Finding Articles

Research Steps 2

You Know the Article You Are Looking For

The citation tells you that the article was published in the American Journal of Botany. If you have trouble interpreting the citation, see this diagram.

Go to the library home page, click on "Journals," and type in the title of the journal (NOT the article title).

Your search results show the various ways in which IC Library offers access to this journal.

Now compare the date of your citation (in this case, 2004) to the date ranges for the different holdings. The library keeps only the most recent year of the print issues, so we don't have this article in print. But you have your choice of three kinds of online access. Clicking on the link for either JSTOR, Ithaca College Online Journals, or HighWire will take you to the appropriate journal. From there, you can navigate by date to the article you need.

You Don't Have a Specific Article in Mind

Many times, all you know is that you need articles on a particular subject. To find articles, you will need to search in databases.

The key is finding the right database.  If you already know the database that you need, you can go straight there through the A-Z database list on the front page (e.g., click "S" for ScienceDirect).

If you don't know which database to use, try choosing your general subject area from the "Best Bets" dropdown menu. This will give you a few suggestions (see illustration above).

If you're still not sure, you can try our "Article Quicksearch" feature, which searches across a number of databases.

For more detailed listings of databases, try looking at our Research Guides. These are listed by general subject and by course in the "Guide Me" part of the front page.

Research guides will usually list databases near the top of the page, sometimes in a "Best Bets" section. Descriptions are provided to help you choose the right database for your needs. The guide will also provide contact information for the librarian in your subject area in case you need help.

You Found a Linked Article in a Database

Most library databases will include "Get It" links that allow you to easily check to see if the Library has access to the article you're interested in.

Clicking on "Get It" will open a new window with information about the IC Library's access to the article. If you're lucky, you'll see the full text of the article right away.

If you're not so lucky, you'll see the following message, with an invitation to try Interlibrary Loan.