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ebrary is our collection of over 75,000 ebooks covering business and economics, education, technology, the humanities, life and physical sciences, law and politics, medicine, social and behavioral sciences, language and literature, and career guidance. 

You can view, download, and print pages from these ebooks, and they are available 24/7 from your desktop or laptop! ebrary ebooks are also included in the IC Library's catalog and will appear in your search results with the phrase "electronic book" as the call number.

Approximately 250 ebooks are single-user access titles; all other ebooks support multiple-user simultaneous use. In order to view, copy, or print from an ebook, you must download and install the ebrary Plug-in Reader (PPT demo from ebrary's website).


1. How do I download ebrary books to my e-reader? 
See the ebook Downloads guide for instructions on how to do this.

2.  How do I access ebrary books on my mobile device?

Take a look at ebrary's Mobile App: Sign In page for details.

3. How can I make sure that I print the correct pages of an ebrary ebook?
In QuickView. the numbers in parentheses next to the box are the consecutive page numbers – the ones to use for printing.

When you are viewing a page in QuickView and then select print (under InfoTools), it will show you the consecutive page number of that page in the “Pages from …” box.  So, one easy way to figure out the page range to use for printing is to go to the first page you want to print, select print and see what that page’s consecutive page number is.  Then go to the last page you want to print and do the same. Then fill in the printing page range with those numbers.

Excerpted from ebrary's "Printing...How to indicate the correct page numbers to print."

4. How do I limit my search in the library catalog to ebrary ebooks?
Use the Advanced Search screen. Type your subject into the first line. Then type "ebrary" into the second line, making sure you leave the second box set to "Keyword." This should return search results that include only ebrary books on your subject.

Conversely, if you want to weed ebrary books out of your search, click the "not" radio button between the first and second line when entering the search described above.

You can also search the ebrary database directly.

5. What can I do if I sign in to ebrary?
  • Make bookmarks and page notes for any available book.
  • Highlight text in any available book.
  • Quickly and easily access all books you have bookmarked, notated, or highlighted.
  • Be notified of new features and new document collections as they become available.

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