STCM 21100: Corporate Communication: Strategy and Design

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Use this Research Guide to find resources on corporate communications including: internal and external communications, branding, crisis communications, public relations, and tools for analysis.

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Top library databases
Here are some sample searches in CMMC & Business Source Premier:
BUSINESS communication
COMMUNICATION in organizations
COMMUNICATION in personnel management
CORPORATE communications
CORPORATIONS -- Investor relations
CRISIS management
PERFORMANCE evaluation
PUBLIC relations
SOCIAL responsibility of business
STRATEGIC Communication
STRATEGIC planning -- Employee participation
Additional general databases:


Video search engine:

Video search engine.

For recent cases try searching:
Joe Paterno and fired
Cain and harassment

Carnival and fire
Tiger Woods and apology
Tony Hayward and apology
Akio Toyoda and apology

Videos: Conferences, Podcast, and Business Presentations
  • Ragan Communications: Internal Communications videos
  • Ragan Communications: Public Relations videos
    Streaming video of lectures in politics, business, technology, the world, and culture, from academics, think tanks, authors, politicians, etc.  Some videos are free and some are pay-per-view.
  • Pop!Tech Pop!Casts
    Pop!Tech is a conference of big thinkers on science, technology & the future of ideas. Subscribe to Pop!Cast videos or audio Pop!Casts via iTunes.
  • TED : Ideas worth spreading
    Nonprofit that sponsors a conference that explores Technololgy, Entertainment, and Design. The annual TED prize offers "One Wish to Change the World" in addition to a monetary award.  The organization also sponsors TED Talks (disemminating "Ideas worth spreading" online).
  • Prendismo Video Clip Collection
    16,000 video clips from 750 experts. These 2-minute video clips cover 200 business topics, such as ethics, finance, innovation, sales, strategy, women, and leadership. Provided by the Ithaca College School of Business. No off-campus access. There is a fee to download a clip.
    Collaborative storytelling platform for distributing visual content.


Many professional organizations and industry associations develop ethics standards and guidelines or offer tips; here is a selection:

Online e-book (authenticate with Netpass)
Roy L Moore, Advertising and public relations law (2nd ed. 2011). Contents: Chapter 1 The First Amendment; Chapter 2 The Development of the Commercial Speech Doctrine; Chapter 3 Public Interest Information as Commercial Speech; Chapter 4 Defamation, Product Disparagement and Related Torts; Chapter 5 Invasion of Privacy: False Light, Private Facts, Intrusion and Other Related Torts; Chapter 6 Invasion of Privacy: Misappropriation and Right of Publicity; Chapter 7 Copyright; Chapter 8 Patents and Trademarks; Chapter 9 Other Ways to Protect "Ideas"

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Cision Media Directories (a.k.a. "Bacon's")
NOTE: these are located on the 1st floor of the library (the 2nd floor of the Gannett Center).  They may not be the latest edition:
Ad Placement:Firms:
  • O'Dwyer's had a good website but our print guide (IC Reference section, floor 2) has more complete information, use:
  • O'Dwyer's directory of public relations firms
    REF HM263 .O37
    Directory of public relations firms and their clients. One can also determine the public relations firm(s) for various companies.
  • Standard directory of advertising agencies
    REF HF5805 .S72
    Directory of advertising agencies and their clients. Commonly known as "The Red Book".
  • Standard directory of advertisers
    REF HF5805 .S7
    Useful in determining what agency or agencies represent a particular company or product(s). Searchable by S.I.C. code, etc.

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Ragan: Internal Comm

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