releases from U.S. Department of Labor. Bureau of Labor Statistics
Both current and archived news releases such as Consumer Price Index, Employment/Unemployment, Production.
S.I.C. codes (Standard Industrial Classification)

A series of 4-digit codes used to help describe what a company does and to assign it to a specific industry or industries.


Software and Information Industry Association Some full text available
Information on hardware and software products, software companies, and the software industry


American FactFinder Some full text available
Current population, housing, economic, and geographic data from the US Census Bureau.  Includes the Annual Survey of Manufactures, Economic Census, Current Population Estimates, Business Patterns, and American Community Surveys.  The Guided Search walks you through each step in picking the data and/or geographies
you want to download. Some full text available
Investment research web site - provides access to interactive charts, quotes, industry analysis, intraday stock screeners, as well as market news & commentary.

Business Insights: Essentials Restricted Resource Some full text available
Company profiles, brand information, rankings, investment reports, market research reports, SWOT reports, market share information, company histories, chronologies, journal articles, and interactive charts.  Search this database to find detailed company and industry news and information.
E-Stats (U.S. Census Bureau) Some full text available
The Census Bureau's site devoted to "measuring the electronic economy" and e-commerce.  The site includes recent and upcoming reports, information on methodology, and background papers. 

Economic Cenus 2007 from U.S. Census Bureau
The economic census provides a detailed portrait of the United States' economy once every five years, from the national to the local level.

The 2007 Economic Census covers most of the U.S. economy in its basic collection of establishment statistics. There also are several related programs, including statistics on minority- and women-owned businesses. Censuses of agriculture and governments are conducted at the same time.

Search by Geographic area and NAICS codes.

Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys
Print Location: REF HC106.6 S74 Some full text available
Coverage of major industries in the U.S.,quarterly. Statistics, suggested sources, overviews including trends, major players, regulatory issues, etc. Supplemented by Monthly Investment Review. Latest two years in REFERENCE. Older editions in stacks.
EDGAR Database (Securities and Exchange Commission) Some full text available
Official SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) documents such as Form 10-K, 10-Q, Proxy statements, registration statements, and merger and acquisition documents.

*Be sure to look at the DEF14A (Proxy) statements and the Management Discussion and Analysis sections of Form 10-k, Form 10-Q for insights into management.

Value Line Investment Survey Restricted Resource Some full text available
Weekly stock reports about approximately 1,700 companies and 98 industries. Each company report contains a timeliness, safety, and technical ranking, current stock performance, beta, historical data for the previous 15 years, financial and stock price forecasts, and an analyst's written commentary.  Online: current quarter only.
SEC Info Some full text available
Securities Information from the SEC EDGAR database. Search by Name, Industry, Business, SIC Code, Area Code,Topic, CIK, Accession Number, File Number, Date, ZIP. You may have to join but membership is free.
Annual Reports Service Some full text available
A service of Wall Street Journal Online. Download or request hardcopy annual reports. Search rnby industry, company name/ticker symbol, or exchange.rn

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