SLPA 47200: Clinical Methods

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This is a great tool for finding primary medical and research articles.
This is a great tool for finding education, health promotion, and psychosocial health articles along with research articles.
This is a great tool for finding psychology, psychiatry, sociology and medical articles along with research articles.
ERIC (Ebsco interface)
This is a great tool for finding education articles.

Defining Your Research Question

Determine and define the clinical problem
  • Frame this in a question format as it will help you determine the key concepts: population, intervention and outcome.

Generate a list of keywords using PICO
  • Patient or Population (what is the disorder or disease
  • Intervention
  • Comparison (if any)
  • Outcome (what you are hoping to assess)

From ASHA Guide on Framing the Clinical Question
Are patients with aphasia who received SLP services shortly after their stroke more or less likely to achieve functional communication abilities than stroke patients who received such treatments later?

Search Strategies


1. stroke
2. speech or language or communication or voice or articulation
3. aphasia

1. stroke
2. aphasia or speech or language or communication or voice or articulation

1. als or amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ameotropic lateral sclerosis or lou gehrig's disease
2. speech or language* or voice or phonation or conversation or dysarthria or aphasia or apraxia or anomia


EBP LIMITS: Both Medline and CINAHL


Limit to "Research Article" to find a variety of research articles

Limit to "Evience Based Practice" to find systematic reviews and meta-analyses


Limit to "EBP Reviews" to search Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews 


Course Readings

Clinic Manual for Students in Speech Pathology Clinical Practicum-available online via SLPA department web page. Go to Documents for Enrolled Students, Clinic Folder. This information is essential and provides detailed procedures regarding therapy, diagnostic procedures regarding therapy, diagnostic and report writing.

Gillam, R, & Frome Loeb, D. (2010). Insights from randomized controlled trials. The ASHA Leader, 1/19/20, 10-13.


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